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Thursday, April 17, 1997

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  • "I am Miss Stay-at-Home and I don't want to become famous."

    -- potential juror in the Timothy McVeigh trial

    Today's Events

  • A march by Brazil's landless movement is due to arrive in Brasilia after a two-month walk across the country. The walk commemorates the first anniversary of massacre of 19 landless peasants by military police.

  • Russian President Boris Yeltsin is scheduled to visit Germany for talks with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

  • The British Royal Yacht Brittania is scheduled to visit Singapore.

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    On the horizon

  • On Friday, April 18, NATO Secretary-General Javier Solana visits Sarajevo.

  • On Saturday, April 19, the "Voices of Chichen-Itza" concert to benefit Maya culture will be held in Chichen-Itza, Mexico.

  • On Sunday, April 20, Bosnian President Alija Izetbegovic visits Cairo, Egypt.

  • On Monday, April 21, Britain's Queen Elizabeth celebrates her 71st birthday.

  • On Tuesday, April 22, King Hussein of Jordan is scheduled to visit Denmark.

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    On this day

  • In 1194, the second coronation of King Richard I of England took place upon his return from the third crusade.

  • In 1421, the sea broke through the dikes at Dort, in the Netherlands, drowning more than 100,000 people.

  • In 1492, Christopher Columbus received a commission from the Spanish monarchy to explore the western ocean.

  • In 1521, Martin Luther was excommunicated by the Diet of Worms.

  • In 1895, the Treaty of Shimonoseki was signed, whereby China and Japan recognized the independence of Korea, and Formosa was ceded to Japan by China.

  • In 1941, the Yugoslav government surrendered to the Germans in Belgrade.

  • In 1944, in Italy, Marshal Pietro Badoglio's entire cabinet resigned and he was invited to form a new government.

  • In 1946, the last French troops left Syria.

  • In 1957, Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus arrived back in Athens after his 13-month exile in the Seychelles.

  • In 1960, U.S. rock star Eddie Cochran died in a car crash while on tour with Gene Vincent in Britain.

  • In 1961, an attempt to invade Cuba by U.S.-backed Cuban exiles failed at the Bay of Pigs.

  • In 1969, Alexander Dubcek resigned as Czechoslovak Communist party leader and was replaced by Gustav Husak.

  • In 1969, Sirhan B. Sirhan was found guilty of the first degree murder of Robert F. Kennedy who was shot while campaigning in California in June 1968.

  • In 1970, the U.S. spacecraft Apollo 13 splashed down after its near disastrous trip to the moon.

  • In 1975, Khmer Rouge guerrillas seized Phnom Penh and began a reign of terror in which more than one million people died.

  • In 1977, women voted in Liechtenstein for the first time.

  • In 1981, Polish farmers won the legal right to form a trade union.

  • In 1984, British policewoman Yvonne Fletcher was shot dead when a gunman opened fire from inside the Libyan embassy in London.

  • In 1984, U.S. Army General Mark Clark died. He led the Allied forces during the successful Italian campaign against the Axis powers in World War II.

  • In 1985, Lebanese Prime Minister Rashid Karami resigned in protest over Druze militia attacks in West Beirut. He stayed on in a caretaker capacity.

  • In 1986, British journalist John McCarthy was kidnapped in Beirut.

  • In 1989, the Polish trade union Solidarity was legalized after a seven-year ban.

  • In 1993, Turgut Ozal, president of Turkey from 1989, died of a heart attack.

  • In 1996, police gunned down 19 landless peasants in one of Brazil's bloodiest massacres.

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    Holidays and more

  • Today is Shabdrung Kuchoey in Bhutan.

  • It's Courban Bairam is Egypt.

  • Today is Liberation Day in Iraq.

  • It's Ram Nawami in Nepal.

  • Today is Evacuation Day in Syria.

  • It's New Year Day in the Union of Myanmar.

  • Director Lindsay Anderson is 74.

  • Actor Sean Bean is 39.

  • Dancer Anna Marie Holmes is 54.

  • Actress Olivia Hussey is 46.

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