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Wednesday, April 16, 1997

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  • "I just got sick and tired of lying for the fellow."

    -- James McDougal

    Today's Events

  • U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan pays an official visit to Bonn, Germany.

  • Jury selection continues in the trial of Oklahoma City bombing defendant Timothy McVeigh.

  • Congressional and White House leaders expected to continue budget negotiations.

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    On the horizon

  • On Thursday, April 17, a march by Brazil's landless movement is due to arrive in Brasilia after a two-month walk across the country. The walk commemorates the first anniversary of massacre of 19 landless peasants by military police.

  • On Friday, April 18, NATO Secretary-General Javier Solana visits Sarajevo.

  • On Saturday, April 19, the "Voices of Chichen-Itza" concert to benefit Maya culture will be held in Chichen-Itza, Mexico.

  • On Sunday, April 20, Bosnian President Alija Izetbegovic visits Cairo, Egypt.

  • On Monday, April 21, Britain's Queen Elizabeth celebrates her 71st birthday.

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    On this day

  • In 1175, Treaty of Montebello was signed between Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor, and the Lombard League.

  • In 1746, the Duke of Cumberland's forces defeated the Jacobite Scots at the Battle of Culloden, near Inverness, Scotland.

  • In 1883, Paul Kruger became president of the South African Republic.

  • In 1912, U.S. pilot Harriet Quimby became the first woman to fly the English Channel.

  • In 1917, the second Battle of the Aisne River in northern France began.

  • In 1922, the Soviet Union and Germany signed the Treaty of Rapallo under which Germany recognized the Soviet Union as "a great power" and diplomatic and trade relations were restored.

  • In 1947, a French freighter exploded at Texas City, Texas, killing more than 500 people.

  • In 1948, the Organization for European Economic Co-operation was set up in Paris.

  • In 1951, the British submarine Affray sank in the English Channel with the loss of 75 lives.

  • In 1953, the new British royal yacht Britannia was launched, just months before Queen Elizabeth's coronation.

  • In 1964, nine men received sentences of between 25 and 30 years for their part in Britain's 1963 "Great Train Robbery."

  • In 1972, Apollo 16 was launched to make the fifth manned moon landing.

  • In 1978, nearly 180 people died when a tornado struck the eastern state of Orissa, India.

  • In 1982, Queen Elizabeth proclaimed Canada's new constitution, severing the last colonial links with Britain.

  • In 1988, Palestinian commando chief Khalil el-Wazir, also known as Abu Jihad, was assassinated in Tunis.

  • In 1990, South African black leader Nelson Mandela made an appearance at a huge pop concert held in his honor during a visit to Britain.

  • In 1992, Italian financier Carlo de Benedetti and 32 others were convicted of fraud in connection with the 1982 collapse of Banco Ambrosiano.

  • In 1995, the European Union and Canada ended a bitter dispute over fishing rights in the north Atlantic with a deal both sides said would protect threatened fish stocks.

  • In 1996, an Italian court found disgraced former prime minister Bettino Craxi guilty on further charges of corruption and sentenced him to eight years and three months in prison.

  • In 1996, Queen Elizabeth's second son, Prince Andrew, and his controversial wife, Sarah, popularly known as Fergie, announced they were to divorce after 10 years of marriage.

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    One year ago today, England's Prince Andrew and his wife, Sarah, announced they were divorcing after 10 years of marriage. To get all the latest gossip on the entire Royal Family, click here.


    Holidays and more

  • Today is Militia Day in Cuba.

  • It's Wakfet Arafet in Egypt.

  • Today is Chaite Dashain in Nepal.

  • It's the Thingyan Holiday in the Union of Myanmar.

  • Former basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is 50.

  • Singer Edie Adams is 66.

  • Actress Ellen Barkin is 42.

  • Actor Jon Cryer is 32.

  • Actor Lukas Haas is 21.

  • Actor Barry Nelson is 74.

  • Actor Peter Ustinov is 76.

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