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Wednesday, April 2, 1997

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  • "It's God's job to judge."

    -- potential juror in Timothy McVeigh trial

    Today's Events

  • Jury selection is expected to continue in Wilmington, North Carolina, in the trial of the second Fort Bragg soldier charged in the murders of a black couple.

  • Countdown continues toward Friday's scheduled launch of space shuttle "Columbia" on a 16-day Microgravity Science Laboratory mission.

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    On the horizon

  • On Thursday, April 3, the fifth Beijing International Trade Exhibition is scheduled.

  • On Friday, April 4, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Persons is scheduled to hold a Non-Violence Day rally in Los Angeles.

  • On Saturday, April 5, the U.S. and Japan are scheduled to hold defense talks.

  • On Sunday, April 6, most of the continental U.S. returns to Daylight Savings Time. Clocks will be set ahead one hour at 2 a.m.

  • On Monday, April 7, the Turkish Defense Minister Turhan Tayan is expected to pay an official visit to Israel.

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    On this day

  • In 1792, the U.S. Congress authorized the first U.S. mint on this day in Philadelphia, PA.

  • In 1872, G.B. Brayton of Boston, Massachusetts, received a patent for the gas-powered street car.

  • In 1889, Charles Hall patented aluminum on this day.

  • In 1902, the first motion picture theater opened in Los Angeles on this night.

  • In 1956, two very successful daytime dramas premiered this day. "The Edge of Night" and "As the World Turns" were seen for the first time on CBS-TV.

  • In 1984, John Thompson became the first black coach to lead his team to the NCAA college basketball championship. His Georgetown's Hoyas defeated Houston 84-75 in Seattle for the win.

  • In 1985, the NCAA Rules Committee adopted the 45-second shot clock for men's basketball beginning in the 1986 season. It was an effort to thwart the end of game stalls that kept opposing teams from further scoring in close contests.

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    Holidays and more

  • Today is National Picnic Day in Iran.

  • It's a National Holiday today in Argentina.

  • Actor Dana Carvey is 42.

  • Actor Buddy Ebsen is 89.

  • Singer Emmylou Harris is 50.

  • Actress Linda Hunt is 52.

  • Actress Pamela Reed is 44.

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    Sources: The History Channel

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