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Wednesday, January 15, 1997

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  • "The (Middle East) peace process is not just one small discussion between parties. It's much broader than that."

    -- U.S. Secretary of State Warren Christopher

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    Today's Events

  • The 24th International Brussels Film Festival opens in Belgium.

  • Japanese Foreign Minister Ikeda Yukihiko visits South Korea.

  • Russian former Gen. Alexander Lebed addresses the German-Russian Forum and German Foreign Policy Society in Bonn on "What does Russia expect of Europe?"

  • The Bob Hope Chrysler Golf Classic charity event opens in Indian Wells, California.

  • The Illinois Snow Sculpting Competition opens in Rockford, Illinois.

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    On the horizon

  • On Thursday, January 16, the Sundance Film Festival opens in Park City, Utah.

  • On Friday, January 17, a summit meeting of the Commonwealth of Independent States will take place in Moscow.

  • On Saturday, January 18, Chateau-d'Oex, Switzerland, holds an international hot air balloon festival.

  • On Sunday, January 19, the annual Golden Globe Awards ceremony will be held by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in Los Angeles.

  • On Monday, January 20, President Bill Clinton will be inaugurated for his second term in Washington.

  • On Tuesday, January 21, the trial of millionaire John du Pont for the slaying of Olympic champion wrestler David Schultz begins in Pennsylvania.

  • On Wednesday, January 22, Steve Jones, the best-selling writer on genetics and professor at University College London, gives a speech in London on "What Sex Really Means."

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    On this day

  • In 69, Servius Sulpicius Galba, the Roman emperor from 68 in succession to Nero, was assassinated by the Praetorian guard in the Roman Forum.

  • In 1535, in England, Henry VIII became supreme head of the church under the Act of Supremacy.

  • In 1559, Elizabeth Tudor, daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, was crowned at Westminster Abbey as Elizabeth I.

  • In 1582, the peace of Jam-Zapolski was signed between Russia and Poland with Russia ceding Livonia and Estonia to Poland.

  • In 1622, Moliere, the French playwright and actor, was baptized as Jean-Baptiste Poquelin.

  • In 1809, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, the French social reformer, writer and anarchist, was born; his first work was "What is Property" from which the phrase "property is theft" was derived.

  • In 1896, the U.S. photographer Matthew Brady, famed for his political portraits and his photographs of the American Civil War, died.

  • In 1906, the Greek tycoon and shipowner Aristotle Onassis born; a pioneer in oil-tanker construction, he later married Jacqueline Kennedy.

  • In 1918, the Egyptian statesman and president Gamal Abdel Nasser was born; he overthrew King Farouk and became president in 1956.

  • In 1919, the communist leader Rosa Luxembourg was murdered along with Karl Liebknecht after the failure of their uprising in Berlin.

  • In 1925, Leon Trotsky wrote to the Central Committee resigning from his duties as president of the Revolutionary Military Council.

  • In 1929, the U.S. civil rights leader Martin Luther King was born in Atlanta, Georgia; he won the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize.

  • In 1964, Jack Teagarden, the U.S. jazz musician, vocalist and bandleader, died.

  • In 1971, the Aswan Dam was opened by President Sadat of Egypt and President Podgorny of the Soviet Union.

  • In 1973, Golda Meir became the first Israeli prime minister to be received by the pope.

  • In 1996, the Greek Socialist Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou resigned for health reasons.

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    In a meeting of local players, Japan's foreign minister visits Korea on Wednesday for talks on regional issues. Japan's foreign policy is increasingly of interest to the rest of the world as it asserts its prerogative as an economic superpower. The hostage crisis in Peru is but one example of the island nation's new visibility. Visit Japan's foreign affairs home page to keep up with this emerging power's world view.


    Holidays and more

  • Japan celebrates Adults Day.

  • Malawi celebrates John Chilembwe Day.

  • The Virgin Islands celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

  • Actor Lloyd Bridges is 84.

  • Singer-actress Charo, born Maria Martinez, is 46.

  • Journalist Rod MacLeish is 71.

  • Physicist Edward Teller is 89.

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