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Fareed Zakaria takes a look at the FBI's new movie, a thriller meant to discourage people from spying.

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On GPS: Gladwell on Korean pilotsupdated Fri Apr 18 2014 11:10:29

In a 2009 interview, Malcolm Gladwell tells Fareed that Korea's hierarchical culture makes Koreans bad pilots.

On GPS: A foreign aid debateupdated Wed Apr 16 2014 15:22:28

Does foreign aid work? Fareed asks Helene Gayle, president of CARE USA, & William Easterly, author and NYU professor.

Last Look: U.S. transit center closesupdated Mon Apr 14 2014 17:00:44

Fareed takes a genuine last look at the only country to host both U.S. and Russian military bases.

On GPS: Friedman on climate changeupdated Sun Apr 13 2014 12:16:45

A new U.N. report outlined the grave consequences of climate change. Tom Friedman tells Fareed what action must be taken.

Friedman: How to react to global warmingupdated Fri Apr 11 2014 21:13:07

Tom Friedman says preparation for climate change is urgently needed and even the "nightmare" of preparation will help.

Why Putin should cut off gas to Europeupdated Fri Apr 11 2014 20:58:24

On GPS, Tom Friedman argues if Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin cuts off the gas supply, it would promote green technologies.

On GPS: Jerusalem & the peace processupdated Fri Apr 11 2014 20:50:31

Jerusalem's mayor Nir Barkat rejects the idea of a divided Jerusalem, which the Palestinians say is critical to peace.

GPS: Bourdain recounts trip to Russiaupdated Fri Apr 11 2014 20:45:10

In a 1-on-1 interview, CNN's Anthony Bourdain talks about Russia's drinking culture and its current political climate.

Fareed's Take: Who supports Russia?updated Fri Apr 11 2014 20:44:50

While the West is unified in condemning Russia, responses around the world reflect more ambiguity. Fareed explores why.

Last Look: A happy ending to King Lear?updated Mon Apr 07 2014 17:27:31

Fareed takes a look at performance of Shakespeare's King Lear by Syrian refugee children.

Did Sec. Kerry waste his time in MidEast?updated Sat Apr 05 2014 15:21:42

Richard Haass tells Fareed that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a local dispute, not worthy of Sec. Kerry's time.

Fareed's Take: MH370 conspiracy theoriesupdated Fri Apr 04 2014 21:56:48

As conspiracy theories emerge to explain Flight 370's disappearance, Fareed examines why such theories form.

On GPS: Taliban & al Qaeda in AfPakupdated Fri Apr 04 2014 21:47:09

Carlotta Gall tells Fareed that Pakistan wants a Taliban resurgence & knows where al Qaeda's leader is hiding.

On GPS: U.S. role in MidEast peaceupdated Fri Apr 04 2014 21:46:37

Bret Stephens says the MidEast peace process won't end, and U.S.'s focus on the talks wastes American political capital.

What in the World: Military suicidesupdated Fri Apr 04 2014 21:36:24

Following the Fort Hood shooting, Fareed explores why many soldiers are dying off the battlefield. Can anything be done?

GPS: Michael Lewis on Wall St. scalpingupdated Fri Apr 04 2014 21:35:50

While technology can improve trading, Lewis says traders use it to take advantage. The solution? Get rid of traders.

Lewis on the side effects of regulationupdated Fri Apr 04 2014 21:34:54

Author Michael Lewis tells Fareed that regulations have inadvertently allowed traders to take advantage of the system.

GPS: Lewis on technology and tradersupdated Fri Apr 04 2014 21:34:21

Michael Lewis says the need for Wall St. traders has decreased with new technology. So why is compensation still so high?

On GPS: Are women taking over the world?updated Fri Apr 04 2014 16:31:33

CNN's Fareed Zakaria discusses the war on women with Arianna Huffington, Tina Brown, Joseph Nye and Steven Pinker.

Last Look: Can you control a hurricane?updated Mon Mar 31 2014 16:17:21

Fareed takes a look at new research that says wind turbines could also be used to weaken hurricanes.

On GPS: China's role in plane searchupdated Sun Mar 30 2014 12:48:35

Fareed goes 1-on-1 with the New Yorker's Evan Osnos to discuss China's response to missing Malaysian Flight 370.

Fareed's Take: Putin's border politicsupdated Sun Mar 30 2014 12:29:29

Fareed examines modern border changes around the world. Do Russia's actions in Ukraine belong in the 19th century?

Fareed's Take: Putin's Crimea invasionupdated Mon Mar 24 2014 17:31:40

Putin's invasion of Crimea shows that he leads by looking to the past, not the future. Russia will be the poorer for it.

What in the World: The Computer Ageupdated Mon Mar 24 2014 17:12:02

Computing power is rising exponentially. As computers reach new heights, where does that leave humans in the job market?

Last Look: Cheerio to the Union Jack?updated Mon Mar 24 2014 16:43:44

Scots will soon vote on a referendum to secede from the U.K. If it passes, could the Union Jack be in for a redesign?

What in the World? Venezuela protestsupdated Thu Mar 20 2014 14:04:56

Fareed Zakaria looks at the protests in Venezuela. Who are the protesters, and what are their motivations?

Fareed's Take: Russia's & E.U's blundersupdated Thu Mar 20 2014 13:45:52

Fareed explains the mistakes made by both Russia and the E.U. that led to the crisis in Ukraine.

On GPS: Peace-malking in Northern Irelandupdated Mon Mar 17 2014 15:35:32

Fareed talks to two U.S. negotiators involved in Northern Ireland talks about that conflict, and about making peace.

GPS: Is Crimean invasion only phase one?updated Fri Mar 14 2014 21:05:49

Estonian and Polish leaders weigh in on what Russia's invasion of Crimea could mean for Russia's other neighbors.

Nigeria's finance minister on gay rightsupdated Fri Mar 14 2014 21:05:18

Fareed asks Okonjo-Iweala about Nigeria's anti-gay laws. Her response: "We need a conversation ... We need evolution."

Fareed's Take: Deterring Putin in Crimeaupdated Sun Mar 09 2014 12:05:23

Some say Putin intervened in Crimea because of Obama's weakness. Fareed asks if toughness really deters opponents.

Last Look: Looking back at Crimean Warupdated Sun Mar 09 2014 11:57:02

As the world watches troops in Crimea, Fareed looks at the first war photographs ever taken ... also in Crimea.

Bennett on Arab-Israelis in a Jewish stateupdated Fri Mar 07 2014 20:12:17

Israeli Minister of Economy, Naftali Bennett, says Arabs have equal rights in Israel, which must remain a Jewish state.

Israeli minister rejects peace planupdated Fri Mar 07 2014 20:04:49

Naftali Bennett, an Israeli cabinet minister, tells Fareed why he disagrees with Netanyahu on a two-state solution.

Last Look: World's largest solar plantupdated Tue Mar 04 2014 14:43:16

Fareed looks at California's Ivanpah solar energy plant. Is the U.S. catching up with global giants in renewable energy?

Albright: Putin miscalculated in Ukraineupdated Sun Mar 02 2014 12:35:08

Former Secy. of State Madeleine Albright says Russia's actions in Ukraine are nothing like the intervention in Kosovo.

Fareed's Take: Russian action in Ukraineupdated Sun Mar 02 2014 12:28:03

Fareed gives his take on Russia's use of force in Ukraine. How should the international community respond?

Ukraine opposition leader speaks outupdated Sun Mar 02 2014 11:20:56

Ukrainian opposition leader and former professional boxer, Vitali Klitschko, talks about fighting the Russian invasion.

Last Look: An African fashion statementupdated Mon Feb 24 2014 15:00:52

Fareed takes a look at the story behind the fabulous faux fur capes of some African church attire.

On GPS: Are the arts essential?updated Mon Feb 24 2014 14:55:16

Are trade skills more valuable than art history lessons? Adam Gopnik argues that the arts & humanities are essential.

What in the World? Fixing Spain's economyupdated Sun Feb 23 2014 12:53:19

Why is Spain thinking of changing time zones? Fareed Zakaria looks at how the new proposal might improve productivity.

Fareed's Take: Ukraine & Russiaupdated Sun Feb 23 2014 12:50:40

Fareed Zakaria asks what's next for Ukraine after the peace deal, and how will it affect Russia?

On GPS: Will the Ukraine deal work?updated Fri Feb 21 2014 21:53:33

Fareed asks former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski about Ukraine. Can the peace deal last?

Last Look: Revamping the Parisian metroupdated Wed Feb 19 2014 14:57:21

Will Paris's metro be the next big tourist attraction? Fareed looks at proposals to renovate abandoned public spaces.

What in the World: China's smog problemupdated Fri Feb 14 2014 20:22:03

Fareed explores China's efforts to address high pollution rate. Can India learn from China and clean up its act and air?

Duhigg on the secret to Olympic successupdated Fri Feb 14 2014 20:21:55

Charles Duhigg, author of "The Power of Habit," explores the role of routine in Michael Phelps' race to Olympic history.

GPS: Larry Summers on the debt ceilingupdated Fri Feb 14 2014 20:21:50

Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers says the debt ceiling serves "no productive purpose" and should be abolished.

GPS: Summers on U.S. interest rate levelupdated Fri Feb 14 2014 20:21:45

Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers on what changes to low U.S. interest rates would do to fragile emerging markets.

Fareed's Take: Reforming immigrationupdated Fri Feb 14 2014 20:21:38

Fareed says blame for immigration reform gridlock rests on the shoulders of one party. Why can't compromise be reached?

On GPS: Will machines take your jobs?updated Mon Feb 10 2014 18:03:54

Fareed sits down with the authors of "The Second Machine Age" to discuss how technology is replacing the human brain.

Last Look: Bigger, better Buddha?updated Mon Feb 10 2014 18:01:11

Fareed Zakaria takes a look at the recent trend of enormous Buddha statues around China.

Fareed's Take: Is Karzai Crazy?updated Fri Feb 07 2014 20:33:18

Some may think Afghan President Hamid Karzai is acting crazy. Fareed explores the rationale behind his recent behavior.

On GPS: Cultural factors for successupdated Fri Feb 07 2014 20:21:48

Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld, authors of "The Triple Package," say some groups have cultural qualities that fuel success.

Keeping up with the technology boomupdated Fri Feb 07 2014 20:09:54

On GPS, two MIT professors discuss the breakneck pace of innovation, from driverless cars to voice technology.

What in the World: Tunisia's successupdated Fri Feb 07 2014 20:04:44

Amidst chaos in the MidEast ,Tunisia's transition gives hope. Fareed explores reasons for its post-Arab Spring success.

Fareed's Take: A deal on Iran nukes?updated Mon Feb 03 2014 06:24:01

Fareed Zakaria gives his take on differences in the U.S. and Iranian vision of a nuclear deal. Can they bridge the gap?

Kissinger on Obama's Russia policyupdated Fri Jan 31 2014 22:01:18

Henry Kissinger tells Fareed that the White House acts as if foreign policy will be "settled on a Sunday talk show."

What Putin thinks of Ukraine protestsupdated Fri Jan 31 2014 22:00:38

Henry Kissinger says Putin sees Washington's involvement in Ukraine as a dress rehearsal for regime change in Moscow.

Valery Gergiev on Russia's anti-gay lawupdated Fri Jan 31 2014 22:00:10

Gergiev, a Sochi ambassador and friend to Putin, tells Fareed that he questions why Russia needed the controversial law.

What in the World? Economics of smokingupdated Fri Jan 31 2014 21:59:48

China is taking a lesson from the U.S. by joining a global health trend: smoking bans.

Rouhani on Iranian house arrestsupdated Wed Jan 29 2014 19:04:56

Will leaders of Iran's "Green Movement" be released from house arrest? President Rouhani says he hopes for reconciliation.

Fareed's take: Income inequalityupdated Sat Jan 25 2014 09:55:03

Fareed explores why, despite improvements like poverty alleviation, inequality continues to be a problem.

On GPS, Abenomic's structural reformsupdated Fri Jan 24 2014 23:10:35

Japan's Prime Minister Abe talks about what steps he has taken for success on the 3rd arrow of Abenomics.

What in the World: Foreign aid's impactupdated Fri Jan 24 2014 21:20:18

Fareed delves into a Gates Foundation letter, which debunks myths about poverty. Can foreign aid transform nations?

Shinzo Abe on dolphin "fishing"updated Thu Jan 23 2014 16:03:14

Japan's President Shinzo Abe defends dolphin fishing as a "deeply rooted" cultural practice that should be respected.

Rouhani on Iran's nuclear technologyupdated Thu Jan 23 2014 15:13:27

Iran's President Rouhani says Iran won't accept limitations on nuclear technology, which is a source of "national pride."

Rouhani on Israeli military strikeupdated Thu Jan 23 2014 15:06:27

How would Iran respond if Israel strikes? President Rouhani says Iran's response would make Israel "rue the day."

Rouhani on "Death to America" chantupdated Thu Jan 23 2014 15:04:47

Iran's President Rouhani explains to Fareed what people mean when they chant "Death to America."

Rouhani reacts to threat of sanctionsupdated Thu Jan 23 2014 15:04:01

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani says sanctions are illegal and that Iran doesn't want nuclear weapons.

Rouhani on Iran-U.S. relationsupdated Thu Jan 23 2014 15:03:04

Iran's President Rouhani tells Fareed that Iranians do not trust U.S. policies, and that building trust takes time.

Last Look: Fed up with government B.S.updated Wed Jan 22 2014 10:17:31

People around the world are fed up with government. Fareed Zakaria takes a look at one creative French protest.

Fareed's Take: Obama's NSA reformsupdated Fri Jan 17 2014 21:32:11

Fareed explains why Obama's NSA reforms are a good balance between security and liberty.

Gates's advice on threats to U.S. securityupdated Fri Jan 17 2014 21:30:55

Former Defense Secy. Gates tells Fareed about future threats to U.S. security, from D.C. paralysis to China and Iran.

Gates' advice on U.S. defense policyupdated Fri Jan 17 2014 21:27:43

Former Defense Secy. Robert Gates tells Fareed Zakaria that the biggest threat to national security is paralysis in D.C.

On GPS, understanding Iran through scienceupdated Fri Jan 17 2014 21:20:22

Karim Sadjadpour explains Iran's desire for nuclear power through neuroscience.

What in the World? Japan's aging populationupdated Fri Jan 17 2014 21:16:50

Japan's population is shrinking and aging. Fareed Zakaria explains why this might actually be a good thing.

Gates on Obama's Afghan planupdated Fri Jan 17 2014 21:12:10

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates tells Fareed that he supports Obama's Afghan timetable.

Last Look: How should Muslim women dress?updated Wed Jan 15 2014 14:17:40

Fareed Zakaria looks at a new survey about how Muslim women should dress, from the Middle East.

On GPS, doc gives tips for a long lifeupdated Sat Jan 11 2014 15:43:47

One easy trick to prevent heart attacks and cancer: movement. Dr. David Agus gives Fareed the rules for a healthier life.

On GPS, explaining Mideast violenceupdated Sat Jan 11 2014 15:39:05

Is America to blame for Mideast turmoil? Richard Haass and Rashid Khalidi tell Fareed what caused sectarian violence.

Fareed's Take: Why is Iraq so violent?updated Fri Jan 10 2014 20:22:48

It was a violent year in Iraq. Fareed explores how Bush spread sectarianism rather than democracy in the region.

What in the World: Argentina's misstepsupdated Fri Jan 10 2014 20:21:45

Find out why Argentina joins Venezuela in following Fareed's "How to Ruin Your Economy" check-list.

Bono: Art is an attempt to fill the voidupdated Sat Jan 04 2014 10:41:45

Bono tells CNN's Fareed Zakaria that creativity is about filling a personal void.

Bono on creativity with ageupdated Sat Jan 04 2014 10:37:50

Bono tells Fareed Zakaria that he hopes that U2's best work is still to come, "even if the odds are against it."

Musk: Think until your brain hurtsupdated Sat Jan 04 2014 10:34:06

Inventor Elon Musk gives advice for becoming like him. Musk was the inspiration for the film version of "Iron Man."

Fareed's Take: China at a crossroadsupdated Fri Jan 03 2014 23:26:35

Fareed looks at the political and economic challenges China faces in the new year. Will 2014 be the "Year of China"?

What in the World: End to globalization?updated Fri Jan 03 2014 23:26:15

Fareed Zakaria explores how innovative local technologies may put an end to an era of globalization.

India's sophisticated ID programupdated Mon Dec 23 2013 18:18:18

Fareed Zakaria looks at a new, complex identification program in India.

On GPS, a fast-growing Indian stateupdated Mon Dec 23 2013 18:09:46

Fareed Zakaria visits an Indian state that is growing faster than China, and one entrepreneur making it big there.

On GPS, corruption in Indiaupdated Mon Dec 23 2013 18:06:36

Fareed Zakaria takes a look at corruption in India, and what one activist is doing to change it.

Fareed explains India at a crossroadsupdated Mon Dec 23 2013 17:54:34

Fareed Zakaria visits India to ask what's next for the world's largest democracy.

On GPS, India's democracy at a local levelupdated Mon Dec 23 2013 17:54:15

Fareed meets Jay Panda, an Indian politician who explains why national government is gridlocked.

Last Look: Iran's new ice rinkupdated Mon Dec 23 2013 17:00:06

Fareed Zakaria takes a look at a new ice skating rink in Iran, where they had been banned since the 1979 Revolution.

On GPS, a Bollywood star's new projectupdated Mon Dec 23 2013 16:49:49

Fareed Zakaria talks to Aamir Khan, a Bollywood star, about his new TV show to explore some of India's taboo topics.

Fareed's take: Income inequalityupdated Sat Dec 21 2013 10:17:31

Fareed Zakaria gives his take on inequality in the U.S. What is to blame, and can it be fixed?

Osborne on Chinese investment in U.K.updated Fri Dec 20 2013 22:24:00

Fareed talks to George Osborne, Britain's finance minister, about his efforts to attract foreign investment from China.

On GPS, does austerity work?updated Fri Dec 20 2013 22:21:48

Fareed talks with George Osborne, Britain's finance minister, about the success of austerity in the U.K.

Gadhafi's brutal regime can't surviveupdated Fri Feb 25 2011 07:42:48

Libyan President Moammar Gadhafi's embattled regime can't survive, and the United States should call on him to resign, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Bahrain will pay heavy price for crackdownupdated Fri Feb 18 2011 07:34:42

The crackdown on protesters in the Persian Gulf nation of Bahrain is a rash move that will enrage many of its people and cost the regime international prestige, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

How to avoid chaos after Mubarakupdated Tue Feb 01 2011 19:34:32

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's announcement Tuesday that he will turn over power to an elected successor in September doesn't go nearly far enough, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Obama should be bold with Congressupdated Fri Jan 21 2011 08:12:25

President Barack Obama, who is preparing to give his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, should use the speech to outline a bold plan of investing in America's future, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Pakistan heading in the wrong directionupdated Thu Jan 06 2011 07:28:00

The assassination of the governor of Pakistan's Punjab province is a major setback for progressive forces in that country and a deeply worrying sign for U.S. strategy in the region, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Afghan war on track for troop withdrawalsupdated Fri Dec 17 2010 08:16:51

The enhanced presence of U.S. forces in Afghanistan is working to increase stability in that nation and could set the stage for troop withdrawals to begin next summer, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Obama should have gotten better deal on tax cutsupdated Fri Dec 10 2010 17:41:00

President Barack Obama should have negotiated a more fiscally responsible deal with Republicans on extending tax cuts, analyst Fareed Zakaria says.

U.S., China could solve Korea standoffupdated Wed Nov 24 2010 13:53:50

The United States and China could play a crucial role in helping finally to resolve the conflict that plagues the Korean Peninsula, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Will politicians take deficit cutting seriously?updated Thu Nov 18 2010 07:38:54

Will America's political leaders grasp the chance to begin taming the long-term budget deficit offered by the recommendations of a presidential commission? Analyst Fareed Zakaria says the deficit-cutting proposals by the panel's chairmen provide an excellent place to start.

A nervous Asia welcomes U.S. roleupdated Wed Nov 10 2010 15:40:50

President Obama's trip to Asia comes at a time when major powers in the region are welcoming a greater U.S. role to counter China's increasingly assertive stance, says CNN analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Can Obama, GOP really cut the deficit?updated Fri Nov 05 2010 07:35:45

President Obama has invited Republicans and Democrats in Congress to a meeting to discuss how "to move the American people's agenda forward," but analyst Fareed Zakaria says he sees little prospect the two sides will reach a compromise on key economic issues.

The middle class is being 'hollowed out'updated Fri Oct 22 2010 13:25:25

Technology and globalization are putting the jobs of millions in America's middle class at risk, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

How to end the war in Afghanistanupdated Fri Oct 08 2010 16:34:45

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has started talks with representatives of the Taliban, a move that analyst Fareed Zakaria says could bring an end to the nine-year-long war.

U.S.-China split would be a catastropheupdated Fri Oct 01 2010 07:55:39

The world's two biggest economies are facing off over tensions that could ignite a trade war and lead to a catastrophic split between the United States and China, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Ahmadinejad's game plan is workingupdated Thu Sep 23 2010 11:22:31

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's appearances in New York this week are part of a shrewd strategy that is aimed at enhancing his standing in Iran and the Middle East, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Wall Street bailout a heroic moveupdated Fri Sep 17 2010 07:43:18

Most Americans oppose it, but the government's bailout of Wall Street appears in hindsight as a heroic rescue that kept the world economy from collapsing, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Did the U.S. overreact to 9/11?updated Thu Sep 09 2010 09:40:13

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, prompted the U.S. to take sensible security measures and launch a justified counterattack against al Qaeda, says analyst Fareed Zakaria. But he says they also led to an overreaction that continues today.

Cutting Pentagon waste is wise -- and braveupdated Thu Aug 12 2010 08:19:41

Defense Secretary Robert Gates' plan to limit Pentagon spending is not only smart and necessary, it's also politically brave, according to analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Iraq war wasn't worth the costupdated Thu Aug 05 2010 09:08:34

President Obama's decision to follow through on plans to reduce the American troop level in Iraq to 50,000 and shift away from combat missions is a sign that he believes America's energy and resources can better be used elsewhere, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Reaction to WikiLeaks 'vastly overdone'updated Tue Jul 27 2010 18:09:24

The tens of thousands of secret documents released this week by don't provide major new insights into the Afghanistan war, and the media response to the disclosures has been "vastly overdone," says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Washington's 'media firestorm' over Libyaupdated Thu Jul 22 2010 13:17:00

The eruption of new controversy over the release last August of a Libyan man convicted in the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland, is a "media firestorm" that threatens to distract Washington from more pressing issues, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Britain's brave, bold and risky experimentupdated Fri Jul 09 2010 07:36:58

Britain's new coalition government has embarked on a budget-deficit cutting strategy that is bold, brave and potentially very risky, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

U.S. must stop scaring away businessupdated Thu Jul 01 2010 09:40:57

To get businesses to start hiring, President Obama needs to persuade them that the United States is still a good place to invest, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Obama's choice of Petraeus a 'masterstroke'updated Wed Jun 23 2010 15:42:03

President Obama's decision to replace Gen. Stanley McChrystal with Gen. David Petraeus is "a masterstroke," says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Afghan mines won't guarantee victoryupdated Thu Jun 17 2010 07:10:21

A Pentagon estimate that Afghanistan is home to nearly a trillion dollars in sought-after minerals is good news, but it provides no assurance that the nation is on its way to peace and productivity, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Zakaria: Obama caves in to media frenzy over BPupdated Thu Jun 10 2010 08:54:19

President Obama's stepped-up focus on the Gulf oil disaster and his hardline rhetoric against BP are accomplishing little and risk distracting the White House from other urgent responsibilities, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

North Korea mystery deepensupdated Thu May 27 2010 08:10:01

The rising tension over the sinking of a South Korean warship is particularly dangerous because the intentions and actions of North Korea's leadership appear more mysterious than ever, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Russia frustrated with Iran but unlikely to fully support sanctionsupdated Fri May 21 2010 20:33:06

The United States, Russia, China and other key nations have reached agreement on a "strong" Iran sanctions resolution, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Tuesday.

Many hurdles for new UK governmentupdated Fri May 14 2010 18:57:38

Gordon Brown resigned as British prime minister Tuesday, paving the way for David Cameron to replace him.

Pakistan is 'epicenter of Islamic terrorism'updated Wed May 05 2010 07:32:37

The suspect in the Times Square bombing attempt was caught as he was seeking to flee to Pakistan, a nation that analyst Fareed Zakaria calls the "epicenter of Islamic terrorism."

Why U.K. election looks like a squeakerupdated Thu Apr 29 2010 07:50:36

With a week to go, the United Kingdom election looks a lot closer than people expected when the campaign began. But the real suspense may lie in what the next prime minister does in office, according to analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Case against Goldman is 'very weak'updated Thu Apr 22 2010 07:03:50

Federal regulators have filed a "very weak" case against the Wall Street investment bank Goldman Sachs, relying on hindsight to bolster the charges at a politically sensitive time, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Obama's gesture to a grieving Polandupdated Fri Apr 16 2010 08:41:09

Presidents of the United States rarely attend the funerals of foreign leaders, but President Obama's decision to go to the state funeral of the Polish president and first lady is right on several levels, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

U.S. should grow up and work with Karzaiupdated Fri Apr 09 2010 10:07:04

The Obama administration is making a mistake by sending Afghan President Hamid Karzai the forceful and repeated message that it's not happy with his regime, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Danger ahead for health care law?updated Thu Mar 25 2010 07:17:38

The health care law signed Tuesday by President Obama is designed to provide health insurance coverage for tens of millions of uninsured Americans but it carries a big risk, according to analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Zakaria: Israel is making a big mistakeupdated Thu Mar 18 2010 07:49:16

Israel's government is missing an opportunity to secure the country's future and build a coalition of nations to counter increasing Iranian influence, according to analyst Fareed Zakaria.

World faces a day of financial reckoningupdated Fri Mar 12 2010 07:38:08

As a nationwide strike highlights Greece's painful effort to fix its finances, much of the rest of the world is confronting an equally sobering reality, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Iraq's big test could reshape Middle Eastupdated Fri Mar 05 2010 09:00:14

This weekend's Iraqi election is testing the strength of the nation's young democracy and could be a turning point in the history of the Middle East, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Afghan leader Karzai is playing gamesupdated Fri Feb 26 2010 08:24:27

Coalition forces have scored gains on the Afghan battlefield. Taliban leaders are on the run in neighboring Pakistan. But there's no sign of political progress in Afghanistan, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Contain Iran, don't attack itupdated Fri Feb 19 2010 08:18:16

A new report saying that Iran could be secretly working on a nuclear weapon is a major development, but not one that should lead the U.S. to consider a military strike against the Tehran regime, according to analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Budget fixes are simple -- and unthinkableupdated Thu Feb 04 2010 17:44:14

The solutions to America's long-term budget deficits are surprisingly simple, but they're politically unthinkable in today's Washington, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

What's really at stake in Google vs. Chinaupdated Thu Jan 21 2010 12:43:09

Google's threat to shut down its operations in China might seem like just a dispute between a private company and a government, but the implications are huge for the world's fastest-growing economy, for the United States and for global relations, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Put Wall Street bonus money away for rainy dayupdated Thu Jan 14 2010 13:20:13

A year after leading Wall Street firms teetered on the edge of collapse, they're expected to pay out robust bonuses to employees. But analyst Fareed Zakaria says he thinks there's a better use for a lot of that money: Sock it away in reserve funds as insurance for the next time the investment banks get into trouble.

Washington overreacting to air scareupdated Wed Jan 06 2010 10:39:00

In the wake of the failed Christmas Day airplane bombing, President Obama ordered speedy reviews of how the air security system failed and the Transportation Security Administration began enhanced screening for passengers traveling through 14 nations.

Washington overreacting to air scareupdated Wed Jan 06 2010 09:54:58

In the wake of the failed Christmas Day airplane bombing, President Obama ordered speedy reviews of how the air security system failed and the Transportation Security Administration began enhanced screening for passengers traveling through 14 nations.

Obama trying to bridge global divide on climateupdated Fri Dec 18 2009 07:26:56

President Obama took a risk by heading to Copenhagen Thursday to take part in the final stage of the U.N. Climate Conference with no firm assurance of an agreement -- but the trip is worth the effort, according to Fareed Zakaria, CNN foreign affairs analyst.

Zakaria: Obama speech idealistic and realisticupdated Fri Dec 11 2009 10:07:27

President Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize on Thursday by talking about war and the limits of nonviolence.

Obama is scaling back the war goalsupdated Thu Dec 03 2009 06:37:58

When President Obama announced plans Tuesday to send 30,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan, it appeared to be a major escalation of the war in that country. But, foreign affairs analyst Fareed Zakaria says that the United States may in fact be "scaling down" the goals of the military operation.

Zakaria: India was reassured by Obamaupdated Wed Nov 25 2009 17:28:06

India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh came away from talks at the White House reassured about U.S. policy in Asia, according to foreign affairs analyst Fareed Zakaria.

Zakaria: Did Obama get his message across in China?updated Thu Nov 19 2009 08:23:17

President Obama landed in South Korea Wednesday for the last stop on his 10-day trip to Asia. The president made earlier visits to China, Singapore and Japan, in his first Asian journey as president.

Zakaria: No one thinks hikers are spiesupdated Wed Nov 11 2009 09:44:58

Three American hikers detained by Iran are facing espionage charges, according to Iranian officials.

Zakaria: Stop trashing Karzai and help him governupdated Mon Nov 09 2009 15:03:31

President Hamid Karzai was declared the winner of another term in office as Afghanistan's leader Monday, after his opponent in a planned runoff election withdrew.

Zakaria: U.S. needs to test McChrystal requestupdated Fri Oct 30 2009 14:18:40

A top Taliban political leader delivered a message Friday to U.S. President Obama, calling his attempt to lure away Taliban fighters with money "an old weapon that has failed already."

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