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Former Portuguese Prime Minister Socrates arrested in corruption probe updated 1 days ago

Former Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates and three other people were arrested in connection with an investigation into suspected tax fraud, corruption and money laundering, the country's prosecutor general's office said Saturday.

Putin becomes eighth-degree karate black belt updated 2 days ago

Vladimir Putin has been awarded an eighth-degree karate black belt, the Russian Kyokushin-kan Karate-do Federation said Friday.

NATO jets scrambled more than 400 times this year for Russian intercepts updated 2 days ago

NATO has scrambled fighter jets more than 400 times this year to intercept Russian military flights, the alliance's secretary general said this week.

Why Vladimir Putin thinks it's still 1985 updated 2 days ago

The first frosts of winter have already dusted the spectacular city of St. Petersburg with a powder of glistening ice. The air outside feels sharp and crisp. Russians hurry along the elegant boulevards, wrapped up tight against the biting cold. Russia's winter, its annual deep freeze, has begun.

Swedish court refuses to revoke Julian Assange's arrest warrant updated 3 days ago

A Swedish appeals court denies WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's request to dismiss an arrest warrant for alleged rape and molestation.

London terror suspects 'inspired by ISIS' to plot beheading, court hears updated 3 days ago

Three British men have been accused of plotting to decapitate a member of the public in the street, a court in London heard Thursday.

Webcam security: What you must do. Now updated 3 days ago

Unsecured footage from thousands of webcams around the world -- including in the United States and western Europe -- has been accessed and streamed by a website thought to be based in the Russian Federation, British officials say.

Starving, seething and scared: Eastern Ukraine's residents struggle to survive updated 3 days ago

Yuri Poznychenko has lived in the village of Stepanovka, close to Ukraine's border with Russia, all his life.

Madeleine McCann mystery: Police want to question British man living in Portugal updated 4 days ago

British police want to question a man living in Portugal in connection with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann at a resort in 2007, a source says.

Rebel leader: Let's duel to win Ukraine updated 4 days ago

Leaders on both sides in Ukraine talked past each other Wednesday, with one saying direct negotiations were off the table and another suggesting a duel.

New video emerges as removal of MH17 wreckage begins in Ukraine updated 5 days ago

The video is believed to show the immediate aftermath of the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in eastern Ukraine four months ago.

Pope Francis to visit the U.S. for the first time next fall updated 6 days ago

Pope Francis is to make his first trip to the United States as the head of the Catholic Church in September, the Vatican said.

Dutch say recovery of MH17 wreckage begins in eastern Ukraine updated 7 days ago

The recovery of wreckage from downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 has finally begun in war-torn eastern Ukraine, Dutch officials said Sunday.

'Black Pete' controversy stirs up Netherlands updated 7 days ago

Dutch protesters say St. Nick's sidekick, Black Pete, is a racist throwback to the colonial era.

Cat on the loose in France isn't a tiger after all, police say updated 9 days ago

The big cat spotted in the woods east of Paris isn't a tiger after all, French authorities said Friday, citing analysis of the beast's tracks.

Declared dead, 91-year-old woman wakes up 11 hours later in funeral home updated 9 days ago

A 91-year-old Polish woman was declared dead, but 11 hours later she woke up in a funeral home, CNN affiliate TVN reports.

Sweden confirms foreign sub in its waters updated 9 days ago

A foreign submarine recently trespassed in Swedish territory, officials there said Friday, but they couldn't say what country the vessel belonged to.

Long-lost Dylan Thomas manuscript found updated 9 days ago

A notebook full of work-in-progress versions of some of Dylan Thomas's key poems has been rediscovered more than 70 years after the poet's mother-in-law ordered it to be burnt.

Tiger on the loose in Paris suburbs; people told to stay inside updated 9 days ago

Residents were urged to stay inside Thursday after a tiger was spotted in woods not far from Disneyland Paris, a city official said.

Russia flexes muscles with long-range bomber flights near U.S. shores updated 10 days ago

Russia plans to send long-range bombers to patrol Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean, a move linked to tensions over Ukraine, the nation's defense minister said.

NATO commander: Russian troops, tanks, artillery move into Ukraine updated 10 days ago

A NATO commander says Russian tanks, Russian artillery, Russian air defense systems and Russian troops have crossed the border into Ukraine.

Russian provocations on the rise: Is it a new Cold War? updated 10 days ago

More than 40 close military encounters between Russia and the West took place this year, a new report says, warning of the danger of armed confrontation.

Trabant: Little car that played a big role in fall of Berlin Wall updated 10 days ago

There are few cars in the world where the difference between driving them and watching them being driven is greater than with the Trabant.

UK police arrest a terror suspect updated 10 days ago

British authorities on Thursday morning arrested a 27-year-old man on suspicion of financing terrorist acts, police said.

Wimbledon Fast Facts updated 11 days ago

Here's a look at the Wimbledon Championships.

How 'The Tiger' fought the East German Stasi updated 11 days ago

The Leipziger Strasse in central Berlin looks like almost any another main traffic artery in the world these days. It's four lanes in each direction, and high rise buildings with nondescript shops on the ground floors line the sidewalks.

Ukraine violence flares as ceasefire collapses updated 12 days ago

Gunfire crackles and flames scar battlefields in eastern Ukraine -- signs, officials warn, of a crumbling ceasefire in the volatile region.

Final Tower of London poppy 'planted' on Armistice Day updated 12 days ago

Wrapped in heavy coats against the November chill, thousands of visitors crowd onto the paths circling the Tower of London to catch a glimpse of the extraordinary "sea" of crimson filling the castle's moat below.

Pope Francis reassigns conservative American cardinal updated 13 days ago

Pope Francis has reassigned a conservative American cardinal from a key post to one that is mostly symbolic.

Jacques Chirac Fast Facts updated 13 days ago

Here's a look at the life of former President of France Jacques Chirac.

Catalans cast symbolic votes on independence; Madrid calls it a 'farce' updated 13 days ago

Euphoria reigned in many parts of Catalonia on Monday, a day after 1.6 million people there cast symbolic votes to secede from Spain.

Somber, hopeful ceremonies mark 25 years since the Berlin Wall fell updated 14 days ago

25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall is marked by somber and hopeful ceremonies.

UK police arrest 4 more for suspected terrorism updated 16 days ago

British authorities overnight arrested four men for suspected terrorism, police said on Friday, adding to the scores that have been rounded up in recent months as part of efforts to prevent homegrown attacks.

Ukraine accuses Russia of sending dozens of tanks into its territory updated 16 days ago

Ukraine accuses Russia of sending dozens of military vehicles across the border, but the Kremlin knocks down such reports as unfounded and "provocative."

The Stasi files: Germany's 600-million-piece puzzle updated 16 days ago

Henning Frunder was only 21 years old in 1968 when he decided he wanted to leave Eastern Germany.

Spanish court drops 1 charge against Princess Cristina, maintains 2 updated 16 days ago

A court in Spain drops the most serious charge facing Princess Cristina, a sister of the king, raising the possibility that she could avoid a court trial.

International court won't prosecute Israel for deadly flotilla raid updated 16 days ago

The International Criminal Court says it won't prosecute Israel for a deadly May 2010 raid on a Gaza-bound aid ship.

Spanish nurse's assistant leaves hospital after beating Ebola updated 17 days ago

Spanish nurse's aide who left the hospital Wednesday after beating Ebola said she's still weak but gave thanks to God and health workers who cared for her.

2 Americans, a German win Nobel Prize for chemistry updated 17 days ago

Two Americans and a German win this year's Nobel Prize in chemistry for work on optical microscopy that has opened up our understanding of molecules.

Physics Nobel prize goes to scientists who perfected LED light updated 17 days ago

This year's Nobel Prize in physics were honored for helping create the LED light.

Britain's Prince Charles urges religious freedom, tolerance updated 18 days ago

Britain's Prince Charles calls on governments around the world to do more to ensure religious freedom and urges religious leaders to promote tolerance.

Gate with 'Arbeit macht frei' slogan stolen from former Nazi camp at Dachau updated 19 days ago

An iron gate with the notorious Nazi slogan "Arbeit Macht Frei" has been stolen from the former Dachau concentration camp in Germany, officials said.

Berlin Wall Fast Facts updated 19 days ago

Here's a look at what you need to know about the Berlin Wall, seen as a symbol of the Cold War and East/West relations. The Wall stood from 1961 to 1989, separating democratic West Berlin, considered part of West Germany, from Communist-controlled East Berlin and from the rest of East Germany.

Tour de France Fast Facts updated 19 days ago

Here's a look at the Tour de France.

Cannes International Film Festival Fast Facts updated 19 days ago

Here's a look at what you need to know about the Cannes International Film Festival.

Spanish court again suspends Catalonia independence vote updated 19 days ago

A controversial referendum on Catalonia's future as part of Spain has again been put on hold by a court, just days before the planned vote on Sunday.

UK spy chief says big tech firms must help combat terror updated 19 days ago

UK spy chief Robert Hannigan on Tuesday called on big U.S. tech companies to do more to help governments combat terrorism.

Remains of final Costa Concordia victim recovered updated 19 days ago

Nearly three years after the Costa Concordia cruise ship ran aground off Italy's Giglio Island, the remains of the final victim have been recovered.

Powerful, intimidating, sexy: Do clothes maketh the woman? updated 19 days ago

You wouldn't necessarily expect a blockbuster exhibition on women's clothing to open with a giant image of a naked lady.

24 migrants die after boat sinks near Istanbul updated 20 days ago

24 people died after a boat carrying migrants sank near Istanbul on Monday, Turkish officials said.

Vladimir Putin Fast Facts updated 20 days ago

Here's a look at Russian President Vladimir Putin's life.

Large crowds turn out for controversial vote, Ukrainian separatists say updated 20 days ago

Rebel-held areas of eastern Ukraine go ahead with controversial elections amid encouragement from Moscow and fierce criticism from Kiev and Washington.

Poppy hijab honors Muslims, sparks controversy updated 22 days ago

November is the season for poppies in Britain: Red paper flowers to remember those fallen in war.

Trucks that change lanes with the blink of an eye updated 23 days ago

Stretching across the heart of Europe, Germany's spider-web of highways ferries tons of goods on their journey across the continent and beyond.

Fire at Radio France building sends smoke into Paris' sky updated 23 days ago

Dark smoke rose from the upper floors of Radio France's headquarters in Paris as a fire prompted an evacuation of the building. No injuries were reported.

Polish authorities interview Roman Polanski, decline to arrest him updated 23 days ago

Polish authorities questioned director Roman Polanski, wanted in the U.S. for having sex with a minor in the 1970s, but he was allowed to leave afterward.

Sistine Chapel gets AC, lights makeover updated 24 days ago

The Vatican's Sistine Chapel recently got new lights and a high-tech HVAC system to help preserve its artwork.

Sweden recognizes state of Palestine updated 24 days ago

Sweden recognized a state of Palestine on Thursday, describing the decision as a crucial step it hopes will lead the way for others.

The key to a successful business? Keep it in the family updated 24 days ago

Small-to-medium size businesses dominate the marketplace in Germany.

Luxury meets precision in the birthplace of German watchmaking updated 24 days ago

Watchmakers from former East Germany found a way to get back on their feet after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

French Open Fast Facts updated 25 days ago

Here's a look at what you need to know about the French Open tennis tournament.

Prince Charles Fast Facts updated 25 days ago

Here's a look at the life Prince Charles, heir apparent to the throne of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Welcome to the factory of the future updated 25 days ago

The Factory of the Future, a huge innovation hub, is trying to revolutionize the role of humans in manufacturing.

Petrolhead paradise: Touring Germany's world-class automotive museums updated 25 days ago

With factory tours and collections of stunning vintage prototypes, southern Germany is petrolhead paradise.

Want a top notch college degree but can't afford it? Head to Germany updated 25 days ago

Last week, the final German federal state has scrapped tuition fees, making studying in Germany 100% free.

Germany: 25 years later and no looking back updated 25 days ago

CNN explores how Germany went from "the sick man of Europe" to the world's fourth largest economy.

Germany by numbers: A look inside Europe's economic powerhouse updated 25 days ago

A look at Germany by numbers.

Super fast and green? How the new breed of sports cars is getting a makeover updated 26 days ago

Zero to sixty miles in 2.5 seconds. 887 horse power. And a price tag of $1 million.

Ukraine Fast Facts updated 26 days ago

Here's some background information about Ukraine, the second-largest European country in area after Russia. It borders Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus, Russia and the Black Sea in Eastern Europe.

Denmark offers some foreign fighters rehab without jail time -- but will it work? updated 26 days ago

When Omar left home in 2013, his parents thought he was going to help out at a refugee camp for the victims of Syria's brutal civil war. But the soft-spoken Danish student wasn't on a humanitarian mission -- he had joined the ranks of a jihadist brigade fighting to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Student shoots and kills teacher in Estonia updated 26 days ago

A 15-year-old student shot and killed a teacher inside a classroom in southern Estonia on Monday, police said.

UK science teacher admits trying to help Syria rebels updated 27 days ago

A British science teacher admitted Monday to trying to help anti-Assad regime fighters commit acts of terrorism in Syria.

Ask the experts: How do we get girls into STEM? updated 27 days ago

STEM experts share their ideas on how to get more girls into the industry.

Poroshenko says majority of voters support 'Ukraine's path to Europe' updated 28 days ago

Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko hailed exit poll results of parliamentary elections that showed support for "Ukraine's path to Europe."

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II joins social media age with 1st tweet updated 30 days ago

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II dipped a toe into 21st-century communications Friday when she posted her first tweet.

Suspicious objects reported at Canadian, other consulates in Istanbul updated 30 days ago

Turkish authorities are investigating suspicious substances or objects at the Canadian, German and Belgian consulates in Istanbul, officials say.

Stir in Sweden's waters is over as search for vessel is called off updated 30 days ago

Sweden's military feels certain there was an intruder, but it has called off the search for a mystery sub in waters near Stockholm.

Mass grave evidence to be presented in Ratko Mladic's case updated 31 days ago

Prosecutors will be allowed to present more gruesome evidence against former Bosnian Serb military commander Ratko Mladic, on trial for genocide since 2012.

Police: UK royal protection officer stashed ammo updated 31 days ago

An officer assigned to a unit that protects Britain's royal household was arrested Thursday on suspicion of unlawfully keeping ammunition in personal lockers in a police building on the grounds of London's Buckingham Palace, the Metropolitan Police said.

The wit and wisdom of Eleanor Roosevelt updated 31 days ago

Politician and former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt is well know for her campaigning and wit, 12 quotes from the politician celebrate her wisdom.

Congolese doctor who helps rape victims wins top EU human rights prize updated 32 days ago

A doctor who's devoted years to giving aid to gang-rape victims in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Denis Mukwege, has received Europe's Sakharov Prize.

Russian sub or no, there's a mighty stir in Sweden's waters updated 32 days ago

A case of international naval intrigue off the Swedish coast brings back memories of the Cold War.

UN: Reports of cluster bombs used in Ukraine are 'extremely alarming' updated 33 days ago

The U.N. cites reports of cluster bombs being used by the Ukrainian government, calling the practice "extremely alarming."

Sweden ready to 'use anything' to force mystery sub to surface updated 33 days ago

A case of international naval intrigue off the Swedish coast brings back memories of the Cold War.

Sweden hunts for mystery submarine updated 33 days ago

A case of international naval intrigue off the Swedish coast brings back memories of the Cold War.

Catherine and William's second child due in April updated 34 days ago

William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, will become parents again in April.

Pope Francis takes predecessor a step closer to sainthood updated 35 days ago

Pope Francis moved a predecessor closer to sainthood on Sunday, beatifying Pope Paul VI on the last day of a gathering in Rome of church leaders.

Mikhail Gorbachev Fast Facts updated 35 days ago

Here's a look at the life of Mikhail Gorbachev, former president of the former USSR.

Dozens of Turkish hostages seized by ISIS in Iraq released months later updated 37 days ago

Dozens of Turkish hostages abducted by Islamist militants in northern Iraq were freed Saturday after three months in captivity.

Five charged in U.K. terror plot, London police say updated 37 days ago

Five men picked up in a series of recent terror-related arrests have now been charged, London's Metropolitan Police said Friday.

Aspiring journalists create CNN Newscast updated 37 days ago

CNN on Thursday welcomed budding journalists and news producers from under-represented backgrounds to experience life in the fast-paced world of the CNN London newsroom.

Ebola outbreak 'running much faster' than response updated 37 days ago

The current Ebola outbreak is "running much faster" than the international response to it, the co-discoverer of the virus said Thursday.

London terror suspect recording: 'Terrorist' is a great word to describe me updated 37 days ago

A British man charged with planning terrorism said he'd been to Syria and reveled in the idea of being labeled a terrorist, a London court hears.

Spanish nurse's assistant says she'd treat Ebola patients again updated 38 days ago

Spanish nurse's assistant Teresa Romero Ramos is doing better and has said she would treat Ebola patients again if she is cured, a spokeswoman said.

Ebola cases could soar to 10,000 a week; CDC: New team to help hospitals updated 40 days ago

New Ebola cases could soar to up to 10,000 per week in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone by December, the World Health Organization warned.

UK terror suspect may have plotted 'Mumbai-style' attack, court hears updated 40 days ago

A man was accused Tuesday in a UK court of planning either an indiscriminate "Mumbai-style" attack or an attack against a prominent person.

No Catalonia independence referendum for now, president says updated 40 days ago

Catalonia's Nov. 9 independence vote will not be held as planned due to suspension by Spain's Constitutional Court, Catalan President Artur Mas announced.

Russia says it's pulling 17,000 troops from near Ukrainian border updated 40 days ago

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered 17,600 troops near the Ukrainian border to return to their bases, state-run media reported.

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