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World - Europe

Voices of refugees


April 5, 1999
Web posted at: 1:19 p.m. EST (1819 GMT)

(CNN) -- With the mass exodus from Kosovo continuing, CNN correspondents and other Western journalists heard more stories from refugees about death, destruction and desperation.

Following are some of those refugee voices, telling the world what they lived through:

"They took our gold and money and everything we have, and they said, 'Don't worry, we won't hurt anyone.' But then they came back after midnight and shelled us."

Ismet Dona, refugee in Kukes, Albania.

"They guaranteed we'd be safe. The whole village gave them 80,000 deutsche marks just so they would not kill us. But they didn't keep their promise: They came back after midnight and bombed us."

Naileh Dona, wounded refugee in Kukes.

Refugee Ferat Zoggy said he witnessed two executions. "The Serb police did not let them take his sister's body away. His mother was gravely wounded, they would not let them take her away either ... so they were forced to leave her there."

"We saw how our houses being smashed pieces, destroyed and burned down by the Serb artillery. Only those who fled the village are alive. The others remaining behind must have been killed by the shells, or massacred by the soldiers."

Elmie Bugari, Kukes.

"I'll join (the rebel Kosovo Liberation Army), too, someday. I've seen killing. I know what all this is about."

Alban, an 11-year-old boy, in Kukes.

"I am from Pristina. The police separated me from my family and I'm all alone. I don't know where to go or what to do."

Refugee near Blace, Macedonia.

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