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Election Watch

Republic of Albania Parliamentary First Round: June 29, 1997
Second Round: July 6, 1997
Third Round: July 13, 1997
At stake in this election:
  • 155 seats in the People’s Assembly
    (115 seats elected by majority vote, 40 seats are elected by proportional representation)
Description of government structure:
  • Unicameral People’s Assembly
  • The number of seats in the People’s Assembly was reduced in February 1992 from 250 to 140. At that time, groups representing ethnic minorities could not nominate candidates. For the purposes of this election, however, the number of seats in the People’s Assembly was increased by 15 to 155. The assembly sits for four years.
Results of the election:
  • Party: Socialist Party
    Leader: Fatos NANO
    Seats won in last election: 10
    Seats won in this election: 101

  • Party: Democratic Party (ran as part of the Union for Democracy coalition in some areas)
    Leader: Tritan SHEHU
    Seats won in last election: 122
    Seats won in this election: 26

  • Party: Social Democratic Party
    Leader: Skender GJINUSHI
    Seats won in last election: 0
    Seats won in this election: 10

  • Several other parties
    won at least 1, but no more than 4, of the 18 remaining seats.
When was the last election? Number of seats in last election?
  • Last election held: May 26, 1996
  • Seats decided in the last election: 140
Population and number of registered voters:
  • Population: 3 million (approximate)
  • Number of registered voters: 2.2 million (approximate)
Of Interest:
  • The collapse of several pyramid schemes created mass discontent in Albania, forcing Prime Minister MESKI to resign, and a new "government of national reconciliation" was formed. President BERISHA called new elections in order to allow more voices in Parliament and to start political, economic, and social recovery within Albania.
  • A referendum on the form of government was also held on election day to decide between a republic or a constitutional monarchy. Through this referendum, Albanians rejected the restoration of the monarchy and supported republican rule.
For additional information: IFES ElectionGuide Online


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