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 COUNTRY  Cayman Islands
 ELECTION TYPE  Parliamentary
 DATE  May 11, 2005
At stake in this election:
  • 15 seats in the Legislative Assembly.
Description of government structure:
  • Chief of State: Queen ELIZABETH II*
  • Head of Government: Chief Secretary W. McKeeva BUSH
  • Assembly: The Cayman Islands has a unicameral Legislative Assembly with 18 seats.

*Represented by Governor Bruce DINWIDDY

Description of electoral system:
  • The monarch is hereditary.
  • Members of the Legislative Assembly serve four-year terms. 15 members are elected by popular votes and 3 members are appointed from the Cabinet.
Main parties in the electoral race:

  • Party: United Democratic Party (UPD)
    Leader: McKeeva BUSH
    Seats won in last election: 7

  • Party: People's Progressive Movement (PPM)
    Leader: Kurt TIBBETTS
    Seats won in last election: 5

  • Party: People's Democratic Alliance (PDA)
    Leader: Linford PIERSON
    Seats won in last election: 1

  • Party: Independent
    Seats won in last election: 2

When was the last election?
  • The last parliamentary election was held on November 8, 2000.
Population and number of registered voters:
  • Population: 43,103 (July 2004 est.)
  • Number of registered voters: 13,118
Of interest:
  • These elections were postponed from November 17, 2004 due to Hurricane Ivan.
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