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North Korea is closing its borders to international tourists because of concerns about Ebola, tour agencies specializing in the country were told.

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Jazz musician Kenny G angers China with Hong Kong protest visit updated 1 days ago

Smooth jazz saxophonist Kenny G wants everyone to know that he's not a foreign agitator trying to defy the Chinese Communist Party.

U.N. investigator: North Korea should be charged with human rights violations updated 1 days ago

U.N. investigator: North Korean leaders, including Kim Jong Un, must be held accountable for crimes against humanity.

U.S. drug war in Afghanistan is failing, new report says updated 2 days ago

America's drug war in Afghanistan is failing badly, a U.S. government watchdog says in a new report.

Lawyer: Burmese suspects deny killing British backpackers on Thai island updated 2 days ago

Two Burmese migrants accused of killing a British couple on a popular tourist island in Thailand have retracted their confessions, a lawyer says.

Hong Kong protest talks agree little updated 2 days ago

Conflicting visions of how to bring about change marked the first meeting of pro-democracy protesters and Hong Kong government representatives.

Former Australian PM Gough Whitlam dies updated 2 days ago

Edward Gough Whitlam, the former Australian Prime Minister who strengthened ties abroad, has died, the Australian government said Monday.

Chinese state media to readers: Don't name yourself 'Dragon' updated 3 days ago

In China, language learners are given the freedom to choose their own English names -- perhaps sometimes a little too much freedom.

Who's who in the Hong Kong protests? updated 3 days ago

There hasn't been any real breakthrough in the Hong Kong protests. Here's our guide to the players, what they want, and why there's no easy solution.

Condemned Christian woman to take blasphemy case to top Pakistani court updated 3 days ago

A Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan plans to take her case to the country's highest court after a high court rejects her appeal.

Chinese New Year Fast Facts updated 3 days ago

Here's some background information about Chinese New Year, the longest and most important celebration in the Chinese calendar.

North Korea: Personal physician divulges Kim Il Sung's quest to live to 100 updated 4 days ago

North Korea's revered founder, Kim Il Sung, ordered his doctors to find a way to make him live to 100, his former physician says.

Hong Kong leader C.Y. Leung: 'External forces' involved in protests updated 4 days ago

Hong Kong's embattled chief executive has said the city's pro-democracy movement is "out of hand" and being influenced by "external forces."

Death toll climbs as Nepal rescuers search for missing hikers in Himalayas updated 4 days ago

The search for missing hikers and bodies buried in snow continued in Nepal Thursday after a heavy snowstorm killed at least 27 trekkers.

Apparent suicide after deadly South Korea concert collapse accident updated 4 days ago

At least 16 people died Friday when a grate over a ventilation shaft collapsed at an outdoor concert in Seongnam, South Korea, an official says.

On the Roofs climbers scale new heights updated 5 days ago

Cityscapes are usually breathtaking, but finding a good vantage point in a new town can be tough.

Pro-democracy demonstrators recapture part of bustling district in Hong Kong updated 5 days ago

Pro-democracy demonstrators seized back part of Hong Kong's bustling Mong Kok district Saturday after a night of scuffles.

South Korea leader visits scene of vent grate collapse at concert updated 6 days ago

At least 16 people died Friday when a grate over a ventilation shaft collapsed at an outdoor concert in Seongnam, South Korea, an official says.

Death toll climbs as Nepal rescuers search for missing hikers in Himalayas updated 7 days ago

The search for missing hikers and bodies buried in snow continued in Nepal Thursday after a heavy snowstorm killed at least 27 trekkers.

At the heart of China's legal (and illegal) trade with North Korea updated 7 days ago

Dandong is a thriving Chinese border town across from North Korea where legal and illegal trading is done, as David McKenzie reports.

Uyghur photographer battles stereotypes with fascinating portraits updated 7 days ago

Kurbanjan Samat, a Uyghur photographer from Xinjiang, wants to dispel the stereotypes many Chinese hold about people from his home region.

The end of trust? Hong Kong sees police force in a new light updated 8 days ago

One casualty of the massive protests that have rocked Hong Kong since the end of September may have been the city's relationship with its police force -- traditionally one of the region's most well-regarded.

Hong Kong's leader: Street blockades cannot continue updated 8 days ago

The Hong Kong government has vowed to investigate a video that appears to show police officers beating a detained protester.

Analysis: How SARS pandemic offers lessons for Ebola updated 8 days ago

The best way to prevent domestic Ebola cases is by pitching in to the global effort in West Africa, argues one virologist.

Hong Kong authorities vow to probe alleged police beating at protest updated 8 days ago

The Hong Kong government has vowed to investigate a video that appears to show police officers beating a detained protester.

Tragedy strikes Nepal again as 17 trekkers die in heavy Himalayan snow updated 8 days ago

17 trekkers, including at least 8 foreigners, die after being trapped in heavy snowfall while trekking in central Nepal's Annapurna and Manang regions.

Abbott vows to 'shirt-front' Putin over MH17; Russia says comments 'immature' updated 8 days ago

Australian PM Tony Abbott has vowed to "shirt-front" Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit next month over the MH17 disaster.

Another North Korean overture as questions remain on Kim's whereabouts updated 8 days ago

Top military officials from North and South Korea met Wednesday in their highest-level talks in seven years.

Hong Kong police arrest 45 in clashes updated 9 days ago

Hong Kong police arrest 45 people in overnight clashes with protesters, who lose their control of a major road.

North Korea says leader has reappeared updated 9 days ago

North Korean state media has attempted to end the international speculation about the whereabouts of leader Kim Jong Un.

My 24 hours with a virtual girlfriend in China updated 9 days ago

When I first came across a "virtual lover" service on e-commerce site Taobao, China's version of Amazon, I thought it was hype.

U.S. Marine identified as suspect in transgender woman's death in Philippines updated 9 days ago

Philippine police have identified U.S. Marine Scott Pemberton as the suspect in the death of a transgender woman in a hotel.

How one mother's grief led to greening China's deserts updated 10 days ago

Each year Yi Jiefeng does what she can to stop China turning into a desert.

U.S. Marine held after death of transgender woman in the Philippines updated 10 days ago

A U.S. Marine was being held Monday on a warship after the slaying of a transgender woman in the Philippines.

12 face execution for deadly July attacks in China's restive west updated 10 days ago

Twelve people have been sentenced to death for organizing attacks that killed dozens of people in the restive western Chinese province of Xinjiang.

Why has North Korea decided to talk now? updated 10 days ago

With Kim Jong Un still out of sight, North Korean officials have gone on a publicity blitz -- making a rare move to take questions at the United Nations.

Taliban attack on military convoy kills 14 Afghan soldiers and police updated 10 days ago

Taliban insurgents have killed 14 Afghan National Security forces, including two policemen, in northern Afghanistan, government officials said.

Vongfong slams into Kyushu, continues destructive path across Japan updated 10 days ago

The latest in a string of powerful storms to hit Japan -- Vongfong -- weakened from typhoon to tropical storm as it made landfall in Okinawa prefecture.

Scuffles as protest opponents try to tear down Hong Kong barricades updated 11 days ago

Rowdy scenes erupt at a protest site in Hong Kong as those opposing the occupation clash with protesters.

Chinese court sentences cult members to death over McDonald's killing updated 11 days ago

Two members of a banned Chinese doomsday cult were sentenced to death Saturday for the murder of a woman in a McDonald's restaurant in May, say reports.

Why Cambodia leads the way in rescuing captive bears updated 11 days ago

For Nev Broadis, it's important to act fast when a call comes to rescue a bear cub from the other side of Cambodia.

6 die as Cyclone Hudhud uproots trees and light poles in India updated 11 days ago

Six people have died in Cyclone Hudhud, Indian authorities said Sunday.

Pakistani airstrikes kill at least 21 militants updated 11 days ago

At least 21 militants were killed in Pakistani airstrikes Sunday in a volatile area close to the Afghan border, officials said.

Hundreds of thousands evacuate Indian shores as cyclone nears updated 12 days ago

More than 200,000 people were evacuated on Saturday as India's eastern coast braced for Cyclone Hudhud, officials said.

Vongfong pelts Okinawa with rain, waves updated 12 days ago

Typhoon Vongfong weakened Saturday but still tossed intense rain and waves at the Japanese island of Okinawa, including the major U.S. military base there.

Drone strikes kill 8 in Afghanistan, Pakistan, sources say updated 12 days ago

Two suspected U.S. drone strikes in in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border region have killed at least eight militants, Pakistani officials said Saturday.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un misses shrine visit, KCNA reports updated 13 days ago

Will North Korean leader Kim Jong Un show up at an important anniversary of the Workers' Party Friday? He hasn't been seen in more than a month.

Pakistan's educational challenges updated 13 days ago

Activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai challenges education systems across the world, including in her native Pakistan. After she was shot by the Taliban, she became a key figure in the movement to improve education in the country, particularly for girls where the widest education inequalities exist.

North and South Korea exchange fire updated 13 days ago

North and South Korea exchange fire after the North targeted balloons carrying leaflets critical of the country, South Korea's Defense Ministry says.

Malala's journey from near death to the Nobel Peace Prize updated 13 days ago

It is nothing short of a miracle that Nobel Peace Prize recipient Malala Yousafzai is still alive.

Pen Farthing: Reuniting soldiers with dogs they left behind updated 14 days ago

Pen Farthing's nonprofit group has reunited animals with nearly 700 service members from eight countries.

Where is Kim? KCNA state media falls silent on North Korea anniversary updated 14 days ago

Will North Korean leader Kim Jong Un show up at an important anniversary of the Workers' Party Friday? He hasn't been seen in more than a month.

China bans drug-using celebrities from the airwaves updated 14 days ago

Celebrities who have been caught using drugs or frequenting prostitutes have been banned from China's airwaves, according to state media.

Hong Kong government calls off protest talks, defends leader's $6.4M payment updated 14 days ago

Hong Kong's government has called off talks with pro-democracy protesters, as political rivals repeated calls for leader C.Y. Leung to resign -- this time over claims that he accepted multi-million dollar private payments while in office.

Vongfong, the year's strongest storm, bears down on Japan updated 14 days ago

The most powerful storm of the year has Japan in its sights.

Hamid Karzai Fast Facts updated 14 days ago

Here is a look at the life of Hamid Karzai, the former president of Afghanistan.

Migrants accused of murder of British couple in Thailand recant confessions updated 15 days ago

The Burmese migrants accused of the murder of two British tourists on the Thai resort island of Koh Tao have retracted their confessions, according to Burmese media.

Missing Vietnamese oil tanker found raided by pirates updated 15 days ago

Vietnamese authorities are searching for an oil tanker feared to have been taken by pirates just 40 minutes after it departed Singapore for Vietnam

Last U.S. airman's body recovered off Japan after typhoon updated 15 days ago

Last body has been recovered of three U.S. airmen who died when a powerful typhoon struck just off Japan, according to Kadena Air Base.

Is Kim Jong Un still in charge of North Korea? updated 16 days ago

A monthlong public absence prompt many to ask, where's North Korean leader Kim JongUn and has he been ousted?

Asia sees spike in dengue fever outbreaks updated 16 days ago

Southern China is suffering from its worst outbreak of dengue fever in two decades, with 1,000 new cases of the potentially fatal mosquito-borne disease emerging each day, according to official media reports.

Street becomes canvas for 'silent protest' in Hong Kong updated 16 days ago

Demonstrators wheeled out the looming figure under cover of darkness.

Piracy feared as Vietnamese oil tanker vanishes off Singapore updated 16 days ago

Vietnamese authorities are searching for an oil tanker feared to have been taken by pirates just 40 minutes after it departed Singapore for Vietnam

Hong Kong protests: Talks scheduled as crowds shrink and frustration rises updated 16 days ago

Pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong are clinging on to their protest sites in key areas of the tightly packed city, but their numbers are waning

China's stand-up comedy experiment: Can 'alien' art form take off? updated 16 days ago

Kungfu Komedy Club looks much like any other back room in a Shanghai bar. But at show time, the Chinese mainland's first and only full-time stand-up comedy club becomes a carefully-honed weapon of mass hilarity directed at the audience of locals, expats and tourists that frequently packs the room.

One reason Flight 370 is still missing updated 17 days ago

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has been missing for seven months. The search sheds light on how little we know about the ocean floor.

Brisbane transgender murder-suicide shocks residents updated 17 days ago

A grisly murder-suicide in the upscale Brisbane neighborhood of Teneriffe has shocked residents of the Queensland city.

China removes 160,000 'phantom staff' from government payroll updated 17 days ago

China has removed 162,629 "phantom staff" from government payrolls, as Beijing presses on with a campaign against official corruption and misuse of public money, state media reported.

Capturing the smiles of Japan's tsunami survivors updated 17 days ago

When the ground began to shake in Tokyo on March 11, 2011, Katsuhiro Asama was in the office of his creative management agency.

Hong Kong protesters remain on streets but allow government workers past updated 17 days ago

Pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong ignored a deadline given by the government to disperse, but there were no signs of an impending police action.

Hong Kong protesters, government officials agree to 'several rounds' of talks updated 17 days ago

Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong gave some ground Monday, vacating a key road and clearing a path for government workers to enter offices.

Airmen, surfer missing after Typhoon Phanfone hits Japan updated 18 days ago

Two U.S. airmen and a Japanese surfer remained missing Monday after a powerful typhoon swept past the southern part of the country.

Thai king has gallbladder removed, condition 'satisfactory' updated 18 days ago

Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej is recovering from surgery to remove his gallbladder, the palace said Monday.

The fight to make divorce legal in the Philippines updated 18 days ago

The Philippines is one of only two countries which lacks divorce laws. Campaigners hope a new bill will change that.

U.S. airman dead, 2 missing as Typhoon Phanfone slams Japan updated 18 days ago

As Typhoon Phanfone was bearing down on Japan, three U.S. airmen were washed out to sea Sunday.

With Kim out of sight, North Korean top brass pay snap visit to South updated 18 days ago

With Kim Jong Un out of sight for a month, some North Korean high officials popped down to South Korea on Saturday, and delivered a diplomatic bonbon.

Hong Kong protests persist after ultimatum, mob attacks updated 19 days ago

Hong Kong student leaders call off talks with the government, accusing police of allowing violence to happen.

At least 5 killed in Pakistan suicide blast updated 19 days ago

At least five people were killed in a powerful suicide bomb explosion Saturday night near a girls' high school in Quetta, police said.

Thai king hospitalized with high fever updated 20 days ago

Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej has been hospitalized with a high fever and irregular blood pressure, the palace said Saturday.

Group ditches talks with Hong Kong government, calls for more protest updated 20 days ago

Hong Kong student leaders call off talks with the government, accusing police of allowing violence to happen.

Burmese men confess to killing British tourists on Koh Tao, Thai police say updated 20 days ago

Police in Thailand say two Burmese men have confessed to the murder of two British tourists on a popular resort island last month.

C.Y. Leung: Hong Kong's unloved leader updated 21 days ago

Cunning wolf? Working class hero? Or bland Beijing loyalist?

Hong Kong police and protesters face off outside executive's office updated 21 days ago

Hong Kong police and pro-democracy protesters faced off Friday morning outside the office of the city's chief executive.

What is China's People's Liberation Army doing in Hong Kong? updated 21 days ago

Chinese troops are stationed just yards from where thousands of pro-democracy supporters have been "occupying" the heart of Hong Kong's financial district.

As clock ticks, Hong Kong protesters wait -- hopeful, anxious, determined updated 21 days ago

Underneath the largely festive atmosphere, runs a gamut of feelings among the Hong Kong demonstrators

Weather hits recovery of bodies from erupting Japanese volcano updated 22 days ago

Efforts to recover bodies from an erupting volcano in Japan resumed Wednesday, with 12 more bodies found.

3 soldiers killed in latest suicide attack on Afghan troops' vehicles updated 22 days ago

Three Afghan soldiers were killed Thursday when a suicide bomber targeted their vehicle -- the third such attack in the last 24 hours.

Is North Korean leader Kim Jong Un lying low? updated 22 days ago

North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un hasn't been seen at a public event for three weeks.

North Korea completes upgrade at space center for larger rockets, says report updated 22 days ago

A report says an upgrade at a North Korean space center is complete, allowing for the launch of larger rockets.

Is North Korea still digging tunnels to the South? updated 22 days ago

Gen. Hahn Sung-Chu never believed North Korea could dig a tunnel that reached Seoul -- until now.

Hong Kong protests: What's next? updated 22 days ago

The massive street rallies that have swept Hong Kong since the weekend present a major dilemma for China's leadership and the city's own government.

Desperate, disgusted but proud -- India's human waste removers updated 22 days ago

I normally don't dwell on what I am going to wear before I go on a shoot. It's usually something presentable, comfortable and preferably in a bright "TV" color that makes my cameraman Rajesh happy.

Pro-democracy protesters target office of Hong Kong's chief executive updated 22 days ago

Pro-democracy activists took their fight Thursday to the doorstep of Hong Kong's chief executive.

Dog rescued after being stuck in hot tar updated 22 days ago

A five-month-old dog that fell into hot tar spilled around a construction site in northern India was eventually saved by a four-hour rescue operation.

How tear gas brought Hong Kongers together updated 22 days ago

When police used tear gas on unarmed Hong Kong students, they unwittingly created a massive movement.

Hong Kong activists, officials continue standoff on China's National Day updated 22 days ago

Pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong are expected to grow on Wednesday as many people have a day off for China's National Day.

Hong Kong protesters passionate but gullible, says China's 1997 handover negotiator updated 23 days ago

Millions have watched as thousands of Hong Kongers have occupied their city -- and not everyone is impressed.

Afghanistan signs deal keeping U.S. troops beyond 2014 updated 23 days ago

U.S. and Afghanistan sign a long-delayed security agreement that will allow U.S. troops to stay in Afghanistan beyond the end of 2014.

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