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There were 46 lifeboats on the sunken South Korean ferry -- but only one was deployed, CNN affiliate YTN reported Thursday.

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South Korean shipwreck survivors: Passengers told 'don't move' as ship sank updated 4 hours 15 minutes ago

Passengers aboard a sinking South Korean ferry at first were told to stay in place, survivors say.

'We are not dead yet'; passengers texted as South Korean ferry sank updated 6 hours 21 minutes ago

After a South Korean ferry accident, text messages surfaced describing the moments after the ferry began to roll.

2 dead, many unaccounted as rescuers scramble to sinking South Korean ship updated 7 hours 3 minutes ago

Rescuers scrambled to pluck hundreds of passengers from a ferry as it slowly sank off the South Korean coast

Theories on how a South Korean passenger ferry suddenly sank updated 7 hours 11 minutes ago

A dominant theory has begun to emerge about how a passenger ferry carrying of hundreds sank near South Korea.

MH370 families storm out of glitchy teleconference with Malaysian officials updated 7 hours 29 minutes ago

Families of some of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 passengers release a list of questions that they said authorities have so far not answered.

Pakistan Taliban say cease-fire with government is over updated 12 hours 4 minutes ago

The Pakistan Taliban say they will not extend a cease-fire with the Pakistani government, six days after a weeks-long pause in hostilities officially ended.

Japan, South Korea to discuss 'comfort women' almost 70 years after World War II updated 19 hours 7 minutes ago

Every single week for the past 22 years, a group of elderly South Korean women has camped outside the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, enduring the heat and humidity of the region's monsoonal summer and the sub-zero temperatures of the brutal Korean winter.

Twenty-five years later, Tiananmen Square no less taboo for China's censors updated 19 hours 15 minutes ago

There are mixed signals from the Chinese authorities on their attitude towards the Tiananmen Square anniversary.

Survivors tell of panic on board as ferry tilts, then capsizes updated 20 hours 10 minutes ago

Survivors talk about the panic aboard a ferry after it listed, then capsized, off the coast of South Korea.

Underwater search resumes for missing Malaysia Airlines plane updated 1 days ago

The underwater probe looking for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was back in the water Tuesday after its first attempt ended prematurely, officials said.

Indian court recognizes gender self-identification updated 1 days ago

India's Supreme Court on Tuesday granted the country's transsexual and transgender individuals the right to self-identify their gender.

A primer on the latest in the search for Flight 370 updated 1 days ago

Here's the latest to catch you up on the efforts to find Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 as the search enters its 39th day.

Asif Ali Zardari Fast Facts updated 1 days ago

Here's a look at the life of Asif Ali Zardari, former president of Pakistan.

Airstrike killed 3 civilians in Afghanistan, governor's spokesman says updated 1 days ago

An Afghan provincial government spokesman has alleged that a NATO airstrike killed at least three civilians and injured another in Afghanistan's Khost province Tuesday.

Gunmen abduct Afghan deputy minister updated 1 days ago

The Afghan Deputy Minister of Public Works, Ahmad Shah Wahid, was abducted by gunmen early Tuesday morning, the Interior Ministry said.

Aung San Suu Kyi's 'silence' on the Rohingya: Has 'The Lady' lost her voice? updated 1 days ago

Having endured nearly 15 years of house arrest with grace and courage, Aung San Suu Kyi has a deserved reputation as a political superstar of rare moral stature.

Two brothers re-arrested in Pakistan for cannibalism updated 1 days ago

A man who had previously been jailed for cannibalism and then released, has been rearrested again after police discovered a child's severed head at his home.

Asian air pollution could have impact on global weather patterns updated 1 days ago

A study finds that air pollution from Asia directly affects the storm pattern over the Pacific Ocean.

U.N. condemns Thai court case against journalists over people trafficking report updated 2 days ago

A criminal defamation case against two journalists in Thailand is set to proceed next week, despite calls for the charges to be dropped.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Co-pilot's cell phone was on, U.S. official says updated 2 days ago

Efforts to find missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 focuses beneath ocean's surface as Australian authorities send a submersible diving toward the sea floor.

MH370: How do underwater sonar subs work? updated 2 days ago

With the pings gone, search officials are sending a vehicle down to crawl the ocean floor in search of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Former Afghan foreign minister leads early vote count in presidential election updated 2 days ago

Former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah was leading the early returns of last week's presidential election in Afghanistan.

MH370: Is it time to stop searching for pings? updated 3 days ago

Is it time for underwater search vehicles to start scanning the ocean floor in the hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

Missing Malaysia Airlines plane search a 'massive, massive task' Abbott says updated 4 days ago

Search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 remains a "massive task," Australia's Prime Minister said Saturday.

Earthquake reported near Solomon Islands updated 4 days ago

A tsunami warning was canceled following a 7.6-magnitude earthquake that struck Sunday morning near the Solomon Islands, officials said.

After missing Malaysian plane's pingers are dead, then what? updated 4 days ago

Crews looking for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 may soon shift to a new set of tools, including side-scan sonar and remotely operated vehicles.

9-month-old boy arrested in attempted murder no longer wanted by police updated 4 days ago

A 9-month-old Pakistani boy who was booked in connection with an attempted murder case is no longer wanted by police, his family's lawyer said.

Abbott: Australia's 'transparency and candor' appreciated in search for MH 370 updated 5 days ago

Australia's PM: Chinese officials appreciate his country's "transparency and candor" in the search for MH 370.

Tibet Fast Facts updated 5 days ago

Here's a look at what you need to know about Tibet, which is often called "the roof of the world."

Could jet's descent have shaped debris field? updated 5 days ago

Pilot: It's highly unlikely that missing jetliner could have sunk without leaving some trace on the surface.

'Life Black Box' website lets Chinese users send data after death updated 6 days ago

In your lifetime, you will send thousands of online messages. What if you could only send one more?

5th signal detected 'not likely' from MH370 black boxes, officials say updated 6 days ago

Elevated hopes that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 might soon be found were tempered when a search agency said the latest signal probably isn't from the plane.

How deep is deep? Imagining the MH370 search underwater updated 6 days ago

Just how hard is it to find a plane at the bottom of the ocean? Very.

Afghan wife maimed for refusing drug-addict husband's cash demands updated 6 days ago

An Afghan wife was viciously disfigured by her drug addicted husband in front of their kids for refusing him money.

In search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, two new signals buoy hope updated 6 days ago

In a sea of uncertainty, two bits of good news emerged Wednesday in the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

How to buy your first serious piece of Chinese art updated 6 days ago

With astronomical Chinese art prices making recent headlines, we look at how one can elbow into the art market for a piece of the lucrative pie.

'Miracle material' graphene one step closer to commercial use updated 6 days ago

No one ever expected the humble pencil to kickstart a revolution. But, by peeling apart pencil graphite into atom-thick layers using regular adhesive tape, two Russian-born scientists, Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, earned a Nobel Prize in 2010. With it, they sparked the beginnings of a material that could change the world.

Politicians slug it out in India's first social media election updated 7 days ago

Social media has become the new election battleground for India's nationwide parliamentary elections, which started Monday.

"Holy grail" of Chinese porcelain nets record bid for Sotheby's updated 7 days ago

The auction room -- standing room only -- broke into applause when the hammer finally went down. On sale was a tiny, white cup decorated with chickens, and the buyer was a prolific art collector from Shanghai, Liu Yiqian.

The hunt for a Flight 370 ping: How they are doing it updated 7 days ago

Forget the needle. Forget the haystack. Here's how searchers in the south Indian Ocean are looking for pings from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Are suspected North Korean drones a threat to South Korea? updated 7 days ago

In recent weeks, South Korea's defense ministry has discovered three crashed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) it believes belong to Pyongyang.

India's 'Womanifesto:' How central are women's rights to this year's elections? updated 7 days ago

A recent poll finds most Indians see combating violence against women as a political priority. Dissatisfied with government efforts, activists have drafted a plan to tackle women's issues.

Not a 'bug splat:' Artists give drone victims a face in Pakistan updated 7 days ago

In a lush field outside Pakistan's northwestern city of Peshawar, the face of a little girl stares up at the clouds, her eyes searching for the whirring machines that destroyed her family.

Explosion near Pakistani capital of Islamabad kills at least 26 updated 7 days ago

A blast in a fruit market near the Pakistani capital Islamabad killed at least 26 people Wednesday and injured at least a dozen more.

Six-year-old Afghan girl saved from marriage to cover father's debt updated 8 days ago

An Afghan man borrows money to pay for his wife's medical bills. When he can't repay the debt, he decides to marry off his young girl to the moneylender's son.

Women could make the difference as Afghanistan turns out to vote updated 8 days ago

It was not too long ago -- in 2001, prior to the U.S. invasion -- that Afghanistan's women were all but entirely marginalized.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: 2 new signals in search area buoys hope updated 8 days ago

Pulses detected in the Indian Ocean have not been picked up again, but authorities are not letting that deter their search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Indonesia votes as new candidate draws Obama comparisons updated 8 days ago

Indonesians are heading to the polls Wednesday to elect its lawmakers in a crucial vote that will set the stage for the upcoming presidential elections.

Chuck Hagel becomes first foreigner to visit Chinese aircraft carrier updated 8 days ago

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel visited the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning at the Yuchi Naval Base at Qingdao on Monday, becoming the first foreigner allowed on board. The Department of Defense confirmed that the trip happened because of a U.S. request.

Malaysia Flight 370: New signal sounds 'just like' one from a plane's beacon updated 8 days ago

Investigators now have their "most promising" lead yet in finding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 after detecting signals consistent with those from black boxes.

Nehru-Gandhi heir and populist Hindu nationalist face off in Indian election updated 9 days ago

Today, in India's remote northeast, the first wave of 814 million eligible voters will cast their ballots as the largest election in world history gets underway.

Pakistani family: 9-month-old booked on attempted murder charge updated 9 days ago

A 9-month-old Pakistani boy bawled as he was fingerprinted and booked in Lahore on an attempted murder charge.

Volcanic island eats another off Japan updated 9 days ago

Niijima island, a Japanese volcano which broke through the ocean's surface last November, has now swallowed a nearby island.

Plane buffs captured Flight 370 in images before disappearance updated 9 days ago

Plane spotters seem both happy and dismayed to discover they took photos of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 plane in its travels around the world.

Prince George's first royal tour: The kid's a natural updated 9 days ago

He can't even walk yet but Prince George took a momentous step on Monday in what's set to be a lifetime of royal duties.

UK royal tour of NZ and Australia: Will Prince George meet his bilby? updated 9 days ago

Britain's Duke and Duchess of Cambridge go to New Zealand and Australia this weekend on a three-week royal tour -- the first for baby Prince George.

U.S. to send 2 more missile defense ships to Japan to protect from North Korea updated 9 days ago

The U.S. will send more missile defense ships to Japan as part of an effort to bolster protection from North Korean missile threats.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Next steps in the underwater search updated 9 days ago

Here's an explanation of the next phases in the underwater hunt for traces of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Relatives react cautiously to possible Malaysia Airlines clue updated 9 days ago

The possibility of closure of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 mystery emerged Saturday, but relatives of the passengers and crew were cautious.

Malaysia Flight 370: New signal sounds 'just like' one from a plane's beacon updated 10 days ago

A pinger locator has detected signals consistent with those by emitted by aircraft black boxes

At a schoolhouse, Afghans vote for change updated 10 days ago

In the cold rain outside a girl's school in Kabul, a queue stretches several hundred meters down the road. Some are dressed in western clothes, others in traditional shalwar kameez. One man is wearing overalls covered in paint from the work site he's just come from.

MH370: Is it the pinger? 4 reasons to believe; 6 reasons to doubt updated 10 days ago

Could the pulses a Chinese ship detected be Malaysia Airlines Flight 370's pingers? Here are 4 reasons to believe and 6 reasons to doubt.

Who's running? The candidates vying to be Afghanistan's next president updated 10 days ago

Afghan voters will go to the polls on April 5 in what could be one of the most significant presidential elections in the country's turbulent history.

Flight 370: Search teams investigate sounds picked up in ocean updated 11 days ago

A Chinese patrol ship in the southern Indian Ocean discovered Saturday a pulse signal with a frequency of 37.5 kHz, state news agency Xinhua reported.

Afghans flock to vote for new president despite threat of Taliban violence updated 11 days ago

Afghan voters turned out in large numbers Saturday for historic elections, undeterred by the threat of violence by the Taliban and poor weather.

Clancy on Flight 370: Never had a story with 'so few facts, so much speculation' updated 11 days ago

Veteran CNN journalist Jim Clancy says he can't "think of a story that's more befuddling" than the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Wife of Flight 370 passenger: 'I needed to know they were looking for Pauly' updated 11 days ago

Danica Weeks did what no other relative of those missing on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 could do: She went to the nerve center of the search.

Tick, tock: What happens after the Malaysian plane's pingers die? updated 11 days ago

What happens if the pinger from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 dies? Here's what to know about the future of the search

Flight 370: The search goes under water updated 12 days ago

The hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has penetrated beneath the waves as searchers race to catch pings from the missing plane's flight data recorders.

AP journalist killed, another wounded on eve of Afghanistan elections updated 12 days ago

Two journalists working for The Associated Press have been shot in Afghanistan, one of them fatally, the news agency said Friday.

3 get death sentence in India gang rapes updated 12 days ago

Three men were sentenced to death Friday for the gang rapes of two women in the Indian city of Mumbai last year, the public prosecutor said.

11 North Koreans missing after cargo ship sinks updated 12 days ago

Two North Korean sailors are dead and 11 missing after a Mongolia-flagged cargo ship sank off the southeastern coast of South Korea.

Afghan official: 2 AP journalists shot, one fatally, ahead of elections updated 12 days ago

Two journalists working for the Associated Press have been shot, one fatally, in Khost, southern Afghanistan, a spokesman for Khost's provincial governor said.

Baijiu producers look globally for China hangover cure updated 13 days ago

China's baijiu market may not recover until 2015, meanwhile peddlers push new cocktails and overseas markets.

Afghanistan's soldiers prepare for life on their own updated 13 days ago

On a clear morning in Kabul, I'm standing on top of a wind-swept mountain, taking in the beauty around me. In the distance, I can see the snow-capped Hindu Kush mountains towering over the sprawling, dusty capital of four million people in front of me.

Will the West ever understand China? updated 13 days ago

China has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The question, raised in a book by Martin Jacques, is not if China will rule the world, but when.

Flight 370: Investigators still guessing as underwater search begins updated 13 days ago

Two ships central to the hunt for missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 are due to arrive in the search area in the coming hours amid hopes of new clues.

Flight 370 search: 'It could take months, it could take years' updated 13 days ago

Inspector general of Malaysian police says authorities are redoubling efforts to find out what happened to Malaysia Air Flight 370, but pleads for patience.

Bangkok scrap workers cut into live World War 2 bomb, explosion kills seven updated 14 days ago

Thai scrapyard workers accidentally detonated a suspected World War II-era bomb Wednesday, killing seven and injuring 19 after attempting to cut into it with a blowtorch.

Groups warn of backlash as U.N. calls for probe into Sri Lanka civil war abuses updated 14 days ago

Rights groups are warning of a backlash against activists in Sri Lanka following a landmark United Nations resolution calling for an international inquiry.

Report: MH370 disappearance a criminal investigation, police chief says updated 14 days ago

Another day of searching for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 ends without any trace of the plane, Australian officials say.

Latest developments in probe of missing Malaysia Airlines flight updated 14 days ago

Here are the latest developments in the investigation into missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Afghanistan: Taliban blamed for fresh violence ahead of elections updated 14 days ago

A provincial council candidate and nine supporters were kidnapped and killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan, police in northern Sar-e-Pul province said.

South Korea investigates two suspected North Korean drones updated 14 days ago

Two drones, suspected of being from North Korea, have crashed in South Korea in the last two weeks, according to government officials from the South. The discoveries raise questions over South Korea's air defense and the North's aerial capabilities.

Noir thriller may be a game changer for Chinese cinema updated 15 days ago

Is "Black Coal, Thin Ice" by Diao Yinan a game changer for Chinese cinema?

6 missteps in Malaysia Flight 370 investigation updated 15 days ago

CNN takes a look at six emblematic missteps in the handling of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 investigation.

Unmanned drone crashes on South Korean border island updated 15 days ago

An unmanned drone crashed on a South Korean island near its disputed maritime border with the North, the country's defense ministry said Tuesday.

For first month in years, no U.S. forces die in Afghanistan updated 15 days ago

No U.S. military forces died in Afghanistan in March, the first such month in more than 7 years and the third time since the war began, the CNN Library, says.

Mitchell Casado, reluctant 'pilot of the people' updated 15 days ago

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370's disappearance has thrust Mitchell Casado into aviation analyst celebrity, and no one is more uncomfortable with that than Casado.

Ocean Shield: A mission of hope and uncertainty in search for Flight 370 updated 15 days ago

Docked at the largest naval base in Western Australia Monday is a ship with a bright red hull and the weight of the world resting on the shoulders of its crew.

MH370: Family of newlyweds aboard missing plane 'still waiting' updated 15 days ago

Some Flight 370 families are hoping against hope as they continue to wait -- stuck in a sort of purgatory.

Report: N. Korea fires on South during North's military drills; South responds updated 15 days ago

North Korea has engaged in provocative live-fire exercises near the South Korean maritime border, leading to an exchange of fire between the neighbors.

Fukushima residents cleared to return home amid ongoing contamination fears updated 15 days ago

Hundreds of residents of an area contaminated by a catastrophic reactor meltdown at a nuclear plant in northeastern Japan have been allowed to return home three years after the disaster.

Chinese mining tycoon Liu Han charged with murder, running 'mafia-style' gang updated 15 days ago

A former mining tycoon accused of running a "mafia-style" gang to amass billions of dollars has gone on trial in China, facing charges including murder.

MH370: New last words from cockpit: 'Good night Malaysian three seven zero' updated 16 days ago

Another day of searching for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 ends without any trace of the plane, Australian officials say.

Six killed in blast in Kenya, appears to be 'deliberate attack,' Red Cross official says updated 16 days ago

At least 6 people were killed and some 18 were wounded by an explosion in what appears to be a "deliberate attack" in Nairobi, Kenya, a Red Cross official says.

U.N. court orders Japan to halt whale hunt updated 16 days ago

The International Court of Justice ruled Monday that Japan can no longer continue its annual whale hunt.

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