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World - Africa

Japan's lonely hearts find each other with 'Lovegety'

Japan's ultimate matchmaking tool of the electronic age, the Lovegety  
June 7, 1998
Web posted at: 3:38 p.m. EDT (1938 GMT)

TOKYO (CNN) -- Looking for love? Get a love beeper. A Lovegety, to be precise.

It's compact, relatively inexpensive, and a conversation ice breaker guaranteed to attract other Lovegety-carriers of the opposite sex.

And it's a hot, hot item in Japan.

Since its release in February, some 400,000 Lovegetys have made their way into love-seeking palms. Another 200,000 of the gizmos are backordered. Lovegety maker Erfolg says the product is such a strong seller, it expects revenues to increase seven-fold to $15 million.

To use Lovegety, just set it to one of your favorite activities -- "karaoke," "chat," or "friends -- and wait for the flash.

Check out the Lovegety
video icon 1.7MB / 30 sec. / 240x180
1.1MB / 30 sec. / 160x120
QuickTime movie

The gadgets beep when they detect other Lovegetys within a 15-foot range.

When the strangers seek each other out, they already have something to talk about: "Are you the one who has Lovegety?"

"If the person who has the Lovegety is a good looking one, you are lucky," explained an Erfolg executive. "If not, well, you would say: 'I am sorry. I am busy.'"

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