The Categories

This year's competition is now closed but please see below the list of categories.

With the exception of the Mohamed Amin Photographic Award, ALL categories are open to all media.

The Coca-Cola Company Economics & Business Award

Stories should demonstrate a contemporary, balanced and clear understanding of any aspect of economic and/or business issues. Entries can also cover entrepreneurial spirit and its effect on a nation’s economy.

Culture Award

This award celebrates the coverage of African Culture. A diverse category covering a range of topics including, but not limited to, The Arts; crafts; destination tourism; African culture and cuisine.

Mohamed Amin Photographic Award

A photograph has the powerful ability to capture a specific moment in time and tell the story in a single image.

Entries may be either an individual photograph or a photographic essay of not more than 5 photos. Both black & white and colour photos accepted. Images that are available for download on agency websites and have not appeared in African media will not be eligible.

Environment Award

Entries should relate to sustainability and environmental issues including, but not limited to, protection of the environment; conservation; climate change and innovative ways to combat environmental damage.t

Press Freedom Award

This award rewards excellence and provides support to African journalists who tell their stories at continuing risk to their lives and safety by covering conflicts, exposing corruption or crises in an atmosphere where information is controlled or often suppressed.

Previous recipients have demonstrated the lengths that journalists will go to and the hardships they endure to continue telling the story; often being tortured, imprisoned and, unfortunately, even making the ultimate sacrifice.

As this category is so specific to the cause of Free Press, it may not always be possible for a journalist to enter his/her own work, so nominations are encouraged from family members, the public, editors or colleagues.

MSD Health & Medical Award

Journalists play a key role in bringing important health and medical issues to the forefront of the news agenda. Submissions in this category may include, but are not limited to, coverage of prevention, protection and treatments of diseases and conditions; training of medical personnel; cost and development of healthcare; and the impact of health issues on communities.

Sport Reporting Award

Entries should relate to any aspect of sports reporting such as coverage of sporting events; the business behind sport and features on personalities.

News Impact Award

Journalism has the ability to bring issues to the attention of its audience and effect change. This award recognises stories that, as a result of their coverage, have made a tangible impact in one or more of the following areas: reaction within their target audience; changes in behaviour; policy and increased public awareness. Entries can include current affairs features; news coverage; in-depth and investigative stories.

GE Energy & Infrastructure Award

This new category celebrates the role that Energy & Infrastructure play in a nation’s development. A wide-reaching topic, entries may include coverage of issues including infrastructure development projects; energy; fuel resources; roads; rail and natural resources.

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