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Bosnian peace talks moving slowly

November 14, 1995
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DAYTON, Ohio (CNN) -- The United States continued Tuesday to pressure Balkan leaders at the Bosnian peace talks to reach a comprehensive peace treaty, but emphasized the process is likely to take more time.

Briefing reporters at Wright-Patterson AFB, State Department spokesman Nicholas Burns said negotiators are not looking for "some kind of bare bones agreement" in which the important details are filled in later.

He also said that although a comprehensive accord is not on the immediate horizon, there were no expectations it would come this soon. "Our negotiating team is certainly willing to work with these parties for the next few days or perhaps into next week," Burns said.

Burns also said that Secretary of State Warren Christopher, who is making his third visit to the air base near Dayton, Ohio, has met with all the Balkan leaders, Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic, Bosnian President Alijam Izetbegovic and Croatian President Franjo Tudjman. According to Burns, Christopher's message is simple: reach a comprehensive agreement.

Milosevic Izetbegovic Tudjman

Burns said the three presidents have an important incentive to do that: "It's called self-interest."

Burns cautioned against expectations that an agreement would be reached at Tuesday's visit, before Christopher heads to Osaka, Japan, for an APEC meeting. Christopher was expected to depart Wright-Patterson later Tuesday evening.

Burns says there had been no agreements reached on the core issues of territorial disposition and the constitution.

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