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Call her the best mom-in-law in Bangalore

Satyabhama September 23, 1997
Web posted at: 12:04 a.m. EDT (0004 GMT)

BANGALORE, India (CNN) -- Some of the acclaimed women of Bangalore recently took to a stage for a unique contest. There was no strutting in high heels and skimpy swimwear by these women, though.

Gentleness, respect and an easy smile seem to be the top qualities for Bangalore's "Mother-in-Law 1997" award.

This year, that honor went to Satyabhama, a mother-in-law who says she takes an active role in helping her daughter-in-law with her housekeeper duties.

"I take care of the kids and the household work when my daughter-in-law goes off to work," 60-year-old Satyabhama said. Like some Indians of the Tamil minority, she goes by one name.

Wearing a colorful, shoulder-wrapped sari, Satyabhama described her relationship with her daughter-in-law as very cordial.

"I also help my grandchildren in their studies," Satyabhama said.

The contest was sponsored by the Bangalore-based Guild of Women Achievers, a group seeking to highlight positive aspects of family relationships with such awards and ceremonies, according to founder Chaya Srivatsa.

One purpose of the ceremony is to give daughters-in-law an outlet to praise their husband's mothers, she said.

"There are lots of cases of positive relations but only the negative side is highlighted," she said.

The contest, currently in its second year, will be a step toward changing that, she said.

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