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The candidates stance on key issues

April 3, 1997
Web posted at: 1:43 p.m. EST (1843 GMT)

LONDON (CNN) -- The two leading candidates for British prime minister, incumbent John Major and opposition leader Tony Blair, have unveiled their platforms for the May 1 election.

Blair and Major

A televised debate between the two has been canceled, leaving the two to wrangle over issues separately. The following is a brief glimpse at the candidates' stances on key issues:


Major: "We'll take powers to take over responsibilities from failing local authorities and ensure their standards are raised."

Blair: "I'm suggesting we raise the standards in our schools so parents" will send their children to "those schools."


Major: "Our present plan requires no further increase in taxation."

Blair: "We make a specific pledge not to raise income tax rates."

Political party visions for Britain

Major: "It is time for a change ... to the next phase of Conservative prosperity that will give everyone -- no matter who they are, where they live -- more choice and more control of their lives."

Blair: "It is neither a program of the left nor of today's Conservatives. It breaks new ground and seeks to build genuine support in all parts of the nation behind it. That is what offer Britain -- a fresh start."


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