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Should Quebec become an independent country?

October 30, 1995
Last updated: 7:25 p.m. EST (0025 GMT)

I find it hard to believe as a franco-Ontarian that the referendum would not be held for all of Canada. Canada is our country and the fate of it should not be decided by one province alone. I am frustrated when I here them talk about English Canada! What about us!

Nous Sommes Canadien Aussi!!!

my view on this subject is that the world is going towards nationalism. Every part of the world where people have differernt views on a subject, they want to be independent. If this is a new trend, people in Amsterdam will want their own country also. The republic of Amsterdam.

The people in Quebec should realize that there should be unity in diversity. Canada STAY AS ONE COUNTRY


Separation may be necessary from time to time. But it doesn't usually have a happy ending. thanks.

Canada is an indenpendent nation, what other country has the right to interfere with their desisions. NO ONE!!!!

As an uneducated pot-bellied American, I believe that the "Q"uebeckers are doing an injustice to shaved goats all over the world!

By saying adios, to Canada- this beautiful country.

Today, it is a the norm rather than the exception to create new independent states. However, it is sad that a country like Canada, a stable western democracy, should decide to break up. The negative ripple effect will be unmeasurable. Let's hope sanity will prevail and Canada will remain a single multi-linguistic, multi-ethnic country.

As a Canadian I do not want to see the break-up of Canada. I love the country and the people in it. But there comes a time when people must decide on what they want and be done with it. This issue has been dogging our country for ever since I can remember (I am 31 years old). We must stop wasting our resources fighting among ourselves and concentrate on helping our industries in becoming more competitive. Signed "A feed-up Canadian!!!"

Some observations: 1) When the English captured Canada from the French, they (the French) should have been shipped back to France. 2) The U.S. should have pressed the conquest of Canada. 3) If the vote is Yes the Canadian goverment should not permit the dissolution of Canada, even by force of arms. 4) Do "we" really need a French clone of France in North America?

You couldn't ask for a better example of multiculturalism dividing a nation. The 'English as the Offical language' bills in the US should have more support after this. A people who refuse to assimilate into a society are always going to be second class citizens and creating their own "nation" is an attempt to bury their heads in the sand.

Absolutely 100% NO!! After all Canada supported them for 100+ years now, they both need one another, seperating themselves into a seperate country, is a childish and stuck up way, of showing the world that they think they are better then Canada.

Also if this happens, what next..... Texas seperating from US?

I find it hard to believe as a franco-Ontarian that the referendum would not be held for all of Canada. Canada is our country and the fate of it should not be decided by one province alone.

I am frustrated when I here them talk about English Canada! What about us!

Nous Sommes Canadien Aussi!!!

Yes as a Quebecois we should vote "oui" because Canada has become a large boat with 10 to 11 captains. Everyone tries to get the best for themselves. It is too complicated. With only Quebec both French and English persons will have the freedom to navigate where they want to. Canada and Quebec are going toward bankruptcy if the politicians still try to please everyone. It is time to have the courage to fix the problem, it will be extremely difficult but this is the only way to go.

With regards to the breakup of Canada:

What does one say when one is faced with the breakup of one's country? Shock, dismay, frustration, anger are just some of the feelings that jostle one another for primacy. It is really hard to believe that in this day and age, inhabitants of a "civilized" country can even consider actions that would result in the breakup of a country that over the past few years has built itself a reputation of being the best country in the world to live in.

What is even worse, is to observe the rhetoric and false statements that are being employed in order to promote just such a goal.

I find it sad that most people do not realize the economic consequences that would result from Quebec separating from Canada. That people do not appreciate the fragility of the standard of living associated with the industrialized world. I expect the result of the vote on Monday to be a positive one for Quebec independence. Unfortunately, the ensuing events will happen so quickly that this lesson will be learned too late. Hopefully, I will be proved wrong. It makes me sad that whatever the result there will be no winners only losers.

The separation of Quebec from Canada would go down as one of the greatest screw-ups in history.


I think there's no point in splitting up Canada. It will not be beneficial for either side from the economic viewpoint. It will be a shame. I also think that the remaining provinces will be placed in a very weak situation at the time of dealing in negotiations (i.e. trade or others) with the US.

As a Canadian woman born in Montreal and raised in various parts of Canada, I would not like to see Canada separated. The question on the referendum is vague and I don't believe the people of Quebec have been told straight by their government about what the consequences of such a OUI vote. Here in Ontario, the feeling is that if they vote OUI, they're OUT. Quebeckers have been told by Parizeau and Bouchard that they will keep the Canadian Military (opting to keep their jets), Canadian money, and Canadian passports. The rest of Canada says a OUI vote means they have their own QUEBEC money, Canada has given them so much over the years -- if they want out they can get out -- but this would be like a divorce -- a very bitter one with both sides squabbling over the proceeds and custody being a major issue!!

Quebec is as much as a part of Canada as is British Columbia, it makes no economic or political sense for Quebec or any other province of Canada to do it alone.

However, if Herr Hitler (Jacques Parazeau) and Herr Goebbles (Bouchard) the equivalents of radicalists have there way Quebec will separate. If the vote is a Yes, then Canada will become a non-nation.

Such a Pity !!

Unfortunately this is not recent news. There is much insecurity here because a possible yes vote will affect international financial markets. But to what degree? Many Quebecers voting yes are naive about the economic consequences or are they not?. Part of the problem has been the lack of coverage from the international press. A more thorough coverage would have given Quebecers a better pulse of the markets reaction.

A negative reaction by markets ( which may just be delayed because of this lack of coverage) would have given more substance to a emotional debate which at times lacked objectivity and fact. Thanks for coming out, CNN. I would have appreciated your presence sooner. Since around 40% of our national debt is owed to foreigners, I would have liked to have an international perspective other than France's on what is going on in Quebec, Canada. They say the vote will be close. I just hope that whichever party wins was not the one lying on the economic consequences of a yes or no vote.

As a former Quebecer, I have some sympathies with the Quebec peoples' feeling that they would like to be recognized as a distinct society. The problem is that the French Quebec media and current Separatist leaders, especially 'Saint' Lucien Bouchard, have been pulling the wool over the eyes of the Francophone population.

Quebecers voting yes to separation appear to have no idea of the costs of taking this decision. The world economic drivers are brains and know-how. Any economy that intends to compete globally must do what it can to attract and keep the footloose resources people carry around in their heads. Where as in previous times, right up until the 1980s, Quebec was depending on its natural resources to pay its bills (and it didn't quite succeed at that), the fact is that the Province has already been declining in comparative competitiveness to its other Canadian counterparts, and a destabilizing blow like this vote could be enough to set off an almost 'chaotic' string of events. There is a reason that once proud Montreal has had the highest structural unemployment rate in North America - it needs brains, know-how and an infusion of capital to turn things around - not false promises of 'a better political deal' with a Canada struggling to get its own fiscal house in order.

Quebec voters - this is the nano-second '90s. World markets will turn on you in a flash when and if you decide to throw up a barrier like political instability onto an already stacked pile of structural problems. For your sake, and the sake of your economic future, vote no on Monday.

About three years ago I had the opportunity to visit this unique province.

After seeing their culture and talking (through a translator) to the people, I saw that they already seemed like a separate country. After hearing a little bit of their history, I can see why they would want to split. After all, from my understanding, they have been trying to do this for quite some time.

In a world converging, partly due to the Internet, it is inconceivable that a local culture would find itself diverging from it's nationalist roots as Quebec is. The act of secession would be understandable if Canada were guilty of corruption, aggression, economic failure, or other tragic misogyny. But Canada is not. So what is so compelling about Canada's treatment of Quebec that secession is seen as desirable?

The rest of the world looks on in wonderment as one of most desirable countries on earth decides whether one of its provinces will leave or not.

Only in a true democratic and tolerant society could this be allowed to happen. I hope the ballot that Quebecers stare at tomorrow will be marked according to logic and not, as in many political affairs, by political personalities.

In this case a voter will have no recourse next time’ to display his or her displeasure with the result once a yes’ vote has been cast.

It will be the most important input into Canada's history an individual will ever have. Whatever the outcome Canada will not be the same place after the night of October 30.

Quebec should not separate from the rest of Canada because, economically, it will mean disaster for Canada and an independent Quebec. The dollar will nose-dive, interest rates rise and the country could be plunged into recession. This is also bad news for the U.S., Canada's largest trading partner.

If they do separate, I believe the U.S. and Mexico should take a hard line against them and not admit them into NAFTA.

Let's hope they vote with their heads.

O Canada.


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