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Thunderstorms hit Plains, while Northeast, West bask

July 11, 1997
Web posted at: 1:41 p.m. EDT (1741 GMT)

Scattered thunderstorms rumbled across the Plains early Friday, while rain fell on the Northwest and the Southeast. It was generally dry and calm elsewhere.

By tonight, storms packing 60 mph winds and hail were possible in the Carolinas and Georgia. Strong thunderstorms were also forecast from eastern Montana into western Nebraska.

Dry conditions and partly cloudy skies were expected from the Great Lakes into New England, while much of the West was to be dry and calm. Scattered storms were forecast over the Rockies and Northwest.

Severe storms moved across the Plains late Thursday.

Winds gusting to 85 mph knocked over part of a grain elevator in Tolley, North Dakota, and were blamed for scattered power outages across the western half of the state. Over North Dakota, an American Airlines flight from Seattle to New York was rerouted to Denver after 22 people were injured in severe turbulence.

In southeast Nebraska, roads in four counties were washed out after 7 inches of rain. There were reports of lowland flooding.

The high temperature Thursday in the continental United States was 105 at Gila Bend, Arizona, while the low was 34 at Lakeview, Oregon.

Temperatures Friday were forecast to reach the 60s and 70s in New England, the northern Rockies and the Northwest, the 80s in the West, Midwest and Plains, the 90s in the Southeast and the 100s in the Southwest.

East: Albany, New York, 53 fair; Atlanta 67 fair; Boston 64 fair; Buffalo 55 partly cloudy; Caribou 53 fair; Charleston, South Carolina., 73 misty; Chattanooga 66 fair; Cincinnati 57 fair; Cleveland 51 fair; Detroit 57 fair; Hatteras 75 cloudy; Jacksonville 73 fair; Key West 78 fair; Knoxville 66 misty; Macon 69 misty; Miami 78 cloudy; New York 64 partly cloudy; Philadelphia 67 fair; Pittsburgh 58 cloudy; Portland, Maine, 55 fair; Richmond 62 fair; Tampa 78 windy; Washington, D.C., 66 fair.

Central: Birmingham 69 fair; Bismarck 69 cloudy; Chicago 62 cloudy; Denver 64 cloudy; Des Moines 66 fair; Fort Worth 78 cloudy; Galveston 82 fair; Indianapolis 60 fair; Kansas City 69 cloudy; Little Rock 71 misty; Louisville 64 fair; Memphis 73 cloudy; Minneapolis-St. Paul 66 cloudy; Nashville 66 fair; New Orleans 78 fair; North Platte 69 fair; Oklahoma City 73 fair; Rapid City 71 fair; San Antonio 76 cloudy; St. Louis 66 cloudy.

West: Albuquerque 64 cloudy; Anchorage 55 rain; Boise 48 fair; Casper 64 fair; Fairbanks 55 cloudy; Great Falls 49 cloudy; Honolulu 76 rain; Las Vegas 82 fair; Los Angeles 66 cloudy; Medford 55 fair; Pendleton 51 fair; Phoenix 84 fair; Portland, Oregon, 60 cloudy; Reno 60 fair; Salt Lake City 64 cloudy; San Diego 66 cloudy; San Francisco 55 fair; Seattle 55 cloudy; Spokane 46 fair.

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