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April 2, 1996
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Collecting candies makes colorful PEZ-time

Back in 1952, who would have thought that a candy dispenser would become an icon of American culture, or a goldmine?

PEZ, the tiny candies with pop culture packaging, have accrued thousands of devoted fans, several Web sites, and now a convention.
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Legless Chihuahua happy, but hoppy

From affiliate KADY

CAMARILLO, California (CNN) -- Meet Chuy Pollock, by most accounts your average 4 pound, 6 ounce Chihuahua -- except Chuy was born with no front legs. Owner Cherie Pollock blames the deformity on inbreeding -- "partly I think because of breeders' greediness to get more puppies out of a litter."

She said it could also just be one of those weird quirks of nature. "Sometimes there's genetic tricks that we just may not be aware of," she said.


Chuy may not know he's special, but everyone who sees him does. A cashier at the grocery store even made him a special harness out of a in-line skate kneepad and wheels, to help him get around. (1MB QuickTime movie)

Chuy never learned to walk, but only to hop, so it took him some time to get the hang of the harness. And although the 8 month old puppy can get around pretty quickly on it now, just one false move and he's more like a turtle. "He'll come really fast, he'll be carrying a bone and he'll follow you, and sometimes he just nosedives and falls over like a turtle," said Cherie's daughter Liana.

His family says the harness is too heavy for a dog only four times its weight, and they're worried he'll hurt his neck when he falls. So they're looking for someone with ideas or construction skills to make his life a little easier.

Chuy with wheels

What might they have in mind? "I think to expand on the idea of his wheels, so that he could have freer mobility, if he falls over, he could get back up on his own, pull out of the device, and be able to right it and get back in on his own. I know he's smart enough, he has the capability," Cherie said.

While Chuy may sometimes get jealous of what other dogs do have, his family says some four-legged barkers are jealous of him. It's not just his Rollerblading skill, but his attitude, that could make humans sit up and pay attention to this doggy's training.

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New Jersey Senate votes to repeal rats' rights

rat's rights

TRENTON, New Jersey (CNN) -- If rats could talk, they'd probably be shouting their protests on the steps of New Jersey's state house, especially after Monday's ruling to repeal their rights.

The state Senate unanimously voted to exclude rats and mice from protection under the state's animal cruelty laws after an animal welfare group attempted to prosecute a man for bashing a rat to death in his garden.

"Finally, the people get a victory over the rats," said Sen. Wynona Lipman, the bill's sponsor.

The Assembly, which has already let the legislation die once before, will vote on it next.

The bill would allow people to kill and dispose of rats, mice or other animals deemed by the state Department of Health to be "significant threats to public health."



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