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December 1, 1995
Web posted at: 7: 35 a.m. EST

Man sues Arby's over burns au jus

DENVER, Colorado (CNN) -- Arby's joins the growing list of food chains being sued for serving hot food. A man claims that hot juice from an Arby's sandwich spilled into his lap and severely burned him. Edward Boback, 34, filed suit against the fast-food chain Thursday.

An Arby's spokesman says that the lawsuit is the first of its kind against the chain, which is a division of Triarch Co. Inc., but declined further comment because litigation is pending.

Boback, who is a paraplegic, says that he received third-degree burns on his thigh and scrotal area in February when an Arby's employee mishandled a container of au jus sauce at a drive-through window in Limon, Colorado.

According to the lawsuit, because Boback is unable to feel temperatures of hot and cold below his waist, he didn't realize until hours later that he had been burned.

Santa with yellow beard is having a blue Christmas

Santa, sort of

MISSION VIEJO, California (CNN) -- Santa Claus is not so cheery this year. That's because jolly old St. Nick is getting the sack from his job at the Mission Viejo Mall in California for not sporting a white-enough beard.

The shopping mall Claus, Richard Lintz, says that he has been Santa for four years there and has had nothing but compliments on his facial hair, which is gray-blond. "I can't believe this has happened to me. It's Christmas and I'm out of a job," Lintz says.

A spokesman for the mall says that Lintz was fired because they had received customer complaints about the hue of Santa's beard. Lintz says that he tried to dye his beard but the dyes made him gag.

Moon rock may be a small stumble for mankind

NEW YORK (CNN) -- If you want to buy a piece of the moon in Manhattan, then you might want to keep you wallet in your space suit. Phillips Auction House in New York has been forced to change its description of what it was calling a moon rock after an astronaut called it a fake.

NASA is so sure that the rock is not from the moon that it hasn't bothered to test its authenticity. A NASA spokeswoman said NASA has been in the moon rock business longer than anyone and knows a phony when it sees it.

Heston leads computer users to the promised land

HOLLYWOOD, California (CNN) -- Charlton Heston, who is best known for playing Moses in Hollywood's "The Ten Commandments," is leading CD-ROM users to a new Holy Land.

The veteran actor is the first major celebrity to appear in a CD-ROM.

"Charlton Heston's Voyage Through the Bible" tells the stories of Creation, Cain and Abel, and the Exodus, accompanied by period music and art. There are also maps of Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Judea as well as original Bible text.

"That's what I like, being the first out of the gate," Heston said. "It's refreshing, like being in the first talking picture or first color movie."

AP contributed to this report

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