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October 14, 1995
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Drive-thru shopping


READING, Massachusetts -- A Massachusetts woman has given new meaning to the phrase "Drive-thru." Elizabeth Kohalmi was arraigned Thursday after allegedly driving her car through a supermarket mall. She was apparently upset because she thought a store employee had stolen her car keys.

No one was seriously injured. Kohalmi has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Another hearing has been scheduled for October 31.

Peanut-butter indicator says economy doing OK

WILLIAMSBURG, Virginia (Reuter) -- If you want to gauge how the economy's doing, you might want to check your peanut- butter jar. A Proctor and Gamble executive says when financial times are tough, people switch from meat to peanut-butter for their protein needs. But the company says there's no need to worry now. The current "peanut-butter index" is normal.

Florida says O.J. means orange juice


LAKELAND, Florida -- Florida's Department of Citrus is fighting for the right to use the letters "O.J." to promote the state's $8 billion orange juice industry.

It's lawyers have filed notice with the U.S. patent office, challenging O.J. Simpson's attempt to trademark the initials. Simpson wants to stop people from capitalizing on the notoriety of his murder trial, but Florida has been using "O.J." to sell orange juice for 20 years.

Halloween banned for being evil


SAN FRANCISCO, California -- You've heard of the grinch who stole Christmas, how about the gremlin who stole Halloween?

Schools in Los Altos Hills, California have banned Halloween symbols and parades during school hours. The ban arose after christian fundamentalists complained the holiday celebrates the devil. The school board says the move restores values, but many parents say it's political correctness, gone too far.

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