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October 12, 1995
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Marijuana found in laundry detergent

marijuana detergent box logo

MOBILE, Alabama -- A woman dished up more than soap when she opened a box of detergent at the coin laundry. What she thought was a gift turned out to be a bundle of marijuana. She found another half-pound in a second box. The woman called the sheriff, who found the brand was sold out at the store where she bought the soap. He speculated that others made the same discovery.

Dog shoots man in head

MORRISTOWN, Tennessee -- James Earl was enjoying a fine beverage, when: KA-BOOM! His dog shot him.

Earl told police the dog knocked over a 22-caliber rifle last Saturday, sending a bullet into his head. Earl says he'd been drinking at the time, and felt everything would be all right, after pouring peroxide on the wound. But when he got dizzy at work Monday, his family advised him to go to the hospital. He was treated and released.

Mechanics heal cars with the help of God

praying for a car

HILLSDALE, Michigan (CNN) -- For all of you whose cars are broken down and just don't have a prayer, there's a mechanic in Michigan who does. Harold Shewman owns the Glory to God Garage, where the auto mechanic's bible is actually the Holy Bible. Cars in need of divine intervention get a prayer before work begins (387K AIFF sound or 387K WAV sound).

Shewman's bible

"We have to ask God for wisdom, because unfortunately, even though an automobile is man-made, man doesn't know all about it at certain times, so we ask God for wisdom we don't have," Shewman says.

One mechanic says sometimes the good book works better than good tools. "We had a car in here before and the engine seized up and they didn't have a whole lot of money. Harold laid hands on it and prayed for it and we did a few things to it and it worked all right."

Man seeks love through cookies

OAKLAND, California -- A man who says "true love is worth a fortune" is backing up that statement, 10,000 times over. Merwin Snyder says he's distributed 10,000 fortune cookies nationwide, in hopes of finding a wife.

The fortune reads: "Attractive woman, quick with smile, will meet sincere man who seeks committed relationship," followed by his address. Next month, Snyder plans to begin distributing talking cookies that say, "Let's get acquainted."

Clown ticketed for act of charity

Twister's ticket the parking meter

SANTA CRUZ, California -- It's hard for some clowns to catch a break these days, even when they're giving money away. Police in Santa Cruz chased and apprehended a clown named Mr. Twister Sunday. His crime: unauthorized deposit of coins in parking meters.

Officers released Cory McDonald, who plays Mr. Twister, after writing him a ticket. McDonald says he'll continue feeding other people's meters, but won't pay the ticket (122K AIFF sound or 122K WAV sound).

Couple arrested for taping guests in shower

RIVER FALLS, Wisconsin -- Many students from outside the United States have stayed at Don and Antoinette Fuller's house while taking classes at the University of Wisconsin at River Falls. And police say many of those students were secretly videotaped in the shower there.

The district attorney said the Fullers had set up the camera in their bedroom closet and aimed it through a vent in the bathroom. Police took a camera and six tapes from the house. The couple is under arrest.

Chrysler shows up on lawn of five-millionth minivan owner

the band it's a NEW MINIVAN!

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A couple in Columbus didn't have to blow their own horn to celebrate buying a new minivan. A band did it for them.

Richard and Susan Lombard purchased the five-millionth minivan sold by Chrysler. To mark the milestone, 200 Chrysler employees and a marching band showed up at their home Wednesday with the Goodyear blimp hovering overhead. In addition to the party, the Lombards got their new Plymouth Voyager minivan free of charge.

Bobbitt tries to reconcile with ex-wife


WASHINGTON-- The man whose severed penis made him famous is apparently trying to reconcile with his attacker. John Wayne Bobbitt reportedly has shown up twice at a Virginia hair salon where his estranged wife Lorena works. She apparently turned him away on both occasions.

In 1993, Lorena Bobbitt cut off her husband's penis, citing rape and emotional abuse. She was found innocent by reason of insanity and spent time in a mental health facility. He was acquitted in a separate trial of sexually assaulting his wife. The couple is now in the midst of a divorce.

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