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A federal judge will decide Wednesday whether Mississippi's only abortion clinic can continue to stay open under a temporary order or whether it should permanently shut its doors under a new state law.

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Extreme heat roasts the Western U.S.updated Wed Jul 11 2012 06:38:53

Another blast-furnace day awaits the U.S. desert Southwest on Wednesday, the second day of an excessive heat warning for the region.

Odor diverts flight, sickens plane crewupdated Wed Jul 11 2012 04:13:03

Five crew members of a US Airways flight were taken to a hospital Tuesday night because of an unknown odor on the plane.

Tennessee teachers accused in test fraudupdated Tue Jul 10 2012 22:27:48

A Memphis, Tennessee, man faces a 45-count indictment after prosecutors say he took money from teachers who paid to have other people take their certification exams.

Pressurized drums create yellowcake uranium hazard, NRC saysupdated Tue Jul 10 2012 21:35:56

After three Canadian employees were exposed to yellowcake uranium last month when a lid blew off a pressurized 55-gallon drum, a uranium mining company has informed U.S. nuclear regulatory officials it has found additional drums possibly susceptible to the same problem, CNN has learned.

Feds: Operator knew of pipeline problems years before Michigan oil spill updated Tue Jul 10 2012 20:05:50

The operator of an oil pipeline that cracked in 2010 and gushed nearly a million gallons of oil into a Michigan creek and river failed to make repairs and take appropriate action after recognizing structural problems several years earlier, the National Transportation Safety Board said on Tuesday.

Rail industry aims to hire 5,000 veterans this yearupdated Tue Jul 10 2012 18:36:32

Facing an aging rail industry workforce and an influx of returning military veterans, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced Tuesday an initiative in which the growing rail sector will hire more than 5,000 veterans this year, matching the same number hired in 2011.

Official: Mom leaves mentally disabled daughter at bar, refuses to retrieve herupdated Tue Jul 10 2012 18:04:03

An Illinois woman who left her mentally disabled daughter outside a Tennessee bar cannot be charged with a crime, police said Tuesday.

Officials: License plate photos could help catch illegal immigrantsupdated Tue Jul 10 2012 17:54:43

The search for illegal immigrants is going high-tech in Texas.

NYC mayor: Diminutive dwelling design wanted updated Tue Jul 10 2012 17:06:39

Anyone who knows real estate is likely familiar with the old adage about the things that matter in property: Location. Location. Location.

Attorney general defends opposition to proposed Texas voter ID lawupdated Tue Jul 10 2012 13:43:06

Attorney General Eric Holder said Tuesday the Justice Department blocked a proposed Texas voter identification law because it would "be harmful to minority voters."

Texas community absorbs 10 inches of rain in a few hoursupdated Tue Jul 10 2012 11:25:35

A community just outside of Austin, Texas, was pounded by about 10 inches of rain over a few hours early Tuesday, causing flash floods and leaving at least 15 residences surrounded by water, a Texas emergency management official told CNN.

Episcopal Church approves same-sex blessing serviceupdated Tue Jul 10 2012 09:25:42

Episcopal priests will be allowed to conduct services blessing same-sex relationships under a policy approved Tuesday at the church's national convention in Indianapolis.

Northwest heat endangers cropsupdated Tue Jul 10 2012 04:24:21

It's been more than a month since Jerry Mann's 9,000-acre farm has gotten rain, and when the 56-year-old Montana man examines the dry, shriveling kernels of wheat and barley, he's understandably nervous.

Fired Florida lifeguard gets key to city, meets man whose life he savedupdated Tue Jul 10 2012 02:26:31

Fired Florida lifeguard Tomas Lopez was honored with the key to the city Monday and got a chance to meet the man whose life he saved.

Nine Border Patrol stations to close; 41 agents to move to posts closer to bordersupdated Mon Jul 09 2012 20:31:24

Nine Border Patrol stations will be closed within the next six months to move 41 agents closer to the southern and northern borders, according to a spokesman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Despite Sandusky scandal, Penn State draws $208.7 million in donationsupdated Mon Jul 09 2012 20:10:48

In a year marred with controversy and national notoriety, Penn State University alumni and boosters finally have something to smile about.

Army of volunteers works to preserve veterans' final resting placeupdated Mon Jul 09 2012 19:29:20

A volunteer army gathered Monday at Arlington National Cemetery to devote its best efforts toward preserving the final resting place of those who devoted their lives to their country.

Backpack full of grenades found in Southern Californiaupdated Mon Jul 09 2012 18:09:14

City workers in Southern California discovered a backpack Monday filled with grenades and other explosive devices, a sheriff's spokesman said.

Nuke regulators, new chief hope to move beyond controversial predecessorupdated Mon Jul 09 2012 16:39:43

Allison Macfarlane was sworn in as commissioner of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Monday, replacing controversial NRC commissioner Gregory Jaczko, who abruptly resigned in May.

Feds unveil indictments in Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry's slayingupdated Mon Jul 09 2012 16:25:49

Federal authorities unsealed Monday an indictment charging five men in the death of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and offering up to $1 million for information leading to the arrest of the four men still at large.

Texas voter ID law goes to courtupdated Mon Jul 09 2012 15:24:34

Texas state officials went to federal court Monday to defend a controversial new voter identification law, dismissing suggestions the requirement would deny hundreds of thousands of people -- many of them minorities -- access to the ballot.

Mexico accuses U.S. agent in border shootingupdated Mon Jul 09 2012 14:30:11

Mexico's foreign ministry has accused a U.S. border patrol agent of fatally shooting a Mexican citizen over the weekend.

Past 12 months warmest ever recorded in United Statesupdated Mon Jul 09 2012 08:59:26

The mainland United States, which was largely recovering Monday from a near-nationwide heat wave, has experienced the warmest 12 months since record-keeping began in 1895, a top government science and weather agency announced Monday.

South Sudanese expatriates look ahead after year of freedom and no peaceupdated Mon Jul 09 2012 04:18:26

On the eve of South Sudan's first birthday, citizens of the young nation gather at a church in suburban Atlanta.

Rogue waves sweep teen kayakers into Pacific Ocean updated Mon Jul 09 2012 03:03:34

A day of kayaking and backpacking on Hawaii's Big Island changed in an instant as the might of the Pacific Ocean swept six teenagers into the surf.

Feds: Georgia banker missing, so is $17 millionupdated Sun Jul 08 2012 17:18:45

A Georgia banker who went missing last month is being sought by federal authorities for allegedly embezzling millions of dollars from a south Georgia bank.

Colorado governor lifts statewide fire banupdated Sun Jul 08 2012 16:49:08

Much-needed rain and forecasts predicting cooler and wetter weather prompted Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper to lift a statewide fire ban Sunday.

Cold front breaks heat wave, brings stormsupdated Sun Jul 08 2012 01:51:46

The relief was short lived.

Survival of injured baby golden eagle in Utah wildfire called 'amazing'updated Sat Jul 07 2012 18:51:53

The resilience of a burned baby golden eagle that survived a Utah wildfire is astounding wildlife rehabilitators nursing him back to health.

R.A. Dickey and the Zen of the knuckleballupdated Sat Jul 07 2012 18:48:31

When baseball's All-Star Game gets under way Tuesday in Kansas City, there may be no more unlikely player on the field than R.A. Dickey.

Grim homecoming for Colorado soldierupdated Sat Jul 07 2012 11:53:01

U.S. Army Capt. Immanuel Mgana was half a world away from his home and his family in Colorado Springs on June 26, when he received a text message from his wife: It was an image of a house on fire with the words, "This is our home."

Cold front forecast, but blistering heat lingers in several statesupdated Sat Jul 07 2012 05:10:39

While forecasters predicted cooler days ahead for some of the United States, millions endured sizzling temperatures Saturday, with St. Louis marking its 10th consecutive day of 100 degrees and higher.

Toxicology results show no alcohol found in Mary Kennedy's systemupdated Fri Jul 06 2012 22:13:21

Mary Richardson Kennedy, the estranged wife of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., had no traces of alcohol in her system when she took her own life in May, according to a toxicology report released Friday by the Westchester County medical examiner.

Artist colors Hollywood Hills with figures of overlooked immigrant workersupdated Fri Jul 06 2012 21:52:15

His canvas: a cardboard box. His subject: the often-marginalized Latino immigrant worker of Los Angeles' richest neighborhoods.

Resilient West Virginians brave storms and their aftermath updated Fri Jul 06 2012 21:01:40

West Virginians are a unique breed -- proudly rugged, independent and resilient, with ample experience braving life's ups and downs in the relative solitude of Appalachia.

California Senate passes 'anti-Arizona' bill to limit federal detainers on illegal immigrantsupdated Fri Jul 06 2012 19:54:55

The California Senate has passed a so-called "anti-Arizona" bill to prevent racial profiling by police and allow local law agencies to ignore federal requests to detain nonviolent illegal immigrants for deportation, a state lawmaker said.

Two Philadelphia priests barred amid sexual abuse probeupdated Fri Jul 06 2012 18:09:56

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia barred two more priests from ministry on Friday amid allegations of child sexual abuse, bringing the tally to nine clergymen banned from the embattled church since May.

Recommendations for suspension preceded FAMU band deathupdated Fri Jul 06 2012 13:00:43

Three days before Florida A&M University drum major Robert Champion died in a hazing incident last November, the campus police chief suggested the suspension of the band because of hazings, a document released by the school shows.

Andy Griffith died of heart attack, death certificate saysupdated Fri Jul 06 2012 12:34:52

Andy Griffith's death certificate says the actor died of a heart attack, after years of suffering from other illnesses, including coronary artery disease.

Jockey dies after fall at California trackupdated Fri Jul 06 2012 12:25:17

Racing continued Friday at the northern California track where a jockey fell off his horse and later died.

Crews search Smoky Mountain wilderness after deadly stormupdated Fri Jul 06 2012 08:42:48

Search crews fanned out across the vast backcountry of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on Friday after severe thunderstorms the night before killed two people and injured eight, park officials said.

Over 115 million bake in heat, with more scorching temps to comeupdated Fri Jul 06 2012 00:23:12

Just when you thought the heat couldn't get any worse, it looks like it will.

Animal welfare groups probe Philadelphia-area dog burningsupdated Thu Jul 05 2012 20:31:30

Two dogs set on fire in the past two weeks make for three canines burned and left to die in the Philadelphia area since June, according to animal welfare groups.

Seventeen magazine vows not to alter images, to 'celebrate every kind of beauty'updated Thu Jul 05 2012 18:20:25

When teenage girls check out Seventeen magazine, they'll be getting the complete picture -- no ifs, ands or Photoshopped butts about it.

Two suspects charged with shooting of ICE agent in Texas updated Thu Jul 05 2012 16:28:42

A father and son in south Texas were charged Thursday with shooting an agent with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, federal authorities said.

Kobayashi actually bested in hot dog eating bonanza, officials sayupdated Thu Jul 05 2012 16:23:06

Japanese eating icon Takeru Kobayashi, who was initially declared to have bested his longtime rival Joey "Jaws" Chestnut in an Independence Day showdown of competitive hot dog eating, was instead soundly defeated by the California native, contest officials said Thursday.

Fed-up officer says 'enough,' starts senior outreachupdated Thu Jul 05 2012 16:00:26

Shortly after joining the Lake Mary Police Department in 2007, Zach Hudson was dispatched to the home of two elderly women.

Mermaids don't exist ... or do they?updated Thu Jul 05 2012 14:50:24

One of John Athanson's earliest memories is seeing mermaids at Weeki Wachee Springs, the "City of Live Mermaids."

Hundreds of thousands without power brace for more blistering heat updated Thu Jul 05 2012 11:17:37

Another day of blistering heat, and for hundreds of thousands, no power.

Boat capsizes after fireworks show, killing 3 childrenupdated Thu Jul 05 2012 05:36:37

A July Fourth outing to watch fireworks from the water turned into a disaster Wednesday night when a boat capsized off Long Island, leaving three children dead.

San Diego fireworks go kaboom then fizzle -- prematurely updated Thu Jul 05 2012 04:19:03

When most of the country was going ooh and aah over Fourth of July fireworks displays, San Diego spectators were treated to a spectacle that lit up the night sky -- for all of 15 seconds.

Florida lifeguard says he's been offered his job backupdated Thu Jul 05 2012 02:07:28

The south Florida lifeguard fired for leaving his post so he could save a swimmer outside his coverage zone said Thursday he has been offered his job back.

Brother, sister electrocuted during lake swim, Missouri authorities sayupdated Wed Jul 04 2012 23:08:20

A 13-year-old girl and her 8-year-old brother were electrocuted Wednesday while they were swimming in the Lake of the Ozarks near Osage Beach, Missouri, authorities said.

Feds: Woman crossing from Mexico into U.S. swept into canal, now in comaupdated Wed Jul 04 2012 22:15:36

A woman trying to cross from Mexico into the United States apparently illegally was swept away in a Texas irrigation canal and was rescued, but has fallen into a coma, the U.S. Border Patrol said Wednesday.

Colorado's most destructive fire nears containmentupdated Wed Jul 04 2012 21:47:26

The most destructive fire in Colorado's history is now 90% contained, officials said Wednesday.

Alleged Mexican cartel operative 'La Bonita' arrestedupdated Wed Jul 04 2012 19:09:50

The alleged U.S. operative of a Mexican cartel was known as "The Pretty One." That was her alias in Mexico "La Bonita, " according to Mexican officials.

In West Virginia, mass feedings planned in wake of storms, heat waveupdated Wed Jul 04 2012 18:32:53

Governments and charities Wednesday rushed critically needed food and water to thousands of hungry West Virginians whose pantries emptied after storms and an accompanying heat wave.

Homeland Security cites sharp rise in cyber attacksupdated Wed Jul 04 2012 14:26:21

The companies that control critical infrastructure in the United States are reporting higher numbers of attacks on their systems over the past three years, according to a report issued by the Department of Homeland Security.

Fireworks cap Independence Dayupdated Wed Jul 04 2012 13:37:50

Cascading fireworks Wednesday night capped an Independence Day in which new citizens took the oath of allegiance and volunteers helped those affected by deadly storms and a heat wave.

When one passport isn't enoughupdated Wed Jul 04 2012 08:19:09

Irena Sharoshkina Boostani came to the United States in 1998 with $450 and few plans.

Naturalized citizens explain why they're American by choiceupdated Wed Jul 04 2012 07:42:03

The atmosphere is hushed and quiet as about 150 people take their seats. They're each clutching a folder and a tiny American flag. A few whisper about being nervous, but can't quite articulate why. It's the ubiquitous butterflies in the stomach that seem to come with any big day, any big decision.

Americans' 'amazing' feats against storm and heatupdated Wed Jul 04 2012 04:29:50

Jeanne Campbell, who has broken bones in her legs, was sitting in her Lewisburg, West Virginia, home when a massive storm barreled through late last week and a tree came crashing through her roof.

Fireworks explode in New Hampshire home, injuring 9 updated Wed Jul 04 2012 00:37:28

A fireworks explosion at a New Hampshire home left nine people injured, including two children, Tuesday night, authorities said.

Officials: No known Independence Day threatupdated Wed Jul 04 2012 00:30:10

There is no credible information that terrorists are plotting an attack to coincide with the Fourth of July holiday, federal law enforcement officials said.

Rescuers try to reach dog on quarry ledgeupdated Tue Jul 03 2012 22:43:49

Rescuers scrambled Tuesday to save a dog that went over a cliff and ended up perched precariously on an outcropping at an Oregon quarry.

Andy Griffith buried shortly after death, source saysupdated Tue Jul 03 2012 18:21:03

The body of Andy Griffith, a North Carolina native and actor who for years won over audiences with his folksy appeal, was buried Tuesday morning less than five hours after he died.

Feds: ICE investigator shot during Texas surveillanceupdated Tue Jul 03 2012 17:24:19

A special agent with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations unit was shot and wounded early Tuesday while on surveillance in a criminal investigation in northern Hidalgo County, Texas, officials said.

Study warns of continued rise in wildfires in western U.S., elsewhereupdated Tue Jul 03 2012 17:02:19

If you look at the images of destruction from Colorado, it's not hard to see why officials have called the Waldo Canyon Fire the most destructive in state history. Last week, it was like a monster roaring down a mountainside, swallowing houses whole.

'Mayberry' remembers Andy Griffith updated Tue Jul 03 2012 14:37:26

Just a few miles south of the Virginia state line, Mount Airy, North Carolina -- a former stagecoach stop along the Ararat River -- is thought to have inspired Mayberry, the fictional town where "The Andy Griffith Show" was supposedly set.

N.C. mourns 4 killed in crash of air tanker fighting Western wildfiresupdated Tue Jul 03 2012 04:23:17

Thousands of miles from raging Western wildfires, North Carolina lowered its flags to half-staff Tuesday to honor four crew members of a U.S. military firefighting plane who were killed in a weekend crash.

More than 1.2 million customers lack power amid unrelenting heatupdated Tue Jul 03 2012 02:35:11

Monday, it was the pool. Tuesday, Myra Murray took her family to a recreation center.

Purported e-mails suggest Paterno may have altered decision not to report abuseupdated Mon Jul 02 2012 20:31:29

Former Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno may have played a greater role than previously known in a decision made by university officials not to report a 2001 incident involving former coach Jerry Sandusky and a boy in a locker room shower, according to e-mails written by university officials.

F-18 crash attributed to rare dual engine failureupdated Mon Jul 02 2012 16:15:24

A Navy F-18 fighter jet that crashed into a Virginia Beach neighborhood in April experienced dual engine failure, marking the first time an F-18 has had two unrelated catastrophic engine failures at the same time, according to a report released on the investigation.

Rupert Murdoch calls Scientology 'very weird cult' on Twitterupdated Mon Jul 02 2012 14:36:41

Rupert Murdoch took to Twitter to lash out at the Church of Scientology and Tom Cruise following the announcement of the actor's divorce.

Time running out for African-American collectionupdated Mon Jul 02 2012 09:07:12

The priceless, 8,000-piece collection of rare African-American memorabilia Nathaniel Montague spent decades collecting could be dismantled if a buyer doesn't come forward by mid-July.

We're No. 1! We're No. 1! We're ... uh ... not?updated Mon Jul 02 2012 09:06:55

In the opening scene of the new Aaron Sorkin show, "The Newsroom," a news anchor goes on a tirade when asked why "America is the greatest country in the world."

C-130 firefighting air tankers grounded after fatal South Dakota crashupdated Mon Jul 02 2012 05:20:58

The U.S. Air Force is grounding all firefighting-equipped C-130 planes after the fatal crash of one in southwestern South Dakota, the military said Monday.

Amid unrelenting heat, frustrations rise for tens of thousands still without powerupdated Mon Jul 02 2012 02:31:46

Even as temperatures ticked down, barely, in some places Monday, frustrations rose for hundreds of thousands still sweating without power days after destructive heat-driven storms hit.

Evacuee: Colorado wildfire's destructive aftermath is 'kind of like the Twilight Zone'updated Mon Jul 02 2012 02:08:32

Firefighters reported more advances Monday against the Waldo Canyon wildfire, saying they've stopped the fire's growth and are working on putting out hot spots within its charred 17,920-acre footprint.

Mississippi's only abortion clinic to stay open under restraining orderupdated Sun Jul 01 2012 21:03:17

A federal judge issued a temporary restraining order Sunday that will allow the only abortion clinic operating in Mississippi to stay open -- for now.

Dying veteran's wish to see his son graduate comes trueupdated Sun Jul 01 2012 14:10:12

Charles Burns steadies himself, using the arms of his wheelchair, before pushing up into a standing position.

There is no shame in not being Supermanupdated Sun Jul 01 2012 13:49:17

I can remember my first Fourth of July after returning home from Iraq, when I was working as a bartender in a hotel in Ouray, Colorado. I stepped out from behind the bar for a minute and watched from the balcony above the front entrance to the hotel as the fireworks exploded in the sky above the town. I could feel them as much as I could hear them, just like in the war. And for a moment, I stood a bit straighter and was proud for having served my country.

More extreme heat, continued headaches for Central, Eastern U.S.updated Sun Jul 01 2012 04:23:46

As the sun set Sunday evening, millions of people in a mammoth chunk of the Central and Eastern United States finally got relief from scorching heat -- though, for many of them, it won't last long.

'Great day' as evacuations lifted; fight continues against deadly Colorado fireupdated Sun Jul 01 2012 02:00:32

For over a week, officials related grim news on top of grim news about the fast-moving wildfire ravaging Colorado Springs, Colorado -- two dead, 346 homes lost, 32,000 forced evacuations, all as crews fought gamely in the face of whipping winds and horrific heat.

Family, friends remember Rodney King at funeralupdated Sun Jul 01 2012 00:05:50

Friends and family of Rodney King gathered in Los Angeles to bid final farewell to the man whose 1991 beating by the city's police sparked riots after the acquittal of the four officers involved.

Record heat, storms bring despair, 'horror'updated Sat Jun 30 2012 19:30:33

Their stay in Parvin State Park in southwestern New Jersey was supposed to be a getaway, a chance to enjoy the wilderness and quality time with family.

Law could force Mississippi's only abortion clinic to close updated Sat Jun 30 2012 18:50:18

They are here practically every day.

State-by-state heat and storm developments updated Sat Jun 30 2012 17:19:08

Millions of people were sweltering Saturday in record-breaking heat in the wake of deadly storms that ripped across the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic.

Storm leaves much of D.C. without power, swelteringupdated Sat Jun 30 2012 15:59:46

The nation's capital was blanketed by downed trees and power lines Saturday after a killer storm with furious winds whipped through.

Colorado fire victim films her own evacuationupdated Sat Jun 30 2012 05:10:33

Nicole Frye watered the wooden roof of the house where she'd lived for 18 years. Then she got in her car and captured her own evacuation with a video camera.

12 dead, millions powerless after storms during intense heat spellupdated Sat Jun 30 2012 01:51:47

Large swaths of the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic dug out Saturday hours after killer thunderstorms barreled through, a recovery made more complicated -- and dangerous -- by intense summer heat.

Dallas NAACP seeks end to Texas lotteryupdated Fri Jun 29 2012 19:20:10

The NAACP chapter in Dallas is calling for an end to the Texas state lottery, saying the game drains the finances of low-income ticket-buyers who can least afford it, especially minorities.

Students who bullied N.Y. bus monitor are suspended for a yearupdated Fri Jun 29 2012 18:06:56

Four middle school students caught on camera verbally abusing their bus monitor have been suspended for a year and will be required to complete 50 hours of community service, school district officials said Friday.

July 1 brings new, sometimes quirky lawsupdated Fri Jun 29 2012 17:47:22

Passengers hailing cabs in Chicago starting Sunday may want to read the fine print on the taxi placards before they get in. In addition to the base fare, cab drivers for the first time can charge sick passengers a $50 vomit cleanup fee.

Army identifies Fort Bragg battalion commander killed by soldierupdated Fri Jun 29 2012 14:49:24

The U.S. Army battalion commander killed in a shooting at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, was a highly decorated veteran who served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, the military said Saturday.

Justices toss out government fines over Janet Jackson Super Bowl incidentupdated Fri Jun 29 2012 11:44:36

The Supreme Court has tossed out government fines against CBS Inc. and its affiliates for airing the infamous shot of brief nudity involving singer Janet Jackson during the 2004 Super Bowl.

Obama tours site of deadly fire in Coloradoupdated Fri Jun 29 2012 03:19:57

Speaking in Colorado Springs, Colorado, after touring areas ravaged by fires Friday, President Barack Obama said that he saw "enormous devastation" in some subdivisions but that authorities are also "starting to see progress."

Credit card security breach hits California campus updated Fri Jun 29 2012 01:21:19

The University of Southern California is warning students and faculty about a credit card security breach following the hacking of a software system on the campus.

Intense heat bakes tens of millions in U.S., spawns potent stormsupdated Fri Jun 29 2012 01:03:43

Tens of millions in the central and eastern United States are bearing the full brunt of summer, in all its sweltering and stormy fury.