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September 25, 1995

From 'CNN Presents' and Correspondent Art Harris

While the defense contended their client had no reason to want his wife dead, prosecutors tried to prove Simpson not only had motive, but enough strength and more than enough time to kill two people and cover it up. Even the defense didn't offer anyone to say where Simpson was between 9:45 and 10:55 that night. And prosecutors said the murders happened sometime during those 70 missing minutes.


The time line for murder began after a trip to McDonald's. House guest Kato Kaelin testified that he returned home with Simpson about 9:40.


Prosecutors said that's when Simpson grabbed his knit cap and the gloves and headed for his ex-wife's condo. Once there, prosecutors said, he stabbed his ex-wife and then turned on Ron Goldman, a young man who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The killings in this up-scale neighborhood took maybe mere minutes. There were no witnesses except, perhaps, a barking dog, Nicole's beloved Akita, found later with blood on his paws.


At first, prosecutors said that barking dog established 10:15 as the time of the murders. But the defense tried to push that time to 10:35 to make it seem impossible that Simpson could have killed two people and gotten back home so quickly. Around 10:35, Nicole's neighbor, Robert Heidstra, testified that he heard the dog and voices. And Heidstra apparently told others the second voice he heard sounded like O. J. Simpson.

The defense attack on the time line was set back further when the same witness let it slip that he saw what could have been Simpson's white Ford Bronco speeding away at around the same time. Prosecutors said that even if the murders happened that late, at 10:35, Simpson still would have had enough time to drive home. Without speeding, prosecutors drove it in about five minutes which means that, on the night of the killings, Simpson could have gotten home by 10:40, when Kato Kaelin heard bumps in the night.

Prosecutors said the noise was O. J. Simpson hitting a wall and dropping a bloody glove in his own yard. Fifteen minutes later, at 10:55, a limousine driver waiting to take Simpson to the airport saw a black person he described as six feet tall and 200 pounds coming into the entry way of the house. (68K AIFF sound or 68K WAV sound)


Park testified he'd been buzzing the intercom since 10:40 and getting no answer, proving, prosecutors said, Simpson had not been home.

It had been an hour and 10 minutes since anyone had seen or talked to O. J. Simpson. But the defense wants the jury to believe that without opportunity, the missing time means nothing.

The defense insisted Simpson was home alone during the time no one saw him -- making phone calls, chipping golf shots in the yard, napping, packing for his late flight -- and that he had no time to commit double murder.


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