CNN O.J. Simpson Trial

August transcripts arranged by date.

All transcripts are stored as zip compressed text files.

August 1, 1995 (90k zip) -- Prosecutor Marcia Clark said the prosecution intends to introduce evidence about Simpson's gloves, regardless of whether the defense introduces testimony about the drying time of gloves.

August 2, 1995 (92k zip) -- Defense DNA expert John Gerdes said LAPD has "persistent and chronic" contamination problems.

August 3, 1995 (92k zip) -- Defense DNA expert John Gerdes said he had no confidence in blood samples taken from Simpson's Bronco.

August 4, 1995 (61k zip) -- Defense DNA expert John Gerdes conceded that Simpson's blood samples were not contaminated during a critical stage in evidence gathering.

August 7, 1995 (92k zip) -- The prosecution used a defense witness in order to get DNA evidence damaging to Simpson back in front of the jury.

August 8, 1995 (92k zip) -- The defense is asking Judge Ito to conduct an independant investigation into whether Mark Fuhrman or other prosecution police witnesses committed perjury.

August 10, 1995 (92k zip) -- Defense expert Michael Baden testified that he and an assistant found that Nicole Simpson had suffered a bruise to the brain, an injury not documented by the L.A. Medical Examiner.

August 11, 1995 (61k zip) -- Defense blood expert Fredric Rieders testified that a blood preservative used by police was found in key evidence collected in the case. However, he could not say where the preservative came from.

August 14, 1995 (122k zip) -- Defense blood expert Fredric Rieders testified that EDTA, a blood preservative used by police, was found in evidence collected in the case.

August 15, 1995 (31k zip) -- In chambers: Judge Ito will not hear arguments on whether Mark Fuhrman's tape can be heard by the jury, or whether Margaret York, Ito's wife, can be called as a material witness.

August 16, 1995 (66K zip) -- The prosecution said it wants the trial to go on with Judge Lance Ito ruling on the admissibility of the Fuhrman tapes.

August 17, 1995 (50K zip) -- LAPD fingerprint expert Gilbert Aguilar testified that none of the latent fingerprints found at the crime scene matched Simpson's prints.

August 21, 1995 (71k zip) -- Forensic scientist John Ragle testified that evidence collected at the murder scene was not done properly and fell below minimum standards of practice.

August 22, 1995 (84k zip) -- Christian Reichardt testified that he spoke to O.J. Simpson on the night of the murders and said Simpson seemed relaxed and jovial.

August 23, 1995 (66K zip) -- Defense expert Dr. Henry Lee testified that bloody imprints on Ron Goldman's jeans may have been caused by kicks from his assailant.

August 25, 1995 (35k zip) -- Judge Lance Ito advised the prosecution not to tangle with defense expert Dr. Henry Lee.

August 28, 1995 (85k zip) -- Defense expert Dr. Henry Lee did not accept the defense contention that the second set of footprints found at the murder scene might have been left by police officers. Lee said the imprints were not from the type of shoes normally worn by police.

August 29, 1995 (82k zip) -- Judge Lance Ito allowed portions of the Mark Fuhrman tapes to be played.

August 30, 1995 (43k zip) -- The defense said it will change its strategy after Judge Lance Ito ruled that only two excerps from the Fuhrman tapes will be included in court. The defense will call witnesses to do a character attack on Furhman.


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