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Last Update: Monday June 19th

Abelson, Elliot

Attorney for Jennifer Peace, adult film actress and Al Cowlings former girlfriend.

Aboubrahm, Michelle

O.J. Simpson's former maid, who was (see note on spelling) allegedly struck by Nicole Simpson. She worked for Simpson from '88 to '90 and again from '92 to beginning of '94. Filed motion to quash subpeona of her phone records on 2/23. She signed her name Michelle Aboubrahm, but her attorney Stephen Solomon spelled it Michele Abourdram.

Abrams, Floyd

Prominent attorney who argued Nov. 7th for cameras in the courtroom. Court TV

Acosta, Alfred

Prosecution witness. Chauffeur who has said that in the late 1980s he picked up the Simpsons from a Beverly Hills nightclub and saw Simpson hit Nicole Simpson in the face.

Adell, Traci

Playboy Magazine Playmate. Newsweek has reported Simpson spent part of Sunday June 12th afternoon with her. Magazine says Simpson called after seeing her in the magazine centerfold.

Adkins, David

LAPD Chief Photographer. Testified with no jury present on Friday, March 31st. Photographed O.J. Rockingham residence.

Aguilar, Gilbert

Fingerprint specialist with LAPD for 17 years. In testimony on August 17, Gilbert backed up his colleagues claim that none of the 17 prints lifted from the crime scene were Simpson's. Aguilar said unmatched prints could have come from Nicoles's sister's, gardner, baby sitter or maid.

Aguilera, Albert

Possible Prosecution witness. Limo driver who is expected to testify he saw Simpson strike Nicole Simpson and knock her to the ground at Victoria Beach in 1987.

Albanese, Sgt. Mike

SWAT supervisor who oversaw tense final negotiations in Simpson home driveway

Allen, Marcus

Current Kansas City Chiefs and former Los Angeles Raiders running back. Was widely reported to have had an affair with Nicole Simpson. Denied ever having an affair in a deposition taken by prosecutors in Kansas City.

Allred, Gloria

Brown family attorney

Alpert, Dr. Martin

Treated Nicole on Sept 26 1986 after what she said was a bicycle accident. Sent her to Medical Imaging for X-Rays. Did not believe Nicole's story. Was told Nov 9 1994 that X-rays were destroyed.

Arronson, Ellen

Toy company executive that was walking around the murder scene the night of the murders. Said she didn't see anything unusual or hear any barking dogs when she walked by the murder scene around 10:30 p.m.

Baden, Dr. Michael

New York State Police forensic expert hired by Simpson defense team. Former New York City chief pathologist. Hired to review Los Angeles Coroner findings. Re-examined forensic evidence in the murders of JFK & MLK. Age 60.

Baker, Shirley

O.J.'s sister. Lives in Bay Area but comes to LA frequently to visit O.J. at the jail. Husband's name is Benny.

Bailey, F. Lee

Prominent defense attorney added to the Simpson legal team the weekend before the preliminary hearing begins. Has represented numerous high-profile clients since the 1960s.Flys his own jet.

Barbieri, Paula

O.J. Simpson's girlfriend. She was with Simpson the night before Nicole Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman were killed. Sometimes actress whose has completed filming "The Dangerous," a soon-to-be-released R-rated movie. Testified at grand jury investigating Al Cowlings on August 25th. Sometimes visitor to County Jail to see Simpson. Later reported to have dumped Simpson.

Barens, Arthur

One of Faye Resnick's attorneys

Bateman, Rocky

Simpson's regular limousine driver for over three years. Expected to refute Allan Park's testimony that Simpson reacted strangely in the limousine.

Bauer, Maria

Former maid for O.J. and Nicole Simpson. Recalls finding Nicole crying outside the Rockingham Estate in mid 1980s. Found about 30 shattered framed family photos inside the estate.

Baur, Rolf

Nicole Brown Simpson's first cousin who was raised by the Brown family which might refer to him as Nicole's brother. Claims he did cocaine with Simpson. He was profiled on CNN on Sunday April 9th.

Bell, Kathleen

Realtor who claims she met Detective Mark Fuhrman 10 years ago. Claims he said he would stop all vehicles with white women riding with black men. CNN reported Sept 6th that Bell had signed a declaration in August stating as much.

Bender, Jack

Possible defense witness Expected to testify about how eager Simpson was to get home from an East Coast golf trip to see daughter Sydney's recital.

Berman, Rachel

13-year-old girl who attended the dance recital Simpson also attended on Sunday June 12th when he saw daughter Sydney.

Berris, Kennith

Chicago Police Department detective. Visually inspected Room 915. Saw broken drinking glass, found washcloth with red stain. Said he believed it to be blood. Berris said there was another stain on the sheets in the bedroom.

Bispo, Maria

Rosa Lopez's daughter who told CNN on February 28th that it seems like her mother and not O.J. Simpson is on trial.

Blake, Edward

DNA Expert and member of Simpson team. He was dropped from witness list March 29th to protect defense strategy. In doing so, Blake cannot be required to turn over records of his research. The prosecution tried to subpoena Blake as a witness, but Ito rejected the motion

Blasier, Bob

Simpson Team DNA Expert

Block, Sherman

Los Angeles County Sheriff whose dept. controls the jail holding O.J. Simpson.

Bloom, Richard

One of Marcia Clark's attorneys in her divorce/custody case with Gordon Clark

Bodin, Lydia

Prosecutor who will argue domestic violence stage of trial. She established DA's domestic violence unit in 1993, later expanded to the family violence division and includes child abuse cases. She's prosecuted 45 felony jury trials in her 8 years w/ DA's office. She sits on the board of the Long Beach Women's Shelter.

Bodziak, William

FBI Agent. Prosecution Witness Monday June 20: Testified Simpson's size 12 foot matches bloody shoeprints found at the crime scene. Said the prints came from an unusual Italian shoemaker Bruno Magli.

Boe, Catherine

Nicole's neighbor in 1992 and 1993. Observed O.J. and Nicole arguing in a park when Simpson believed Nicole was sleeping with another man during the 1992 months in which they were going through divorce procedures. Boe's son was a playmate of Justin Simpson. The man was later identified as "Keith." That would be Keith Zlomsowitch.

Botula, Mike

District Attorney's Spokesman

Boztepe, Sukru

Found Simpson - Goldman bodies. Nicole Simpson's neighbor

Braun, Harland

Simpson defense attorney.

Brockbank, Susan

LAPD Criminalist

Brown, Denise

Nicole Brown Simpson's sister. Called "Geraldo" show November 2nd to maintain that her sister was an abused wife to refute comments on an NBC show in which O.J. Simpson friends said he did not abuse his wife, as charged. Testified Friday February 3rd about incident in which Simpson allegedly grabbed Nicole's crotch one night in a bar in full view of friends and strangers and proclaimed, in part, "This is mine." Also recounted incident at O.J. and Nicole's residence in which allegedly enraged Simpson threw Nicole against a wall, destroyed some items from the house and threw Nicole and Denise out of the house. Testified Monday February 4th that O.J. "had a very bizarre look in his eyes" at the June 12th dance recital. Said O.J. sat in the back and stared at Nicole. Referred to him as "kind of spooky, glazed-over, kind of frightening." Tape later showed Denise and mother Juditha hugged and kissed O.J. after the event.

Brown, Dominique

Nicole Brown Simpson's sister

Brown, Juditha

Nicole Brown Simpson's mother

Brown, Louis

Nicole Brown Simpson's father. Disputed coroner's report that Nicole spoke to her mother about 11pm on June 12. Brown says the mother-daughter conversation happened closer to 10pm on the evening Nicole Brown Simpson was killed.

Brown, Sean

Denise Brown's 8-year-old son

Brown, Tanya

Nicole Brown Simpson's sister

Burris, Mark

Former limousine driver for O.J. Simpson who told CNN he and Simpson did cocaine together years ago. Profiled April 9th.

Butler, Laurie

Attorney retained by Detective Mark Fuhrman who addressed court in conjunction with dispute over audio tape in which Furhman allegedly spoke racial slurs.

Cale, Charles

O.J. Simpson neighbor. Testified March 31st: Said he did not see O.J. Simpson's Ford Bronco parked outside the estate between 9:30pm and 9:45pm as he walked his dog. Saw the Bronco next morning.

Caplan, Sara

Simpson attorney.

Castillo, Alex

Mezzaluna Restaurant employee, where Ronald Goldman worked. Reportedly can testify a police report inaccurately says Castillo gave Goldman a beeper on the night of the murders.


O.J. Simpson's dog.

Chang, Bill

Manager, Ben & Jerry's ice cream parlor less than a mile from Nicole residence. Says he sold ice cream and yogurt to a white couple with black children on the evening of June 12th. Identified Nicole Simpson. Says the white man was not victim Ronald Goldman. Story surfaced weekend of August 8th.

Chapman, Shawn

Simpson defense team attorney

Chavarria, Farron

Dismissed juror, number nine. Released on Monday, June 5th

Chiuchiolo, Frank

Claims he saw two white men running from double-killing scene. Was later identified as a felon who called phony tips to police in the John Gotti murder and Polly Klaas kidnapping cases. He later told CNN, "I'm not a nut case."

Clark, Gordon

Marcia Clark's estranged husband. They are involved in a nasty child custody proceeding involving their two sons. Contends children are neglected

Clark, Marcia

District Attorney Special Trials Unit. Prosecuted Albert Lewis and Anthony Oliver, sentenced to death for the 1989 shotgun murders of two people who were gunned down praying inside a church. Prosecuted Robert Bardo, who stalked and killed actress Rebecca Schaeffer. Joined D.A. office in 1981. Age: 40

Clarke, George

Deputy District Attorney. Added to the case November 95h. DNA expert. Based in San Diego ... outside prosecutor.

Cochran, Johnnie

Simpson defense attorney. Delivered defense opening statement and received high marks from legal observers. Fifty-six years old, born in Shreveport, Louisiana. Partner in Cochran & Lofkin since 1990. Other high profile clients: Michael Jackson, Jim Brown, Reginald Denny. Drives a Rolls-Royce with vanity plate "JC JR." Latest bombshell: Cochran's ex-wife claims in a new book that he was physically abusive during their 18-year marriage. He denies the allegations.

Colby, Carl

Former neighbor to Nicole Brown Simpson. Alerted police in April 1992 to man who was seen outside Nicole's residence. Later determined the man was Simpson and told police he did not consider O.J. a threat to anyone in the neighborhood. The husband of Catherine Boe.

Coleman, Phil

Potential defense witness. His Jan 21 letter to defense team said he had met Fuhrman at the Marine recruiting center. Said Fuhrman refused to shake his hand when introduced. Coleman is black. His name discussed in court March 14th Ito has ruled defense can call Coleman as a witness but cannot ask about refusal to shake hands since it's open to interpretation. Coleman's business partner in a dress shop was a white woman. Coleman has said Marine recruiters told him Fuhrman disapproved of white women undressing in a shop owned by a black.

Collins, Mary

Defense Witness. Interior decorator. Expected to say Simpson had color swatches, not jealous rage, on his mind before the murders. July 10th: testified that she met with Simpson and Paula Barbieri on June 6, 1994, to discuss redecorating several rooms in his house.

Conn, David

District Attorney Special Trials Unit's lead prosecutor in the murder retrial of brothers Erik and Lyle Menendez. Won 1991 conviction of four defendants charged in death of New York theatrical producer Roy Radin. Joined D.A. office in 1978, assigned to organized crime and sex crime divisions. Age: 43 Replaced in the Simpson case by Deputy District Attorney William Hodgman

Connor, Carol

Sat near Simpson at a $25,000 a plate charity dinner on June 11, 1994, the evening before the murders. July 10th: testified that she saw O.J. and Paula Barbieri at a charity dinner on June 11, 1994. She also said Simpson was charming and generous with his time that night.

Cooper, Julie Ann

Cellmark Diagnostics senior biologist

Cordoba, Max

Bailey says former black Marine Sgt. would testify Fuhrman once addressed him with a racial slur. But in an interview with NBC that aired Tuesday March 14th, Cordoba said, "No, I have not talked with F. Lee Bailey." Bailey claimed in court March 14th that they had talked. Cordoba told two newspapers and three television shows Fuhrman never seemed like a racist. Wednesday, March 16th: Cordoba reversed himself, saying he had repressed memories of Fuhrman telling him: "The only boy here is you, nigger" Also said he did recall speaking with F. Lee Bailey, which he earlier denied.

Cotton, Robin

Cellmark Diagnostics lab director May 8: Spent the day telling jurors about DNA. Heavy use of charts. Also said that degraded blood samples would not change DNA of one person into that of another. May 9: More DNA lessons, this time on PCR. She said Cellmark had a couple of problems in 1988 and 1989, incorrectly identifying blood samples, but that procedures had been changed since then. Also, Cotton presented jurors with X-rays of DNA samples from O.J. Simpson, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. May 10: Cotton said DNA in a blood drop near the bodies at the Bundy crime scene matched O.J. Simpson's DNA. She also testified DNA from a blood stain in a sock found by Simpson's bed matches DNA from Nicole Brown Simpson. May 11: She said the odds of a blood drop at the Bundy crime scene coming from someone other than O.J. Simpson are less than 1 in 170 million. She also said that the odds of a blood drop from a sock found in Simpson's bedroom coming from someone other than Nicole Brown Simpson are less than one in 6.8 billion. Cotton told defense lawyers the odds for African-Americans were based on study of 240 donors. Friday May 12: Peter Neufeld tried to cast Cotton as a scientific hired gun claiming testimony was bought for $1,200 a day. Ito stopped him from asking Cotton hypothetical questions about origin of blood smears tested by her laboratory. Monday May 15: Admitted that some DNA comparison figures for Simpson based on genetic comparison including just two other black men. Acknowledged Cellmark reached false results in 1988 and 1989 quality control tests. Said since 1989 no false results during tests.

Cowlings, Al

O.J. Simpson lifelong friend. Drove Ford Bronco on 60-mile freeway chase. Currently free on $250,000 bond. Grew up with Simpson in San Francisco. Also played college and professional football with Simpson. Gatekeeper at Nicole Brown Simpson's funeral services.

Cramer, Grant

One of several people who spoke with Kato Kaelin the week of the murders. Kaelin went to Cramer's house Monday, June 13th. Kaelin was called there by Simpson assistant Cathy Randa. Cramer did not overhear that telephone call. Cramer drove Kaelin to Simpsons estate between 6pm and 10pm -- accounts vary -- on Monday June 13 and picked him up between midnight and 1am.

Cravin, William

Simpson juror, released Monday June 5. Defense lost appeal on his dismissal.

Crawford, Karen Lee

Mezzaluna Restaurant bar manager.

Czuleger, Stephen

Superior Court Judge.

Daigneault, Taylor

Attorney for Kathleen Bell, who will reportedly testify she heard Fuhrman make racist remarks several years ago.

Darden, Christopher

Deputy District Attorney. Investigated Simpson friend Al Cowlings. Concluded insufficient evidence to prosecute. Joined Simpson prosecution at beginning of alternate juror selection. Delivered first half of prosecution's opening statement.

DeBello, John

Mezzaluna Restaurant manager.

Deedrick, Douglas

FBI Special Agent. Testified that Simpson has unique hair that is light in color. June 30th: said dozens of hairs found on a blue knit cap matched Simpson's hair, and a single strand of Simpson's hair was found on Goldman's shirt. July 5: said carpet fibers from Simpson's Bronco were consistent with fibers found on key evidence. July 6: said hair found at the crime scene could have been left by Simpson before the killings, during one of his visits. He also stated hairs taken from evidence didn't have traces of dandruff on them, but samples taken from Simpson's head later did.

Delaney, Kathleen

Attorney for the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. June 21: Showed records of Paula Barbieri checking in at 1:59 p.m. on June 12, 1994, and checking out at 1:46 p.m. June 15th. She said the reservation was guaranteed by Michael Bolton.

Dershowitz, Alan

Harvard University law professor added to the Simpson legal team the weekend before the preliminary hearing. Clients have included Mike Tyson (rape), Claus von Bulow (murder), Leona Helmsley and Jim Bakker (both income tax evasion) and Mia Farrow (vs. Woody Allen)

Dimitrius, Jo-Ellan

Jury consultant to Simpson defense team. Worked on Rodney King police beating and McMartin Pre-School child molestation cases. Has described her primary role as "jury de-selection" -- that is, keeping jurors who would be favorable to the other side off the case.

Douroux, Bernie

Tow truck driver; towed Simpson's Bronco from Rockingham on June 13. May 8: testified he towed truck to police HQ; under cross-examination, said he didn't see blood inside or outside the vehicle & that he never looked closely at it.

Dunton, John

Mystery witness who refused to testify before Cowlings grand jury, saying he feared for his life. Could be arrested. Attorney says he would prefer going to jail rather than offer his testimony. Court records show that Dunton has two felony convictions for forgery, served time in county jail and was once deemed mentally incompetent to stand trial.

Durio, Carmelita

O.J. Simpson's sister

Dutton, Donald

Spousal abuse expert. Testified Jan 12 as prosecution witness. Affiliation TBA

Douglas, Carl

Simpson attorney. Argued August 29th when court heard defense motion to open police department personnel records

Epstein, James

Jill Shively's attorney. Shively says she saw someone resembling Simpson flee from the crime scene. Sold her story.

Faerstein, Saul

Psychiatrist who visited O.J. in jail.

Faal, Edi

Arnelle Simpson's attorney. Defense attorney for Damian Williams, accused and convicted in the beating of Los Angeles truck driver Reginald Denny.

Farrell, Det. Mike

Assigned to investigate Nicole Simpson "911" case in January, 1989.

Fenjves, Pablo

Nicole Simpson neighbor. Testifed on Tuesday February 7th he heard what he described as the "plaintive wail" of a dog from the direction of Nicole's home starting at about 10:15pm on June 12th.

Ferrara, Rachel

Brian Kaelin's girlfriend of a couple months. Testified Tuesday July 5th. No significant content in her remarks. She was on the telephone twice with Kaelin -- about 10:40pm Sunday June 12 when Kaelin heard the thumps and asked if there had been an earthquake, and again about 35 minutes later after O.J. Simpson had left for the airport. March 28th: Repeated preliminary testimony. Said she no longer sees Kaelin. Has not dated him since July of last year.

Fischman, Cora

Nicole Brown Simpson friend. Daily jogging friend of Nicole. Showed up at Nicole's residence on the morning of June 13th, ready to go jogging, only to find a crime scene and a reporter mob. Yelled, "I don't know who did it!"

Fischman, Dr. Ron

Husband of Nicole friend Cora Fischman

Fleischer, Mark

One of Marcia Clark's attorneys in her divorce/custody case with Gordon Clark

Florio-Bunten, Francine

Eighth juror dismissed, on May 25th. Reportedly for writing trial book.

Ford, Willie, Jr

LAPD photographer. Videotaped Simpson estate June 13, 1994. Testified as part of discussion of prosecution videotape that was not disclosed to defense team

Forward, Susan

Nicole Simpson's therapist.

Foss, Joe

Former Marine recruiter who was at the recruiting office the day Kathleen Bell claims she met Mark Fuhrman. Foss told AP on March 16th that Kathleen Bell had been in the Marine office at the same time as Fuhrman at least once. But Foss said he never heard Fuhrman make the racial remarks Bell now alleges.

Fuhrman, Det. Mark

Los Angeles Police Department. Gave extensive testimony Tuesday July 5th about police initial investigation of Nicole Brown Simpson and O.J. Simpson residences. Indicated police decided to enter O.J. residence out of concern for Simpson's safety, not knowing early on morning of June 13th whether they were dealing with another possible homicide. Began testimony Thursday, March 9th: Testified he never met Kathleen Bell. Recounted 1985 incident at O.J. estate. Friday, March 10th: Revealed to jury a shovel, large plastic bag and dirty white towel found in Simpson Bronco. Monday, March 13th: Revealed plastic bag standard equipment for dirty tires. Described checking into "thumps" that Kato Kaelin says he heard about 10:40pm. Said he was alone at Rockingham corner for about 65 minutes, alone 15 minutes near Simpson Bronco, alone 15 minutes in the walkway where bloody glove found Tuesday, March 14th: Cleanly survived cross-exam about bloody glove found at Simpson residence, in particular, why the glove remained moist and blood was not dry seven hours after the killings. Ito ruled defense can cross-exam Fuhrman on three new allegations of racism. Wednesday March 15th: Testified he had not used the word "nigger" in the last ten years and branded anyone who says he had used the word a liar. Friday March 16th: Concluded testimony May 8: Filed a $50 million libel suit against New Yorker and Jeffrey Toobin

Fung, Dennis

Los Angeles Police criminalist meaning evidence technician. Gathered evidence at crime scenes. Testified July 7th. April 3rd: Said he assumed lead role in Simpson case. Directed Andrea Mazzola; resisted in advance defense attempts to describe her as a trainee. Described methodology and times evidence was gathered. April 4th: Bad day on the stand. Fung admitted his grand jury testimony was incorrect when it created an impression he collected key evidence. Under cross-exam Fung admitted that Andrea Mazzola collected essential evidence at Nicole Simpson's residence and O.J.'s residence. Otherwise, he described stains & smears found inside the Simpson Bronco. April 5th: Acknowledged evidence may have been contaminated when a blanket was taken from Nicole's home and placed over her body. Fung said Goldman's body was moved before he arrived and he was concerned evidence may have also been moved. Photographs were displayed showing the leather glove in different positions at the crime scene. April 11th: Questioned about dark spot seen on blanket possibly being bloody glove. Defense contends glove moved. Denied using bare hand to move envelope at crime scene, altho defense contends videotape shows envelope was moved. Fung said he saw no blood on socks he found in Simpson's bedroom. Prosecution has said socks were soaked in blood. Conceded he didn't detect blood on back gate at Nicole condo until weeks after the June 12th crime. Blood seen in July 3rd photo of back gate not apparent in June 13th photo of the same gate. Also questioned hard about discrepancies over blood evidence inside the Bronco. April 12th: Conceded blood evidence was left in plastic bags for seven hours in an evidence truck which did not have a working refrigerator. Defense trying to show blood evidence was tainted. Defense attorney Barry Scheck tried to prove Fung had lied about when and where blood evidence was collected. April 13th: Said he left Simpson blood vial in unrefrigerated bag on lab table overnight June 13th. Said it was not disturbed when he returned the next day. Ended his day by producing original of a document defense said he destroyed. April 14th: Prosecution began effort to rebuild Fung credibility. He said it's important blood vial was closed and sealed in an evidence envelope, not how it was carried to his LAPD vehicle. April 17th: Prosecutors displayed new tape showing Fung in possession of the Simpson blood sample vial about 5:17pm on Monday afternoon, June 13th, 1994 New video shows Andrea Mazzola carrying what Fung says is bag with the sample.

Forman, Judith

One of Marcia Clark's attorneys in her divorce/custody case with Gordon Clark

Garcetti, Gil

Los Angeles District Attorney. Took a very public, very high profile, very much on television approach to initial days of O.J. Simpson case after O.J. finally surrendered. Later embroiled in dispute with Los Angeles City Attorney's office over release of 911 tapes. Says he only knew about the release when he heard coverage on television/radio. Faces 1996 re-election. Badly needs a win. Took a prestige blow in Reginald Denny beating and Menendez murder cases

Garvey, Candace

Nicole Simpson's friend. The wife of former baseball star Steve Garvey. They attended June 12th, 1994 recital. She testified Monday February 6th, and said Simpson was "simmering" and seemed "spooky" at that dance recital.

Gascon, David

L.A.P.D. Commander/Spokesman. Later promoted to deputy police chief.

Gavin, Tia

Mezzaluna Restaurant employee, formerly Tia Smith before marriage. Testified Tuesday February 7th. She served the Nicole Simpson party of ten on Sunday evening, June 12th.

Genego, William

Brian "Kato" Kaelin's Attorney

Gerchas, Mary Anne

Jewelry store owner. Johnnie Cochran said in opening statements that she had seen four men wearing ski caps fleeing Nicole Simpson's neighborhood about the time of the murders. Prosecution had not been told about her until Cochran's opening statement begun January 25th. Gerchas has said the men seen fleeing were two whites and two Hispanics. Art Harris reported March 13th that defense would not call Gerchas because she had backed out on taking lie detector test.

Gerdes, John

Expert witness hired by defense attorneys to determine if there's contamination in the DNA testing procedures at the LAPD lab. Gerdes wrote there's a pattern of accumulating contamination of major proportions." Prosecutors say the report is misleading, that no DNA evidence samples were contaminated. Prosecutors filed a motion to limit Gerdes' testimony. August 2: said he believes the LAPD crime lab has a chronic contamination problems, and it is "by far" the worst lab he has ever seen. August 3: Said he had no scientific confidence in blood samples taken from Simpson's Bronco, but admitted under cross examination that two types of DNA testing, PCR and RFLP, failed to exclude Simpson as a possible source of key blood evidence. He also stood by his opinion that testing results were meaningless due to sloppy police work. Gerdes said he did not personally do any testing of the blood evidence.

Gibbons, Sandi

District Attorney's office spokeswoman

Gilbert, Sharyn

LAPD police dispatcher and 911 operator who took January 1, 1989 early morning 911 call from Nicole Simpson in which it is alleged the sound of O.J. Simpson striking Nicole is heard. Gilbert was the trial's 1st prosecution witness Jan. 31st.

Gladden, Michael

Courier. Asked for Simpson's autograph outside the airport on the night of June 12, 1994. July 12: Said he asked for and got Simpson's autograph as Simpson got out of his limo at the airport. Testified that Simpson appeared calm.

Glassman, Anthony (Michael)

Yet another Simpson attorney

Goldberg, Hank

Prosecutor, 31, has been on the case since October. At that time he argued against a defense motion seeking sanctions because of the release of a tape of a 911 call made by Nicole Simpson. The tape was released by the city attorney after a Public Records Act request. A legal strategist for the D.A.'s office, has also prosecuted 8 murder cases.

Golden, Dr. Irwin

Los Angeles Coroners Office. Deputy Medical Examiner. Testified July 8th. Joined coroners office July 1980. Has performed more than 5,000 autopsies.

Goldman, Fred

Ronald Goldman's father

Goldman, Kim

Ronald Goldman's sister. Testified on Tuesday February 7th she found a white shirt and black slacks similar to the kind her brother wore for work draped over a door in his apartment. Prosecutors said discovery indicated Goldman hurriedly changed his clothes before going to drop off the glasses.

Goldman, Lauren

Ronald Goldman's stepsister

Goldman, Patti

Ronald Goldman's stepmother. Testified Thursday March 9th. Identified grocery list found with Ronald Goldman's body

Goldman, Ronald Lyle

Deceased, age 25. Stabbed and slashed to death late Sunday evening June 12th. Body reportedly had 22 stabbing wounds according to TIME Magazine report. Worked as waiter at Mezzaluna. Part-time model and aspiring actor. Aspired to and longed for a celebrity lifestyle. Friends quote him as saying riding in Nicole Simpson's Ferrari and having people check him out was "the coolest high" he had ever had. Grew up in Chicago suburbs before family moved to Los Angeles suburbs in 1987.

Gordon, Scott

Domestic violence expert for the Los Angeles District Attorney's office. Vice chairman of the Los Angeles County Family Violence Task Force. A former police officer, he joined the District Attorney's office in 1986.

Grier, Roosevelt "Rosey"

Minister and professional football legend. Visited Simpson at Los Angeles county Jail. Subdued Sirhan Sirhan after he shot and killed Robert Kennedy in 1968. Hobby and side occupation: Needlepoint

Grimes, Milton

Attorney for ex-juror Jeanette Harris

Guarin, Josephine "Gigi"

Simpson estate housekeeper. Mentioned very rarely in the context of the case.

Guerra, Sylvia

Prosecution witness. Can reportedly refute Rosa Lopez testimony. Has been described as an illegal alien-maid.


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