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Sunday, June 12, 1994

2:30 pm

Brian "Kato" Kaelin, a friend of Nicole Simpson and resident of OJ Simpson's Brentwood estate guest house, has a conversation with OJ Simpson. The former football great tells Kaelin he and Nicole aren't "together anymore."

6:00 pm

OJ and Nicole leave daughter Sydney's dance recital and the Paul Revere Junior High School. They attended separately. Back home OJ tells Kaelin that Nicole and a friend were wearing "tight" outfits.

6:30 pm

Nicole and nine others, excluding OJ Simpson, eat dinner at Mezzaluna in Brentwood, a few blocks from Nicole's condominium. Her friend, waiter Ron Goldman, is working, but he doesn't wait on their table.

6:30 - 7:00 pm

Just after the end of the NBA playoff game between the Houston Rockets and the New York Knicks, Kaelin sees and talks to Simpson at the estate.

8:30 pm

Kaelin gets out of the Jacuzzi and goes to his room to make a phone call.

8:30 pm

Nicole leaves Mezzaluna.

9:10 pm

OJ and Kaelin go to McDonalds in Simpson's Rolls Royce.

9:22 - 9:25 pm

Kaelin and Simpson arrive at McDonald's and enter the drive-through lane.

9:30 pm

Woman who dined with Ms. Simpson calls Mezzaluna about lost prescription glasses, which are then put in an envelope.

9:35 pm

Nicole calls Mezzaluna because she's lost her prescription sunglasses. She talks to her friend, waiter Ron Goldman, who agrees to bring them over.

9:40 - 9:45 pm

Simpson & Kaelin return home from MacDonald's with food. Kaelin says OJ appears "tired." Kaelin says they each go into their separate parts of the house. Kato eats his food and calls Rachel Ferrara.

9:50 pm

Ron Goldman leaves Mezzaluna to return Nicole's sunglasses.

10:15 pm

Nicole's neighbor hears what he calls "a dog's plaintive wail."

10:25 pm

Allan Park arrives early at Rockingham Ave. gate at OJ Simpson estate. He decides to wait before ringing bell.

10:40 - 10:50 pm

Park buzzes intercom at Ashford St. entrance. No one answers.

10:40 pm

While on the phone in the guest house, Kaelin hears three thumping sounds outside. He mentions this while talking on the phone.

10:41 - 10:45pm

Kaelin goes outside to investigate the noise. He sees the limousine outside the gate, continues around front of house to check on noise.

10:50 pm

Park stops buzzing the house and pages his boss. He then calls his mother, and lastly, calls his boss' house.

10:55 pm

Park's boss returns his page and tells him to keep waiting at the house.

10:55 pm

Nicole's neighbor finds Nicole's Akita dog unattended, with bloody paws. Another neighbor takes it home, but it remains agitated.

10:56 - 10:57 pm

Park sees a white male (Kaelin) carrying a flashlight. Almost simultaneously, he sees a 6-ft. tall, 200-lb. black person wearing dark clothes cross the driveway and enter the house. Park is unsure of the person's sex and identity. Kaelin approaches Park, asks if OJ has overslept. Still concerned about the noises he also ask if Park has felt an earthquake. About 15-20 sec's. later, Park buzzes the house with the intercom again. The intercom is answered by someone who tells him that he will be coming out shortly.

11:01 pm

The lights come on in the house. Simpson comes out of his house.

11:00 - 11:15 pm

Simpson helps load 5 bags into limo; Kaelin helps load bags.

11:15 pm

The limo & Simpson exit Rockingham for LAX, where they arrive at 11:35.

11:45 pm

Simpson flies from Los Angeles to Chicago.

MONDAY, JUNE 13, 1994


Nicole's dog leads the neighbors to the murder scene. One of them describes seeing blood flowing like "a river."


OJ Simpson checks in to the O'Hare Plaza Hotel.


Police go to OJ Simpson's estate, they say, to notify him of the murders. They find a blood stain on Simpson's Ford Bronco, and more blood leading toward the house. They also find a bloody glove that seems to match one found at the murder scene.

5:00 am

Dets. Mark Fuhrman & Phillip Vannatter arrive at OJ's residence There's a light on upstairs; several vehicles in the driveway. (This suggests to them that people are inside).

5:15 - 5:30 am

Fuhrman & Vannatter examine apparent bloodstain on Simpson's Bronco door & droplets of blood leading away from the location.

5:30 - 5:35 am

Arnelle Simpson awakened by police in OJ Simpson's guesthouse.

5:40 am

6:00 am

6:30 am

Simpson checks out of the hotel.

7:10 am

Dennis Fung, LAPD criminologist, arrives at Simpson's residence; sets up yellow tape lines; puts papercups over the blood spots.

7:30 am

Police secure Simpson's home.

7:41 am

Simpson flies back to Los Angeles.

10:45 am

A judge issues a search warrant for the Simpson estate.

11:08 am

Simpson arrives home; police handcuff him.

11:30 am

Howard Weitzman arrives; has police remove the handcuffs.


Simpson is escorted to Parker Center (LAPD Headquarters) for 3-1/2 hours of questioning. Simpson leaves the police station at 4:15.


Police seize clothes & other belongings from Simpson's home; they begin blood tests; the coroner's office releases an initial report; Simpson slips away to spend the night with his children.

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