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Simpson wants seized items returned;
Ito grants first post-trial interview

October 24, 1995
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LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- O.J. Simpson, or at least his attorneys, will be back in court next week. Now that he's been acquitted of murdering ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman, Simpson wants authorities to return personal property taken from his home and his Ford Bronco during the investigation. Judge Lance Ito scheduled an October 31 hearing on the request. Authorities called such a request standard practice when a defendant is acquitted. Simpson's passport and pro football Hall of Fame ring have been returned but prosecutors have refused to give back other property, according to legal papers filed Monday.

O.J. list Among items cited in Simpson's request are Reebok athletic shoes; golf shoes; a handgun; a cellular telephone; ammunition; a "Frogmen" videotape; a plastic bag containing a fake goatee, fake mustache and make-up remover; a garage door opener; cassettes called "Too Funky" and "Frank Sinatra Duets"; a duffel bag containing $3.93 in coins, a $5,000 check, two watches, cuff links and eight ballpoint pens; Calvin Klein underwear; and an Armani glasses case.

He also asked for credit or membership cards, including Chevron, Sears, AT&T, GTE, the Automobile Club of Southern California, Hertz, Price Club, United Red Carpet Club, USAir Club, Delta Crown Room, Admirals Club, American Airlines Advantage Gold, Northwest World Clubs, West Hills Country Club, Blockbuster and a VIP card for the Hooters restaurant chain.

Ito In Ito's first interview since the Simpson murder trial ended, he said having cameras in the courtroom for the Simpson trial gave the American public an opportunity to see how the justice system works. Not having information filtered through a reporter allowed people to make up their own minds on whether the not guilty verdict was a just one, he said.

Gomer The videotaped interview was with Gayle Gomer, a journalism student at Cal State Northridge and a former CNN intern. (180K AIFF sound or 180K WAV sound). Ito agreed to be questioned about cameras in the courtroom but only if the interview was limited to three questions and not distributed to the commercial media. The interview was shown Monday night on a student produced program called "Valley View News," which airs on a local access cable channel.

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