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Simpson agrees to prime time TV interview

October 9, 1995
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LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- NBC News said Monday that O.J. Simpson has agreed to a prime time interview with anchors Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric. The interview will be part of a three-hour Dateline NBC special on Wednesday.

NBC said Simpson will receive "no payment or any other consideration" in return for the interview, which will not be interrupted by commercials. Simpson agreed to the NBC interview after several pay-TV distributors balked at a pay- per-view interview.

"He agreed there will be no ground rules and that Tom and Katie may ask him questions on anything they wish," said NBC News President Andrew Lack.

Simpson was under contract as a football announcer for NBC when he was arrested on charges of killing his ex-wife, Nicole, and her friend Ronald Goldman in June 1994. He was acquitted of those charges last week following a trial that lasted nearly nine months.


NBC officials said Simpson is no longer an employee of NBC and will not be rehired.

Simpson attorney Carl Douglas said that his previous employment at the network and friendship with some NBC executives played a part in Simpson's decision to do the interview.

"O.J.'s decision to speak to NBC was based on a combination of factors," Douglas said. "He has appreciated the network's fairness and objectivity. Since NBC was his most recent employer, he also feels some sense of obligation, in particular to some executives who've shown support for him in his darkest times."

The interview will be broadcast from NBC Studios in Burbank as part of a three-hour special that starts at 8 p.m. EDT. John Bianchi, a spokesman for NBC News, said the interview will run for 50 to 70 minutes but the exact time in the broadcast has not yet been set.

The interview announcement comes amid a spate of rumors about the former football star. On Sunday, the same Dominican Republic newspaper that broke the Lisa Marie Presley-Michael Jackson marriage story reported that Simpson and girlfriend Paula Barbieri were on their way to the island to marry. But Simpson's lead attorney, Johnnie Cochran, denied that story.

"He's at home now, I think, and he's planning the rest of his life," Cochran said.

Cochran also denied rumors that he and Simpson planned to attend the Nation of Islam's Million Man March in Washington next week.

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