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Clark signs for possible book, movie deals

October 6, 1995
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LONG BEACH, California (CNN) -- Marcia Clark, lead prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson murder trial, has signed with the William Morris Agency "to guide her post-trial activities." Some of those activities could include a book and movie deal.

The deal was first reported by Daily Variety, and confirmed later by her boss, Los Angeles District Attorney Gil Garcetti. "I am at a crossroads in my life and I've made no decision about my future," Clark told Variety. "Time is our friend and will allow us to take advantage of the unique opportunity this case has offered to us to reflect, to mend and ultimately to shore up the strength of our institutions and to address their weaknesses in a constructive and positive way."

According to Variety, a team of literary, motion picture, and television agents at William Morris will guide Clark now that the trial is over.

Norman Brokaw, chairman and chief executive officer of the agency, told Variety a book project is first on Clark's agenda.

"I am honored to be representing one of this country's most significant legal talents," Brokaw said. "In the past eight months, Marcia Clark has not only demonstrated her immense skill to a worldwide audience, but truly and fairly won our hearts with her dignity, tenacity and style."

Garcetti said that he supported Clark's decision, and noted the Simpson case was bound to have an impact on Clark's life. "You have to remember that here we have a government employee, someone that's been in the office for 14 years, has been living her life has a government employee. All of a sudden this case descends upon her," Garcetti said.

Garcetti said Clark would undoubtedly need some professional guidance in the trial's aftermath. "I don't think anyone appreciated the impact this is going to have on her life or anyone else's life," he said.

He noted that many district attorneys, police and others involved with the criminal justice system have published accounts of their experiences.

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