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Hear victims' 'plea for justice,' Clark says

September 29, 1995
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LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- The trial of O.J. Simpson ended Friday where it began, with a 911 tape.

Delivering on her promise earlier in the week to end on a passionate note, prosecutor Marcia Clark played the 911 tapes of Nicole Brown Simpson pleading with an operator to send help as Simpson is heard yelling in the background. (510K AIFF sound or 510K WAV sound)

Speaking in soothing, lyrical tone as she drew her remarks to a close, Clark said, "I think it's been hard for all of us to be here and to listen to all the evidence in this case, evidence that proves Mr. Simpson is guilty because none of us wanted to believe it."

At times, Clarks statement sounded like an eulogy. "It's really kind of hard to believe the man we saw in the movies and the commercials did this, but he did. And the fact that he did doesn't mean he wasn't a great football player. It doesn't mean he never did a good thing in his life. Nothing takes that away. It's still here. It'll always be here, but so will the fact that he committed these murders."

Clark said that Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson were speaking to the jurors through the evidence they left behind.

O.J. Simpson

"And they both are telling you who did it with their hair, their clothes, their body, their blood. They're telling you he did it. He did it. Mr. Simpson, Orenthal Simpson, he did it. They told you in the only way they can. Will you hear them? Or will you ignore their plea for justice?" (281K AIFF sound or 281K WAV sound)

Clark then played for the jurors a video which she described as a compilation of the 1989 and 1993 911 calls, photographs from the 1989 beating and photographs from Nicole Simpson's safety deposit box and photographs from Simpson's Rockingham residence and the Bundy crime scene. Clark then turned over the case to the jury. (213K AIFF sound or 213K WAV sound) (2,720K QuickTime movie)

The final moments of Clark's closing arguments had the courtroom captivated. There was dead silence during the playing of the 911 tapes while photographs were displayed on an overhead screen. The silence was interrupted by Fred Goldman bursting into tears at the sight of a crime scene photograph of his son. The Brown family sat quietly crying. Sisters Denise and Tanya Brown covered their ears during the playing of the tape.

Several reporters observed one of the female jurors smiling immediately after the tape finished.

The jurors listened stone-faced to their final instructions before retiring to the jury room to chose a foreman.

After the court session ended, Nicole Simpson's mother, Juditha Brown, went to O.J. Simpson's mother, Eunice Simpson, and gave her a kiss. Arnelle Simpson and one of the Brown sisters also kissed.

The jury is expected to begin deliberations Monday. They will deliberate six days a week with an hour for lunch until they return a unanimous verdict or determine they are unable to reach a verdict.

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