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Prosecutors try to prove Simpson acted alone

September 15, 1995
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From correspondents Jennifer Auther, Art Harris and Jim Hill

[Deedrick] LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- Prosecutors spent most of Thursday trying to shore up their theory that O.J. Simpson alone murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

FBI Special Agent William Bodziak was one of two agents prosecutors called to counter testimony of Dr. Henry Lee, who said imprints found on an envelope at the crime scene could have come from a different type of shoes than the ones prosecutors believe the killer wore.

Bodziak, a shoeprint examiner for the FBI, told jurors the tiny horizontal lines on the envelope are not consistent with a shoeprint.

[Envelope] FBI special agent Doug Deedrick said he had conducted tests that suggested the imprint on the back of the envelope and paper could have been caused by Goldman's jeans.

But the real legal maneuvering Thursday went on outside the courtroom.

The defense, which has not yet rested its case, said it intends to bring FBI special agent Frederic Whitehurst to the stand. Whitehurst claims employees in the FBI's Washington crime lab have tampered with evidence in other cases.

[Whitehurst] "What I'm talking about is a small group of people who've become loose cannons in the FBI lab," Whitehurst said Thursday on CNN's "Larry King Live."

The FBI says it has examined 250 cases handled by its Washington lab and found no problems. But Attorney General Janet Reno is calling for a full report. "I first heard about this in August from the Inspector General and I asked him to make sure it was pursued," Reno said. (98k AIFF sound)

The defense hopes Whitehurst will cast doubt on the earlier testimony of FBI special agent Roger Martz, who told the jury he found no preservative in blood stains found on Simpson's socks and on a gate at the Bundy crime scene. The presence of a preservative would bolster the defense theory that Simpson was framed.

Defense attorney Johnnie Cochran says Whitehurst will be in Los Angeles by the weekend to be interviewed by both sides. Judge Lance Ito signed an order Thursday certifying the "materiality and necessity" of Whitehurst.

The order, which is standard when one of the parties in the trial requires a witness from out-of-state, requests Whitehurst's appearance at the Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday at 9 a.m.

A hearing to determine the admissibility of Whitehurst's testimony would be necessary before he could take the stand.

"Although he can talk generally about problems within the FBI lab, he can't talk specifically about problems in this case," said CNN legal expert Roger Cossack, "and that's going to be a very, very difficult problem for the defense to overcome."

Prosecutors expect to wrap up their rebuttal case by Monday, although they have reserved the right to call more witnesses after the defense rests its case.

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