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More of Fuhrman's interview released

August 20, 1995

LOS ANGELES (CNN)--Excerpts from one of former LAPD Det. Mark Fuhrman's taped interviews with screenwriter Laura Hart McKinny show the detective talking tough about how he can kill people and how female police officers can't.

The quotes appear in the Aug. 28, 1995 issue of TIME.

In an April 23, 1985 meeting with McKinny and her friend Martha Lorrie Diaz, Fuhrman reportedly suggested that female police officers don't do their jobs because of fear. "They don't go out and initiate a contact with some six-foot, five- inch nigger that's been in prison for seven years pumping weights," Fuhrman is quoted saying. "You know why?" he asked. "Because, she knows she's going to die."

In another part of the conversation, Fuhrman talked with Diaz about his belief that male officers are more willing to use violence than female officers. "And if they pull a gun on you?" Diaz asked.

"I'd kill 'em," Fuhrman answered.

"If they've already pulled a gun on you, how are you going to kill 'em?" she asked.

"If they pull a gun on me, I'm going to kill 'em. Kill anybody that---," he said.

"What if they got you first?" Diaz responded.

"They won't," Fuhrman insisted.

After Diaz suggested she would have enough nerve to kill, Fuhrman said he didn't believe her.

"You sound like a nigger," he said.

"Until you've done something, you can't talk about it," Fuhrman told Diaz. "I've been to Vietnam. I've killed people."

In the same session, the transcript quotes Fuhrman saying no Los Angeles policeman would ever take a job on the San Francisco police force because "it's decadent."

"The people... need to have their ass kicked... People have no pride," Fuhrman said. "They have long hair, even beards at one point. They have no pride. They have nothing."

"They have homosexual officers," he continued. "I mean, it's disgusting."

Fuhrman said he would not even drive through San Francisco.


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