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Atlanta, U.S. attorneys join forces to get tough on criminals with guns

July 8, 1999
Web posted at: 7:41 PM EDT (2341 GMT)

ATLANTA (CNN) -- City officials unveiled the FACE 5 program Thursday in an effort to stop gun violence by putting gun offenders into the federal court system for tougher sentences without parole.

Boston and Richmond, Virginia, have already implemented similar programs that have drastically reduced the murder and crime rates in those cities.

Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell said Face 5 -- an acronym for "illegal Firearms in Atlanta Can Equal 5 years in federal prison" -- is simple but effective.

"Well, if you are a convicted felon, you're stopped at a routine traffic stop and you've got a gun, we're going to refer that case to the U.S. attorney. We hope you do five years. Just that simple," said Campbell.

Richard Deane, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, said the program works in two ways.

"The point is the reduction of gun violence ... by prosecuting and incarcerating the repeat violent offenders, or that same person choosing not to carry the firearm."

The program aims at streamlining the process of getting illegal guns off the streets and quickly identifying potential federal firearms cases involving:

  • convicted felons (state or federal)

  • fugitives fleeing from another state

  • those under felony indictment

  • carrying while possessing illegal drugs, being a drug user or an addict,

  • being under a domestic violence restraining order, convicted of certain domestic violence charges

  • an illegal alien

  • being judged a mental incompetent by a court

  • being dishonorably discharged

  • an obliterated gun serial number

  • knowingly possessing a stolen gun

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