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Bombs found in Oregon shooting suspect's home

suspect's house
The Kinkel house  

Second student dies

May 22, 1998
Web posted at: 2:50 p.m. EDT (1850 GMT)

In this story:

SPRINGFIELD, Oregon (CNN) -- A second student has died from wounds suffered in a shooting spree at an Oregon high school and authorities said on Friday that an ongoing search of the 15-year-old suspect's house led to the discovery of two homemade bombs and other explosives.

Kipland P. Kinkel, a freshman at Thurston High School, was due in court later in the day to face murder charges as an adult after shootings in two locations on Thursday that left a total of four people dead.

The bodies of a man and a woman found in the Kinkel's house are believed to be the boy's parents. The bodies were still in the house on Friday.

A positive identification was being slowed by the discovery of explosives in the house.

Kip's sister Kristin, a 21-year-old student in Hawaii, had been notified of the shooting and was returning home, officials said.

Walker and Nicklauson
Walker and Nickolauson, victims of the shooting   

Organs of dead student donated

"Sadly I have to report to you that we must now list Ben Walker, age 16, as a fatality," Roy Orr, spokesman for McKenzie-Willamette Hospital, told a news conference. The boy's family approved donations of his organs and Walker was being kept on life support until that process was completed, Orr said. (icon 459K/40 sec. AIFF or WAV sound)

Another student, Mikael Nickolauson, 17, died at the scene.

Of the 22 other students wounded in the attack, many were in improved condition on Friday but some remained in critical condition, hospital officials said. A few others were released after hospital treatment.

Students sign posters
Students sign posters outside the school   

Explosives found

Lane County Sheriff Jan Clements said two homemade bombs with electronic timing devices were found in the Kinkel house overnight and that one, with 1 pound of explosives, had been disarmed.

The other larger bomb, capable of causing considerable damage, was placed in a special bomb basket and would be removed later on Friday, Clements said.

It was not clear when, or if, the bombs had been set to go off.

Bomb squads sawed their way into the side of the house as they went to retrieve the devices.

Also found in the house were two 155-mm howitzer shell casings, a hand grenade, fireworks and various chemicals that could be used to make explosives. Detailed bomb-making instructions also were found inside.

"The bodies are still inside the house," Clements said, adding that he wants to make sure it's safe before investigators go inside.

The home, just north of Springfield, was sealed off, and residents for miles around were evacuated while bomb squads searched the area for possible booby traps.

51 shots fired at school

Police said that on Thursday morning Kinkel parked a few blocks away from the high school and walked inside the high school's cafeteria armed with a .22-caliber rifle, a .22-caliber handgun and a 9-mm Glock handgun.

The rifle was his own and the two guns belonged to his father, authorities said.

Kinkel opened fire, shooting a total of 51 rounds -- nearly all from the rifle -- before several students tackled and subdued him, Springfield Police Chief Bill DeForrest said. (icon 357K/28 sec. AIFF or WAV sound)

DeForrest said Kinkel carried additional ammunition in a backpack.

Thurston High's 1,350 students were off on Friday for the long Memorial Day weekend, but dozens of counselors were available at all schools in the district should students want to talk or grieve, said Springfield School Superintendent Jamon Kent.


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