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Car seat protects roaming pets

seat March 3, 1998
Web posted at: 12:43 p.m. EST (1743 GMT)

SACRAMENTO, California (CNN) -- Tired of your cat or dog running wild around the car while you're trying to drive? A California couple may have a solution.

Myrt and Albert Edwards' lovable pooch, Elmo, was such a pest on family outings that he sparked a promising -- and profitable -- idea for his owners.

Their solution? The Comfort Ride, a pet seat for small dogs or cats that fits easily in the front or back seat of many cars.

Offering a veritable royal ride for your pet, the seat has fur-lined padding for comfort and safety straps for those sudden stops.

"I'd never take another trip with the dog riding on my lap," Myrt Edwards explains.

CNN affiliate reporter Greg Larsen, of KCRA, shows a seat in use
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"Now the dog sits in his seat and never bothers anybody," her husband adds. "He stays right there. He likes it."

The seats are now going on sale nationwide for about $50 each.

Myrt Edwards says the invention not only is convenient, but protects the pet.

"A dog riding loose in a car is just like a child riding without a seat belt," she warns.


But pet owners beware: Your dog or cat must be wearing a harness to be safely attached to the Comfort Ride. A neck collar alone could be a peril for your pooch.

"It would just throw the dog ahead and choke him," Myrt Edwards explains.

Veterinarian Erin True likes the Edwards' invention.

Although standard dog harnesses can be attached to seat belts, True prefers that a pet be strapped in.

"Anything that restrains a dog more securely into his seat is always a good idea," the doctor says.

KCRA-TV Reporter Greg Larsen contributed to this report.

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