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Millionaire on quest to find his kids

Genevieve Marie and Sara Lynn
Genevieve Marie, left, and Sara Lynn

Offers $2 million reward for information

December 24, 1997
Web posted at: 10:36 p.m. EST (0336 GMT)

PHILADELPHIA (CNN) -- A Philadelphia millionaire has launched a massive worldwide hunt for his missing children, complete with a $2 million reward.

Bipin Shah's ex-wife, Ellen Dever, who had joint custody of their children -- disappeared in June with 8-year-old Sara Lynn and 6-year-old Genevieve Marie. Despite spending $600,000 on an army of private investigators, Shah has so far been unable to locate Dever and the kids.

He says not knowing where his children are will make this a sad and lonely holiday season.

"There's no Christmas tree here," Shah said. "There's not Christmas shopping this year because, without the girls, there is no Christmas."

Dever has been declared a fugitive, and the FBI has joined the hunt.

But Faye Yager, a Georgian who helps shelter women to escape domestic violence, says Dever asked her for help and claimed Shah was abusive.

Yager is known for helping women hide from men they claim abused them or their children. Her activities have drawn scrutiny from law enforcement officials, and she was once acquitted of a charge of kidnapping.

Ellen Dever

Yager says Dever contacted her for help. "When I get this phone call, this poor woman is desperate," Yager said. "She's scared to death that she's not only going to get killed but she's going to lose custody of her children."

To bolster Dever's claims, Yager produced a copy of Dever's diary, which provide claims of violent behavior by Shah.

But Shah steadfastly denies that he ever abused his wife.

"I never did it, " he says. "Every complaint that went to the court was dismissed." Shah believes Dever began raising allegations of abuse after he turned down her requests for money.

Shah, a former banker, is a self-made millionaire who sold his business for about $200 million. He says he is willing to use all of his considerable resources to track down Dever and his children.

"I'll spend every dime I have until I find my children," Shaw said.

Correspondent Norma Quarles contributed to this report.

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