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Gargantuan gourd weighs in at more than 700 pounds

Big pumpkin
October 9, 1997
Web posted at: 10:44 p.m. EDT (0244 GMT)

SMITHFIELD, Rhode Island (CNN) -- It would make quite an impressive Halloween jack-o'-lantern -- but you might have a hard time getting it onto the porch.

A Rhode Island-grown pumpkin tips the scale at 733 pounds and is more than 7 feet high.

Farmer John Casttellucci thinks this gigantic gourd is the biggest pumpkin around, so he's entering it in the state's giant pumpkin championship this weekend.

It's estimated that a pumpkin this size could make 5,000 pies.

And Linus would say it's enough to restore Charlie Brown's faith in the Great Pumpkin.


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