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CNN's coverage of the anniversary of this historic event in Little Rock, AR

Little Rock

Clinton honors 'Little Rock Nine'

Forty years ago armed paratroopers escorted nine black students past an angry crowd into Central High School. Today President Bill Clinton opened the school's front doors for the Little Rock Nine again and honored them for the sacrifices they made toward racial progress in America.

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Little Rock

U.S. race relations: Then, now and beyond

In 1957, when it took federal troops to integrate Little Rock High School, an 11-year-old boy named Bill Clinton was attending an all-white public school 50 miles away in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Times have changed and race relations in the United States have changed. But they've also become more complicated.

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Little Rock

1957 + 40: In their own words

Forty years after the integration of Little Rock High School they remember it clearly. Elizabeth Eckford, Ernest Green and Melba Patillo Beals were teen-agers then -- part of the "Little Rock Nine," a group of black students who needed an armed escort from federal troops to enroll in classes.

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Little Rock

Little Rock Picture Gallery

Telling black and white images from the Little Rock events forty years ago.

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Additional Multimedia:

    Ernest Green spoke on behalf of all the members of the Little Rock Nine.
  • Green on the racial divide in America (320K wav)
  • Green looks to Frederick Douglass for inspiration (192K wav)
  • Green: The families of the nine students were heroes also (320K wav)

    Hillary Clinton says it took her years to realize how the events in Little Rock affected her life

  • The Little Rock Nine becomes the Little Rock Ten Million (416K wav)

    video icon  Little Rock's Central High School Integration
    672K/32 sec. QuickTime slideshow

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