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Who makes what at UPS?

And how does that compare?

(CNN) -- Although higher wages were not the primary focus of the Teamsters-UPS strike, the agreement Teamsters leaders are likely to send to their members does provide a wage increase for Teamster-represented UPS employees.

Wondering what their salaries are, and how they compare with those in other industries? We found out for you.

UPS agreement:

  • Full-time employees currently making $19.95 per hour will get a 15 percent wage increase over five years -- increasing $3.10 per hour total, to $23.05 per hour.
  • Part-time employees currently earning $11 per hour will get a 37 percent wage increase over five years -- increasing $4.10 per hour total, to $15.10 per hour.

These salaries are in 1997 dollars, and were not adjusted for inflation.

What do employees in other full-time jobs earn?

High school teacher: $18.17 per hour
Nurses: $18.53 per hour
College music professor: $19.63 per hour
Architect: $21.05 per hour
Computer systems analyst: $22.46 per hour
Electrical engineer: $24.33 per hour
Physicist: $27.81 per hour
Physician: $31.68 per hour
Airplane pilots: $36.14 per hour

What do employees in other part-time jobs earn?

Bartender: $8.57 per hour
Taxicab driver: $9.84 per hour
Garbage collector: $10.14 per hour
Nursery school teacher: $10.58 per hour
Truck driver: $12.62 per hour
Car salesman: $12.85 per hour
Plumber: $15.15 per hour
Railroad conductor: $15.31 per hour
Librarian: $15.93
Police officer: $16.31 per hour

(Salaries from Bureau of National Affairs 1996 Employee Survey)

What do UPS competitors earn?

U.S. Postal Service: $15.25 per hour (in 1996 dollars) 8 percent of USPS workers are part-time.

RPS: Contract full-time workers -- $25,000 to $50,000 per year Part-time workers -- $6 to $10.50 per hour

Emery Worldwide: Part-time workers -- $11.25 per hour, on average

Federal Express would not reveal its hourly amount

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