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McVeigh jurors proud of decisions

Tonya Steadman

June 13, 1997
Web posted at: 9:52 p.m. EDT (0152 GMT)

DENVER (CNN) -- Two of the 12 jurors who determined Timothy McVeigh's fate defended their decisions, but declined to talk about deliberations after the trial's conclusion Friday.

"I felt there was honesty amongst myself and the other jurors with respect to what our decision was, and we conveyed that to him [McVeigh] the best that we could," said Tonya Steadman, standing outside her house.

"And I feel that he ... I can't say how he feels. I felt that he respected our decision," she added.

Steadman wouldn't discuss the difficulty of the juror deliberations, but said she was proud to have had the chance to serve, and was proud of her fellow jurors and herself.

She also said she liked U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch, calling him an "exceptional person."

The experience, however, has left her exhausted. "I need time to relax," Steadman explained before going into her house.

'I'm glad it's complete

David Gilger

Juror David Gilger also declined to answer questions about the deliberations.

"I'm glad that I was on that team. It was a good jury. Obviously, our decision is final," Gilger told reporters outside his home.

"I'm glad it's complete. I think there's a sense of closure for everyone."

The jury of seven men and five women decided Friday that McVeigh should die by lethal injection for the April 19, 1995, bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building that killed 168 people.

The same jurors determined June 2 that he was guilty of murder and conspiracy in the deaths of eight federal workers killed by the blast.

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