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Charges against McVeigh

June 2, 1997
Web posted at: 5:51 p.m. EDT (2151 GMT)

DENVER (CNN) -- The following are the charges against Oklahoma City bombing suspect Timothy McVeigh:

Because the jurors found McVeigh guilty of one or more of the crimes charged in the first three counts, then they had to answer this question:

  • "Do you find that the government proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the crime or crimes committed by the defendant, Timothy James McVeigh, as found above resulted in the death of one or more of the persons named in the indictment?"

  • YES

Because their answer to that question is yes, jurors had to answer this question:

  • "Was the death of such person or persons a foreseeable result of the defendant's criminal conduct?"

  • YES

OKC Trial Special Section

T R A N S C R I P T S  /   O V E R V I E W  /   T H E   P L A Y E R S
T H E   B O M B I N G  /   C N N   S T O R I E S   /   L I N K S


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