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Exhibitionists give new meaning to 'thrill' ride

thrill ride

May 31, 1997
Web posted at: 5:02 p.m. EDT (1702 GMT)

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- The pictures tell it all. Thrill-ride revelers zoom down Disneyland's Splash Mountain, their arms outstretched, their mouths hanging open. But for some lusty swashbucklers, outstretched arms and gaping mouths just aren't enough.

More and more, women bare their breasts on the ride -- often aided by their male counterparts who, in the pictures, seem to get the greatest thrill of all.

And the trend is flashing on, popping up in other amusement parks and over the Internet.

One Web site, dubiously dubbed "Flash Mountain," features more than a dozen of the topless photographs, urges users to rank the best photo and includes related links about the flashing phenomenon.

But the animated officials of the Magic Kingdom aren't laughing. They believe an employee circulated the Flash Mountain photos over the Web. An internal investigation turned up nothing last year.

Since then, the park has tightened security procedures, added more staff and vowed to stop the pranksters circulating the pictures. Walt Disney Co. owns the rights to the images.


The pictures were captured by a special park camera mounted inside the log ride that snaps souvenir photographs of each group that passes by. The non-spicy photographs are sold for about $10 in the park.

The juicy photographs typically are intercepted and destroyed by Disneyland employees, who edit the digital pictures before guests see them, said Cliff David, president of Freeze Frame.

But somehow Flash Mountain keeps making a splash.

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