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Police in Ramsey case seek missing pages from hospital book

Ramsey parents

May 10, 1997
Web posted at: 11:20 p.m. EDT

BOULDER, Colorado (CNN) -- Police are investigating the theft of two pages from a hospital log-in book recording the arrival of JonBenet Ramsey's body at the Boulder County morgue.

"They asked us all of these types of questions on who had access to it," Joyce Thomson, vice president of Boulder Community Hospital, told CNN Saturday.

The book lists the name and age of the deceased along with the date and time the body arrived at the morgue. Thomson said only authorized hospital personnel and morgue staff have access to the book. Others, like morticians, may see it only in the presence of hospital security personnel.

Meanwhile, JonBenet's parents, John and Patricia Ramsey, have taken out a newspaper ad hinting that their daughter's killer may have attempted to prey on other children in the area.

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