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List of the deceased Heaven's Gate members

March 28, 1997
Web posted at: 8:15 p.m. EST

(CNN) -- Of the 39 people who died in the mass suicide, 30 had been identified by Friday afternoon. Here is a list of those whose families have been notified; each name is followed by the state of the person's driver's license:

Dana Tracey Abreo
, 35, (female) Colorado
Marshall Herf Applewhite
, 66, no license
Robert John Arancio, 46, Texas
Raymond Alan Bowers, 45, Florida
Ladonna Ann Brugato
, 40, Colorado
Margaret June Bull
, 53, New Mexico
Cheryl Elaine Butcher, 43, Texas
Michael Howard Carrier, 48, Texas
Suzanne Sylvia Cooke, 54, Minnesota
John M. Craig (aka Logan Lahson), 63, New Mexico
Betty Eldrie Deal, 64, Texas
Erika Ernst
, 40, California
Darwin Lee Johnson, 42, Utah
Jacqueline Opal Leonard
, 72, Colorado
Jeffrey Howard Lewis, 41, Texas  
Gail Renee Maeder
, 28, Utah
Joel Peter McCormick, 29, Utah
Yvonne McCurdy-Hill
, 39, Ohio
David Geoffery Moore
, 41, California
Nancy Dianne Nelson
, 45, Arizona
Norma Jeane Nelson, 59, Texas
Thomas Alva Nichols
, 59, Arizona
Susan Elizabeth Nora Paup, 54, New Mexico
Margaret Ella Richter
, 46, California
Brian Alan Schaaf, 40, New Mexico
Joyce Angela Skalla, 58, New Mexico
Gary Jordan St. Louis
, 44, New Mexico
Susan Frances Strom
, 44, Texas
Denise June Thurman, 44, Texas
David Cabot Van Sinderen, 48, California
Those whose names have not been released:
Male, 44, Minnesota license, born in Michigan, passport issued Los
Male, 47, Lake Forest, California
Female, 50, Dallas and Albuquerque, New Mexico, liceneses. 
Female, 45, Las Cruces, New Mexico, born in Massachusetts, passport
issued in Los Angeles.
Male, 41, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Female, 41, state license unknown, born in Texas, passport
issued in Seattle.
Female, 63, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Male, 26, Boulder, Colo.; born in Virginia, passport issued in
Washington, D.C.
Male, 50, Arizona license, born in New York, passport issued in
Los Angeles. 
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