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Group designed Web sites, worked as contract programmers

March 27, 1997
Web posted at: 8:26 a.m. EST (1326 GMT)

RANCHO SANTA FE, California (CNN) -- The group linked to Wednesday's apparent mass suicide in California operated a business-oriented Web site that made no mention of religious issues.

web site

By Internet standards, the Higher Source's Web site was a well-maintained site that featured backgrounds of stars and links to other Web sites. It also offered programming, systems analysis and computer security services.

"We try to stay positive in every circumstance and put the good of a project above any personal concerns or artistic egos."

-- From the Higher Source Web site

San Diego Polo Club General Manager Tom Goodspeed told CNN members of the group provided his club with a Web site that has been posted since last spring.

"They really knew their business as far as computers," Goodspeed said.

polo club

He said he met 10 Higher Source members over the course of eight months.

"There were men and women, ages late 20s to mid 40s -- very genuine, nice people, but what was odd is they all had buzz cuts and dressed similar," Goodspeed said. "No-collar shirts, darker clothing and basically gave the appearance they were all cut out of the same mold." icon (160K/14 sec. AIFF or WAV sound)

He said they told him they were members of a monastery, and that he once suggested the group hire other salespeople to help boost their business.

"Their presentation wasn't really that strong, but their talent was," Goodspeed said. "They told me they all belonged to a monastery and that's why they had that look, but they never ever pushed their religious beliefs on myself or anyone I'm aware of."

The group's Web site describes "The Difference" of its members:

"The individuals at the core of our group have worked closely together for over 20 years. During those years, each of us has developed a high degree of skill and know-how through personal discipline and concerted effort. We try to stay positive in every circumstance and put the good of a project above any personal concerns or artistic egos. By sustaining this attitude and conduct, we have achieved a high level of efficiency and quality in our work. This crew-minded effort, combined with ingenuity and creativity, have helped us provide advanced solutions at highly competitive rates."


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