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Furniture gallery in the sky


Artist takes absurdity to new heights

March 17, 1997
Web posted at: 4:14 p.m. EST (2114 GMT)

From Correspondent Rusty Dornin

SAN FRANCISCO (CNN) -- Look! Up in the sky! It's a table! It's a chair!

It's furniture in positions that shouldn't be possible -- 23 pieces stuck to the side of an abandoned building by an artist who's willing to go out on a ledge.

"I wanted to get art out of the gallery and out of the museum," said the creator, Brian Goggin. "I'm interested in working with absurdity in ways that are compelling and entertaining."

Entertaining, to say the least, for the opening of urban art in what can only be described as the urban circus.

"Kind of Disneyesque or, uh, Dali," said one eyewitness. "It's definitely rocking right here man, with the furniture and everything."

Sitting on a couch that looks as if it's perched on the roof in mid-air, Goggin explains his brainchild.

"Each piece of furniture like the one I'm sitting on has a steel framework that works inside of the piece and is attached to the side of the building with wood and steel separating it," he said. "So if some piece of the building falls in an earthquake, the (art) piece will still stay here."

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Surreal, bizarre celebration

"It's surreal," said one girl, looking up in awe. "It's bizarre," added another onlooker.

Who paid for this furniture arrangement in the sky? A series of grants, including one from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Why, you may ask? For some, the answers are obvious.

"It's just a celebration," said one man. "It's just art. It doesn't mean anything."

Said another: "Everybody here is a freak. In this city everybody has their own liberal way of doing things. This is just expressing it up front."

And a third: "Everybody else is just putting a bunch of paintings on the wall and charging a bunch of money for it. This guy came out here and gave a free art show."

In fact, this furniture extravaganza is a free art show without a closing date.

"It's going to be up as long as the landlords let me keep it up," said Goggin.


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