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Key dates in the O.J. Simpson case


  • June 12: Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman killed.

  • June 17: After Bronco chase, O.J. Simpson arrested and charged with murder.

  • July 20: Goldman's mother files wrongful death lawsuit.

  • July 22: Simpson pleads "absolutely, 100 percent not guilty."



  • Jan. 24: Opening statements in criminal trial begin.

  • May 4: Goldman family sues.

  • June 12: On anniversary of killings, Brown family sues.

  • Oct. 2: After four hours of deliberation, jury of nine blacks, two whites, one Hispanic reaches verdict.

  • Oct. 3: Verdict is read, Simpson acquitted.


  • Oct. 23: Opening statements in civil trial begin. Jury has nine whites, one black, one Hispanic, one person of black and Asian ancestry.

  • Nov. 22: Simpson testifies before a jury for first time. Denies killing Ms. Simpson and Goldman but can't explain physical evidence against him.

  • Dec. 9: Victim's father, Fred Goldman, testifies. Plaintiffs rest.

  • Dec. 20: Orange County judge awards Simpson custody of children Sydney and Justin in separate custody hearing.



  • Jan. 10: Simpson takes stand again, describes ex-wife's increasingly erratic behavior.

  • Jan. 16: Both sides rest after 101 witnesses and 41 days of testimony.

  • Jan. 21: Plaintiffs' closing arguments. Attorney Daniel Petrocelli points at Simpson and says: "There's a killer in this courtroom."

  • Jan. 22: Defense closing arguments. Attorney Robert Baker says: "It's law enforcement vs. O.J. Simpson."

  • Feb. 4: Jury finds Simpson liable in slayings; awards $8.5 million in compensatory damages.

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