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Criticism abounds for report absolving Ramseys

JonBenet January 31, 1997
Web posted at: 11:15 p.m. EST

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From Correspondent Brian Cabell

BOULDER, Colorado (CNN) -- For five weeks now, Boulder police have been criticized for their investigation into the strangulation death of JonBenet Ramsey.

Critics say police have been too slow, inefficient and secretive in their efforts to find the girl's killer. And now the other investigation -- this one funded by the Ramsey family -- has come under attack.

ramsey parents

Famed former FBI profiler John Douglas, who was hired by the Ramseys to profile JonBenet's killer, made a splash on TV this week when he proclaimed the Ramseys innocent.

Douglas said their daughter's killer was probably someone who had a grudge against her father, John. But Douglas also conceded that all the information for his "private" investigation came from the Ramsey team.

Criticism for his remarks abounded.

Police are consulting with FBI

"I wouldn't recommend that any names be bandied about, either good or bad," says Bob Pence, a former FBI agent. "In other words, either naming a suspect or eliminating potential suspects."

That's been the posture of Boulder police chief Tom Koby, who's still saying almost nothing publicly about the case. Police do say, however, that they have been consulting regularly with the FBI.

Those consultations, according to Leslie Aaholm, police spokesperson, have to do with "Behavioral Science expertise, analysis, and profiling. So they are there to help us and have done so throughout the case."

The FBI is the agency where John Douglas used to work.

If the private investigation by Douglas has been devalued somewhat, the police have problems of their own. There are still no arrests and there are no official suspects.

Coroner to ask that autopsy report be sealed


Also, as numerous law enforcement experts point out, the failure of the Boulder police to seal off the Ramsey house the first day of their daughter's reported disappearance might have contaminated possible evidence.

"Well, I think even a bad defense attorney is gonna have a good time with this," says defense attorney Larry Pozner, "but it's not a good time. The problem we have is that everybody assumes bad police work helps somebody."

Not so, he says, because John and Patsy Ramsey could be wrongly implicated by bad police work. Whatever the quality of their work, it will remain conjecture until the police have a suspect.

In the meanwhile, the coroner is expected to ask that the final autopsy report remain sealed for the time being.


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