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Divorce hits the newsstands


January 28, 1997
Web posted at: 3:00 p.m. EST

From Correspondent Mary Ann McGann

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Dan Couvrette couldn't find much to help him as he was muddling through a divorce, so he had an idea.

Move over Brides magazine. Now there's Divorce magazine.

Given that one out of every two marriages ends in divorce, Couvrette, the publisher of Divorce, saw a ready market.

Searching for resources to help him through his own process, he found very little and what he did find didn't come easily. A single resource, Couvrette thought, was needed to help those struggling with divorce.

Divorce's articles range from "Is your ex from another planet?" to "How to heal your heart." And then there's that age-old topic most divorcees and future divorcees come back to again and again:


"Relationships -- because you know, you probably haven't been on a date in 10, 15, 20 years," says editor Diana Shepherd.

Shepherd, who used to work for a bridal magazine, says the concepts aren't all that different, but the substance changes: florists and musicians for a wedding, lawyers and mediators for a divorce.

There are plenty of ads for lawyers in Divorce magazine, plus ads for therapists and financial planners, among others.


Associate publisher Terri Albert says the magazine also features "products to pamper oneself:" plastic surgery, massage, weight loss programs and hair loss programs.

At least one divorce support group is encouraged by the new magazine.

"If you read it and see that somebody else is going through this, somebody else did it this way or that way, so that's helpful," said one support group member.

Not everyone is convinced, however, that Divorce magazine will succeed.


"The magazine is way too varied and way too skimpy to offer anything that the readers will buy issue after issue," said Professor Samir Husni of the University of Mississippi.

But they don't have to. Like marriage, divorce is cyclical, so there's likely to be a revolving audience.

Divorce magazine can be found in some lawyers' and therapists' offices, but it has yet to hit many newsstands.


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