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The JonBenet Ramsey case, day-by-day

January 10, 1997
Web posted at: 6:00 a.m. EST


December 25, 1996: Six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey receives a bicycle as a Christmas gift.

December 26: Early in the morning, Patricia Ramsey finds a three-page-long ransom note downstairs in their home. The parents discover she is missing and call police. Later, they find JonBenet's body in a basement room.

December 28: The Ramsey family heads to the Boulder police station to answer questions and give hair, blood and handwriting samples.

December 29: The Ramsey family flies to Atlanta, where they used to live. About 30 Boulder officers are assigned to the case, the only murder in that city of 1996. Boulder officials try to calm concern about a killer on the loose. Reports surface that the Ramsey's have hired an attorney.

December 31: About 200 family and friends attend an emotional funeral service at the family's former church in Atlanta. JonBenet is buried in Marietta, next to her half-sister, who had been killed in a car accident four years before.

January 1: John and Patricia Ramsey talk with CNN. "There is a killer on the loose," Patricia Ramsey says. They also say they will hire an investigator and offer a reward to find the killer.

January 2: Five Boulder police arrive in Atlanta to search for clues. The Boulder mayor downplays the prospect that a killer is threatening city residents.

January 4: Boulder police fly to Michigan to search the Ramseys' summer home.

January 5: A public relations consultant, hired by the Ramseys, announce the Ramseys will attend church. Private investigators hired by the family search the house.

January 6: Classmates of JonBenet return to school and hear that she is dead.

January 7: Police announce the search warrant of the Boulder home has been sealed. Evidence seized from the house won't be made public for at least a month.

January 8: Reports emerge that a "practice" ransom note was written.

January 9: Boulder Police Chief Tom Koby goes before reporters to defend his department's investigation, reassure residents that they are safe and decry "a barrage" of media coverage.

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